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Executive Summary: The career development plan has been introduced to create motivation at work place. It has been created to make a roadmap for the career of the people in their life. It has been included four major parameters such as starting point, gap, destination and route.

Introduction: The career development plan has been introduced for the purpose of developing personalized plan to identify achievable and specific career goal. This section has been implemented and designed to make strategies to reach goal in the life.

Present Situation: The present condition has been shown to recognize the goal of the career of an employee in the company. It helps to evaluate employees’ present situation in perspective of their career.

Major Career Goals: Major career goal includes the gain of new skill, become an expert in its own area and improve path in career of the employee.

SWOT Analysis:


·         Identify current position in the career

·         Reflect current skillset and strengths


·         Incompatible to analysis gap in the career

·         Unable to determine major progress in the work


·         Help to develop career growth in the near future

·         Help to upgrade skills for progressing in career


·         Huge competition among employees in a particular area

·         Inefficient with new technologies in the industry

 Action Plan: A career action plan can be defined as the dynamic planning and making youth to intend to reflect in terms of increasing learning capability in career development. Action plan helps to set career goals in a significant way to achieve it as the utmost level.

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