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Can Homework help students?

Homework is a crucial topic of discussion for educators and parents also for students. It has merit
and demerit for different students. It adds value for the intelligent but loads for weak students. Not
well-qualified parents get frustrated with the homework of their children as they are not able to
involve in it. Some think it is a waste of time and blame teachers to make their children work in the
classroom only because they don’t understand the meaning of homework. How it is helpful? Many
parents blame for giving lots of homework which adds burden on a bag of their children. To
understand how this debate can be solved let’s understand its both side merit and demerit.

Why homework is needed.
Homework is implemented to help students to learn the topics effectively. Let’s go through some of
the topics that help students in the learning process-

1. Time management- Homework makes students practice more and helps in the deep
understanding of topics. It gives an understanding of how to manage time between study
and other curricular activities. How to make the student more efficient and rapid toward
solving problems with managing time.

2. Practice makes a man perfect- Human brain has a different capability of memorizing
subjects. Some have long-lasting memory and some do not. Practice makes students
memorize any topic for a long. Home workforce to do students more practice and make to
learn topics deeply.
3. Helps to face exams strategically- Student minds get pressured at the time of the exam.
Preparation must be done before the arrival of the exam, so student needs only to revise
and not feel pressured and tense during the exam. Giving homework forces students
towards self-study and prepared them to face exams strategically. Homework molds them to
learn the topic repeatedly and helps to memorize it for a long time which helps them at the
time of exams.

4. Establish research and analytical skills- while doing homework students need to go
through the chapter deeply and make research to solve the problem correctly. It installed
the ability to solve the problem with an analytical process.

5. Helps parents to track their children’s learning- Homework involves parents to aids
their children and making them track their learning. It is a bridge between school and home
life through which parents can have insight into what their children learn in school.

6. Help Teacher to analyze student learning- Teacher use homework as daily practice
paper where they can understand how much they learn in the classroom. If students come
up with the correct assignment, it indicates good learning of students. Using this teachers
can change their teaching approach if the student is not performing well in their homework.

What’s making homework evil-
Mostly homework is used to increase understanding skills but the wrong implementation makes it
terrible. Some of the prominent problems which are making homework evil-

1. Unrelated topics – If the teacher assigns a random topic rather than what has been
thought in the class. It makes students hard to retain the topic and feel hurdles in finishing

2. Mental stress- Generally teachers overload the students with homework. Often students
have to cut their play and recreation time which makes them mentally pressured and affects
their mental health.

3. Affect learning capabilities- If students have a stack of work they try to finish it fast which
forces them to complete it without going deep through it. Overload makes them cheat on
others assignments and prevents them to acquire crucial skills.

4. Inconsistency in the sleep cycle- Due to overloaded homework honest student work late
at night to finish it. Due to this, students have to cut their sleep quality which leads to
improper sleep patterns. A bad sleeping pattern leads to anxiety and mental pressure. They
may have a headache, eye problems, and other health issues.

5. Demotivation of lowering skills- Teachers often judge student learning skills based on
their homework completion. If an intelligent student is not able to complete the homework
at the time due to a stack of work will lead the student’s self-esteem down because of the
teacher’s bad feedback towards student homework.

6. No quality time with family- Overloaded homework makes student life too busy that they
feel exhausted and lost within study, so they don’t get time even to interact with their family
members. It’s becoming difficult for honest students to spend quality time with their

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