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CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services

Assessment Task 2

Activity 2

Mental Health and well being Report

Summary of organizational procedures

Healthy Lives organization has the particular duty of care mainly under the legislation of WHS for making sure that its entire contractors and staff are safe and healthy. Supporting staff mental well-being and health is a key part of this particular commitment. Stress and pressure in the workplace is the main concern for the entire organization nowadays. Effective management of stress, including protective measures with assistance for impacted staff, could particularly enhance the performance of the organization through an enhanced level of absence, assisting it in reaching its strategic objectives. Healthy Lives Manager is mainly required to conduct the weekly sessions of meeting with members of staff for discussing their levels of stress and also their emotional and mental wellbeing. This will make sure that Healthy Lives could monitor the emotional well-being and stress levels of members of staff. This particular should be conducted on weekly basis at the appropriate time for determining the emotional well-being and stress levels of staff members (Cabral, 2017)

Managers will mainly ask the following questions to their members of staff for determining their emotional well-being or stress levels:

Question 1: Explain your present work with significant clients.

Question 2: Have any incidents or issues been there that have impacted your emotional wellbeing or stress levels?

Question 3: How do you mainly think you managed these incidents or issues?

Question 4: What is one thing you could have done accurately and better?

Best practices

The best practices that are encouraged by Healthy Lives for accepting and acknowledging differences and also classifying the diverse requirements concerning mainly monitoring emotional wellbeing and stress are given below:

  1. Accept and acknowledge the distinct reactions and behaviours of other individuals with well-being and stress. So, Managers are needed to be fair in entire communications with members of staff (Cabral, 2017).
  2. Accept and identify the diverse requirements of co-workers in the main relation to emotional wellbeing and stress. So, Managers should effectively recognize about requirements and preferences of each member of staff in connection to managing their emotional well-being and stress levels and again they should be fair and respect their staff members and also listen to their diverse requirements in connection to mainly how they prefer to manage their wellbeing and stress levels (Drucker, 2012).

Professional and personal performance standards

The required personal and professional standards of performance are given below:

  1. Support – This standard mainly includes that all members of staff get sufficient information and also support from their superiors and colleagues.
  2. Relationships – Staff members indicate that they are particularly not endangered by intolerable behavior like harassment at the workplace. All systems are mainly in particular sites locally for responding to any concerns of individuals (Drucker, 2012).

Recommended self-assessment and reflective behavior strategies

An essential part of monitoring and managing the emotional well-being and stress of other individuals is being capable of conducting self-evaluations and also reflecting on the behavior of ourselves and individuals. This helps with mainly monitoring our work performances and also our relationship with the members of staff (Cizek, 2012).

Self-assessment is eventually conducted utilizing particular checklists or responding to questions.

The Reflective behavior strategies are given below:

  1. SWOT Analysis – This system is undertaken for analyzing the strengths, threats, weaknesses and opportunities.
  2. Reflection logs, diaries or journals – These mainly record feelings and thoughts permits for reflecting and evaluating the actions and ideas.
  3. Checklists – These might be the developed tools from the organization for developing ourselves that mainly helps to review our abilities and skills (Cizek, 2012).
  4. Reflective questions – Asking relevant questions to assist reflect like: ‘What do I mainly understand after this particular experience?’, ‘How does particularly impact my future work practices?’

Activity 3

Meeting minutes

Date – 5th August, 20XX

Time – 10:00 am

Duration – 10 minutes

Venue – Meeting room

Attendees – Manager, Support Leader and Support Workers

Manager – Good morning, all!

Support Leader and Support Workers – Good morning!

Manager – How are you all?

Support Leader and Support Workers – We are fine, what about you?

Manager – I am also fine. I have conducted this meeting according to mental wellbeing and health procedures and policy for finding out about your emotional well-being and stress levels and also to share my own.

Support Leader and Support Workers – Okay.

Manager – Do you want to share it with me?

Support Leader– Yes, there are some kinds of stress we have and it is mainly related to the work pressure that is increasing day by day. This pressure is affecting my mental well-being and health also. I am not able to live my personal life and due to work pressure, my routine has been completely changed.

Manager – Same here also, this is affecting my life as well.

Support Workers – Yes, this work pressure is too high and it’s affecting our mental health very much.

Manager – To reduce this stress, I think we should utilize strategies of reflective behavior and self-evaluation that include SWOT analysis, reflective questions, reflection logs, journals and checklists. These will help us in managing our work and also help in many other ways to reduce stress.

Support Leader and Support Workers – Yes, we can consider these strategies.

Manager – Also, we can accept and acknowledge differences by considering the issues of each member of staff and also identify the diverse requirements of co-employees in connection to monitoring emotional wellbeing and stress. Also, we can consider personal and professional standards that include supporting the staff members and maintaining good work relationships with them.

Support Leader and Support Workers – Yes, these are great to consider and will help us a lot. Thank you for sharing all this information with us.

Manager – It is all my pleasure.

Activity 4

Mental Health and Well being Actions Template

Issuesidentifiedwithstress and emotionalhealthandwell-beingofSupport Workers at themeeting It was discussed that the staff members are having lots of work pressure that is affecting their mental health very much. Due to the work pressure that is increasing day by day, the personal life of the staff members is also getting affected as they are not able to do their work because of the pressure of professionalism (Farrar & Worden, 2012).
Support Workers’ solutionsdiscussedatthemeeting It was discussed that workers will be supported by the managers as they will treat them equal and consider their issues. Informal meetings will be conducted to consult with them and motivate them as much as possible.
Recommendedactions/proposalsbasedonissues The reflective behavior and self-assessment strategies were considered for solving the issues. Managers suggested utilizing these strategies for managing work pressures and these strategies include SWOT analysis will be done, reflective questions will be asked, and journals and reflective logs will be utilized (Farrar & Worden, 2012).


