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CHC52015 Community Learning

In the above assessment, they are required to talk about the community learning event and answer the below question. Hear the community learning event which attended was” How your identity Are Socially Constructed” which is given by Floreancia Escobedo Munoz on the 20th of September 2018 who is a tenth-grade student at Colegio Anglo Colombiano. This event gives a brief understanding of some subjects related to sociology. The question here is that “What is sociology…?”. Sociology is the limb of science or the education for the improvement of the human community with the help of structure and functions. There are certain core points in this assessment that are targeted by sociology and how the sociology of the people can influence and shape and construct society and community. Sociology helps to understand the behaviors of the people socially, sociology also helps to understand the social ranks of the peoples in the community or society, sociology also help to find the answer to the issues in the community, it also helps or learns about the consequences or the results of the forces present in the community last but not the least it also assist or be the service to the improvement of distant-distant types of skills related to occupation. Some of the highlights discussed in this assessment are:

  1. Conflict: Sociology is a blueprint for constructing hypothesis and speculation that perceives the community as the land of which not involves equality which creates conflict.
  2. Functionalism: It is the blueprint that builds the point with all the features of the community which includes certain norms and institutions that contribute to the community in the long-term basis.
  3. Feminism: Feminism in terms of sociology that trust and reliance that females won’t share equal opportunities as men in society as men.
  4. Symbolic Interactionism: Symbolic interactionism is a blueprint that helps to create consideration of practicality and disrupt the process of communication.

After the arrival and influence of Covid-19, most of the live events have been canceled and all the live events turn into virtual events which help people to learn about different -different types of topics. Now they are sharing what they have learned and some common things which are misinterpreted by society and ways to understand the way sociology changes the identity is created and evolve.

So now they are presenting a report that connects them to their topic of interest in this course using the topic that is sociological imagination and also telling in this report about what they and their sociological perspective about the event. Starting the brief of all the points which are given below :

  1. MICRO: The event was of Ted Talks event. This event was on the 20th of September 2018. The name of the person is Florenica Escobedo Munoz who is a student of Colegio Anglo Colombiano and studying in tenth grade. She was sharing her knowledge regarding sociology and the topic she chooses is “How our identities are socially constructed”. She initially starts her speech with a warm welcome and the first thing she told us “was how peoples see identities have been perceived by others and why everybody has a different attitude towards someone’s behaviors (Youtube, 2022).
  2. MACRO: In the second step of the assessment they told about the importance of this event and how this event helps them in their life and solve some of their sociological issues. She also told about why the perception of the is shaped by the communities and societies. She also tells about the importance of identity which is true because it makes us different from others and the impotence of identity in our day-to-day life. According to Florenica Escobedo Munoz there are four determinants of identity they are as follows:
  • What do I do …?
  • How do I react?
  • How do I see myself?
  • How do others see me?

She told about how our mind works after hearing a particular word or sentence for example she also told that when two people are talking to each other and one says that she is belonging from a particular country like Colombia, India, or Saudi Arabia, are mind start working and thinking about things certain that they hear about the peoples belonging from a particular country it can some stereotypes or the way they talk or live. Let’s take another example of this to get more understanding if a woman told then that she belongs to Saudi Arabia they usually this that she covers all her herself with black cloth or she doesn’t know how to drive because there was a time when there was the certain restriction of driving of car for the women’s of Saudi Arabia, in short, are mind start making perception after hearing a word.

This event also helps them to connect to some of the most common and greater social issues of their society and community. This event also helps them to understand about the conflict and issues of the community the reason is that every community or section has a see by different and distant perception. To resolve these issues in society we first have to understand the condition of the people who shaped their minds in a particular way. Florenica Escobedo Munoz also talks about the identity of individuals is shaped or structured by different-different elements they are gender, religion, social conditioning, ethnicity, and the social class which also help them to understand how their character and behavior are created and developed in the society or community are living in.

Identity changer from time to time it improves and progress. She also told that the identity is not like a high school group project it’s more like an athletics team why because the team of athletes is filled with different -different types of athlete which have different types of beliefs and perceptions. In this story she also tells about the improvement of a particular player of a team is because of the motivation of his/her fellow team which a player to work hard which automatically improved their identity.

  1. Connect: There are different types of key terms or reliable knowledge they gain from this event among of them three of them are as follows:
  • How to develop their identity with socially. This means that whenever we interact with the people in the society we learn about distant-distant types of thoughts, opinions, and beliefs the other people have about a particular person which helped individually to explore, developed and improved their identity regularly.
  • How to a person meet himself/herself. This means that a person should know about himself/herself much more than anybody else. They see themselves in the mirror daily, take their pictures, and make the video but this doesn’t mean that they know about themselves.
  • The third key term is the small four steps formula or four steps to construct an identity that is :





This is the formula or as the Florenica Escobedo Munoz says this is the four steps of construction or creating their own identity.

The sociological perspective that has been aligning with this event are :

Functionalist because it is established by the dissimilar norms of the society and as which will create or develop an identity of a person and symbolic interactionalist that works as a code language when they are interacting with the people of a particular society and community.

  1. Reflect: Last but not the least component is the reflection component. The answer to the first question of this component is it means a lot to attend this particular event because this helps them to understand themselves, develop or help in the improvement of identity and help to interact with themselves. They learn a lot of things about their personality and how it is shaped by the importance of perspectives of others about them and the formula of (Receive, Express, Aspect, Repeat) which helps them to progress in their identity. Their overall perspective has changed about the way they see and interact with others. This helps them to know and learn that why a person has a specific identity. This also helps me in going ahead in my carrier to improve their identity and in understanding the perspectives of other why they are saying a particular thing and why their point of view or opinion is different from others. This helps me to become a good listener and stay positive and in team building because as they all know that a team is consist of a large group of people and every person is belonging to a particular society or community with the help of this event, they can easily manage the people in a way they want. This event also helps me in the development of my communication skills which help me when they are interacting with people who are belonging to different cultures and following different traditions and know their perspectives and the way to communicate with a particular person.


Youtube. (2022). How your identity Are Socially Constructed. [Online]. Available at:  [Accessed on 17th September, 2022].

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