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CHCAGE005 Provide support to people living with dementia

Assessment 1

Roleplay 1

Care staff: Good morning, sir. How are you feeling today?

Patient: A very good morning to you too. I am feeling fine thank you for asking.

Care staff: All good right? Let’s start today day by completing the basic activity such as getting bathed and sort of stuff.

Patient: Yes, please

Care staff: So, after a refreshment how are you feeling now

Patient: I am feeling much more relaxed thanks to you

Care staff: Is there anything you would like to talk about

Patient: Yes I do but I forget about it and do not feel good because of it.

Care staff: Relax I see there is a problem but we can fix this to some degree, from now on we are going to write a journal daily and don’t have to write it at any particular time you can do it whenever you came up something making different sections in it will provide you a better understanding of the note that you will write.

Patient: Oh yes thank you so much this is a very good idea.

Care staff: As I can see the medication is doing well enough and there is a recovery in your health which is a better sign for us as we are moving towards the positive goal.

Patient: Thank you for filling me with such good news I am feeling much better now.

Care staff: Yes, but you need to rest now until then good by

Patient: Ok, I am feeling a bit sleepy also thank you for your love and support

Care staff: I must serve you well, just ask me if I can do something for you.

Patient: I will.

Roleplay 2

Care staff: Good morning.

Patient: Good morning.

Care staff: So, how’s your day going till now?

Patient: thank you for asking, I am feeling a bit stressed but I don’t know why

Care staff: I can understand as sometimes uncleared thought which works subconsciously gives such feeling but it is very easy to solve that just focus in this present moment and let’s do some activity

Patient: It does sound interesting so what is your suggestion?

Care staff: We can talk and do activities which will make your mood more positive.

Patient: Then let’s just do a general

Care staff: Ok then let’s talk about the likes and dislikes of yours

Patient: Well I am not very picky at all in any manner and have lived a simple life till now.

Care staff: how are you feeling now after this session of ours

Patient: I am feeling much more positive right now and that is all thanks to you.

Care staff: It is my pleasure. Ok, then everything looks good in your medical condition only some medicines need to be refilled that I will manage and you should rest now.

Patient: Thank you for everything

Roleplay 3

Care staff: Good morning

Patient: Good morning

Care staff: how are you feeling now

Patient: I am feeling a bit nervous

Care staff: oh why is that so

Patient: I don’t know

Care staff: may be due to spending too much time inside you are having such feeling to make sure that you don’t feel this way today we

Patient: maybe you’re right and let’s go out

Care staff: all right then let’s go nearby for a small walk and meanwhile we can talk with each other on the topic of your choice.

Patient: I am very excited from hearing the idea lets go then

Care staff: So after this walk how you

Patient: feeling I am feeling much better now and spending time out with you has given me much positivity thanks for all of that.

Care staff: we can do this more often if you liked it

Patient: thank you for your love and support

Care staff: after checking your report it is being looked like everything is good so far some minor issues have been found out but nothing much serious to worry about

Patient: thank you for today and also for your love and support.

Care staff: good morning sir

Senior: good morning

Care staff: sir this is about the minor change which has been observed in the patient report

Senior: yes we have thought so nothing to worry about this is maybe because of the change in the medication soon it will get adapt to it and the report will show the positive result nothing to fear about

Care staff: thank you for your confirmation

Senior: all right and it is good to ask when in doubt.

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