Date: 05th August 2022


Describethefeedbackyoureceived. The feedback I got was that I conducted the meeting accurately as I listened to the queries of my colleagues and also suggested effective ways to reduce stress and maintain their emotional well-being at the workplace (Boud, 2013).
Describe how you will usethe feedback to improveyour practice, includinghowyouwillapplyitattheupcoming debriefingmeeting. I will take the feedback positively to correct the mistakes that I have earlier and also I will make sure that I take the recommendations seriously that are given by the manager related to improving my performance at the workplace.  I will apply this by consulting the issues that I have and also putting my opinions.
Date: 5th August
Student’s name
Colleague’s name: XYZ
Describe the conversation points It was all about maintaining emotional wellbeing and stress levels at the workplace. As the staffs are facing lots of issues due to increasing in work pressures day by day, it is affecting their personal life as they are not able to give time to their families and friends.
Describe how your colleague is going with managing personal and professional performance standards since the round table meeting. My colleague is not getting proper support from his superior at the meeting. Due to this, he is not able to put his issues and feels hesitant to share his opinions and viewpoints in front of everyone (Boud, 2013).
Signature of student:
Signature of colleague


Activity 5


To –

From –

Subject – Regarding debriefing

Dear Doug,

This mail is written to you to inform you that I am planning to do a debriefing session with you to mainly discuss what is affecting you as I am getting information that you are visibly shaken and also do not seem to cope. This session will be conducted on 7th August at 10:00 am.

I request you to please attend this session.

With regards,


Healthy Lives

Debriefing Plan Template

Summaryofthe issuetobe explored atdebriefing It was identified that Doug was very shaken by the incidents that has happened around him. He is not feeling well at all, his stress level has increased and he is not seemed to be coping. This is eventually affecting his performance of work as well (Hermanson, 2013).
Dateandtimeofdebriefing 7th August, 20XX  10:00 am
Location ofdebriefing Meeting hall
Debriefingtechniques to beusedatthemeeting These include the following:

1. Summary or application

2. Understanding or analysis

3. Description or reaction(Hermanson, 2013).


Activity 6

Debriefing Report Template

Issuesidentifiedwithstress and emotionalhealthandwell-beingofSupport Workers at themeeting It was identified that Doug was very shaken by the incidents that has happened around him. He is not feeling well at all, his stress level has increased and he is not seemed to be coping. This is eventually affecting his performance of work as well (Silverman, et al., 2016).
Support Workers’ solutionsdiscussedatthemeeting It was discussed that the manager and other executives will help Doug in recovering from the incidents by conducting more debriefing sessions with him and will offer him some trips so that he can relax and come back as a better person.
Recommended actionsbasedonissues Action plans will be created.

Coaching sessions will be conducted for him.

Urgent counseling will be organized.

Details of some supporting services will be given(Silverman, et al., 2016).

Date: 7th August


Activity 7

Self-Assessment, Reflection and Feedback Survey


Datereportcompleted 8th August
Reflection questions–foreach question,provideat leastthree examples
Mykeyvaluesare: Integrity and respect
Howmykeyvaluesimpactmywork: They help me to treat all staff equally
Mykeybeliefsare: Honesty
Howmykeybeliefsimpactmywork: It helps me to maintain honesty in my work
Examples of the way Ibehaveatworkwhichreflectmyvaluesandbeliefs: I respect my staff and executives.

I consult with them to take good ideas

I consider their thoughts

Howthisbehaviourenhancesmywork: This helps to improve my work as I implement those ideas and learn from my mistakes
Mykeystrengthsare: Good communication skills
Howmykeystrengthsimpactmywork: It helps me to gather relevant information and makes a good impact on others
Mykeychallengesare: Competition with my colleagues
Howmykeychallengesimpactmywork: It boosts my morale


Whyisself-caresoimportant? It develops positive and good feelings
Listthreestrategiesthatyouuseforself-care. 1. Do exercise regularly

2. Take a well-balanced diet

3. Maintain good relationships with others

List three additionalstrategies that you could useforself-care. 1. Make a good routine

2. Follow your heart’s sayings

3. Do things that make you feel good



Identifyanddescribe additionalsupportyoumightrequire to assist you with self-care. Support from friends and colleagues is important to motivate us and also cheers us to do well in life.


Whatisacurrentindustrytrendinthe community service industry thatimpacts work? Explain youranswer and give the source ofinformationyouusedforyouranswer. Modern Technology trend impacts work.
Howdoesthisinformationimproveyourpracticeatwork? It helps in doing the business operations effectively and quickly.
Whatisanemergingindustrytrendfor the community service industrythatimpactswork?Explainyouranswer and give the source fromwhichyoufoundyouranswer. Modern Technology trend impacts work.
How does this information improve your practice at work? It helps in doing the business operations effectively and quickly (Pearson & Smith, 2013)
List and describe three legalrequirements thatyoumustadheretoatwork.


1. Codes of conducts

2. Ethics

3. Policies and procedures

List and describe three ethicalrequirements thatyoumustadheretoatwork.


1. Codes of conducts

2. Ethics

3. Policies and procedures(Pearson & Smith, 2013)



Boud, D. (2013). Enhancing learning through self-assessment.Routledge.

Cabral, L. M. (2017). Introduction to industrial organization.MIT press.

Cizek, G. J. (Ed.). (2012). Setting performance standards: Foundations, methods, and innovations. Routledge.

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