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BUSM2419 Customer Behaviour & Decision Making Assignment Help

Executive Summary

It aims to analyses how Marks and Spencer is influencing the theory of the behavior, consumption of customers, in maintained netnography and thematic analysis for clothing, home products. To complete public reviews of M & S clothing, four independent web platforms were used. The initial themed study revealed many factors which may influence the maintenance of M & S customers. After a re-evaluation of feedback, the results showed five key subjects: image, meaning, false factors, buying problems and client answers. These issues were then linked to the study objectives and theories examined in the literature review, showing the main issue were consistency and prices. M & S has to re-evaluate its manufacturing model and price strategy for financial prosperity to retain M & S consumer clothing’s for brands.


From a market viewpoint, M&S was once regarded in 1950s and 1960s as a sign of consistency, affordability and reliability, as customers struggled to buy M&S ride reproductions. “The supply of the M&S wardrobe was limited in the 1950s because everyone wanted the affordable Paris look that influenced the glamour of the 1950’s.” This perspective changed during the 1990s. And increasing options on the highways and increasing numbers of players in central M&S markets. An organization’s branding and marketing strategies are key means for shaping the view of the market. In this case, M&S never met the norm and did not deliver a non-advertising value. This is an incredibly economical approach since it has a strong reputation for influence in customer behavior (Rita, et. al., 2019). A recent study shows that “Word-of-mouth remains the world’s leading reliable product data center with a distant second advertisement of M & S.”

Research aim

The aim of the research is to analysis the impact of Consumer behavior and decision making on demand of M & S.

Research Objective

  • To evaluate the importance of consumer behavior in M & S
  • To analysis the ways for attracting customers in M & S
  • To identify the impact of consumer behavior & decision on M & S demand

Research Question

  • What is the importance of consumer behavior in M & S
  • What are the ways for attracting customers in M & S
  • What is the impact of consumer behavior & decision on M & S demand

Analysis and objectives are specific to M & S current issue and help to formulate netnography research through consuming customer behavior (Janakiraman, et. al., 2018).

Literature Review

To evaluate the importance of consumer behavior in M & S

According to Punyatoya, (2019), For advertisers to take the needs of the customer further into account, consumer procurement behavior. It contributes to understanding whether a customer buys a commodity. In order to release it into the market it is necessary to determine what type of product customers want. Based on their results, marketing professionals should take customer preferences, discrepancies and architecture into account. Consumer purchases behavior checks on different scenarios, like buying, buying, shopping, shopping, shopping, how much, shopping, buying and much more. A business needs to consider consumer behavior, to succeed in launching its current products and new product. Each consumer has a different process and attitude to the purchase of a certain product. If the consumer’s reaction to a product is not taken into account by a company, the chances are high. Often, consumer conduct is altered by changing trends, technology, lifestyles, lifestyles, income from accessibility and the like. To adapt a marketing strategy, a marketer must understand the changing factors.

As per the view of Marino and Presti, (2018), Consumer behavior, not only in attracting new customers but in retaining existing clients, is important. When a buyer is happy about a commodity, the buy is repeated. In order to convince customers to buy the product repeatedly, the product must also be sold. It is also clear that creating and attracting customers is very necessary. Only understanding and concentrating on the customer’s shopping patterns will do this. Understanding customer actions allows you to develop effective marketing strategies. On the basis of their behavior, each campaign should speak to the separate client community. An study of consumer conduct helps marketers to examine what drives consumers to buy. It can also use the same inspiration to stimulate the desire to shop in publicity newspapers. Advertisers can, furthermore, decide on the brand identity, promotions, packaging and donations based on customer behavior.

To analysis the ways for attracting customers in M & S

According to Lin, et. al., (2018), A strategy for marketing is a series of steps or measures a company takes to boost its income, grow its brand or add product value. A marketing campaign invites the customer to learn about the business or its products. In order to cater to the customer, a business must understand who the consumers are and how they take purchasing decisions. To achieve these goals, companies should devise a marketing strategy. The creation of a marketing strategy generally follows a direction to the target. A company sets objectives to satisfy the customer, build a reputation for a business according to what they want for every marketing strategy to achieve. The aim is to understand the value of the company and the ideal buyer. Marketing camps set timetables and evaluate the success of the ROI, which can affect whether or not the technique is re-implemented. The strategy can be identified and the goal stated with the SMART objective process.

As per the view of Bell and Mgbemena, (2018), There are many attractive user interactions in social networking. A company can post or communicate photos or videos on its products via comment or message. Social networking provides an environment where customers can learn about the business or the sector. Customer participation increases customer support and brand loyalty. Blogs provide information to help customers decide whether to buy a service or learn more about it on a product or website. Blogs may be updated daily or weekly, depending on the objectives of the plan, and posts ideally generate value and strength. There will be companies that affirm the value or education of customers through guest blog writers. The social media influencers are primarily people to whom an audience was drawn. Companies should collaborate with people who match organizational goals and plans. By using, wearing or informing their fans, influencers can endorse a product. Direct experience influencers may help create values to affect the purchasing of the products and distribution processes in the company. The organization will assist more customers by adapting influencers into its niche.

To identify the impact of consumer behavior & decision on M & S demand

According to Calzada-Infante, et. al., (2020), M&S produced the largest number of clothes inside until it introduced designs for favorite manufacturers with popular rigorous standards for the finished product. These manufacturers have supplied M&S with special equipment, which allows suppliers not to bid to other customers. This supply strategy focuses on the UK, however, which has hindered the development of the Asian and Pacific retail industries. M&S continued to encourage its providers to join the United Kingdom to maintain their “Buy-British” marketing position. However, its manufacturers have struggled to keep prices low. Thus at the lowest cost production centers some had supplied at least a share of M&S orders from international establishments or almost finished goods. These marketing strategies eventually lead to new marketing ideas, with globalization and economies growing older. M&S is highlighted in some studies as important in the retail market and its development in Asia and Europe.

According to Kim, et. al., (2018), Marks and Spencer have to focus on continuing to promote their commodities in order to sustain this slow-mount economy that has many market risk failures and the fear of a new recession arising from the crisis in the euro zone. This is important not only to attract the targeted Marks and Spencer clients, but also, by different methods or promotions, to retain their loyalty in difficult circumstances. There are a range of suggestions to keep a reasonable customer base for an extended period. For instance, M&S can make unique promotions according to festival type and occasion, such as special packages with extremely tempting discount coupons, promotional M&S codes, and cash off coupons for great rebates as well as a variety of other customer and family packages.


The method of research chosen to tackle the research question and the objectives is netnography. This is a new methodology for qualitative analysis which provides public online platforms information that allows observers to identify and understand decisions. The reason why the study method was chosen is that netnography is “many less complex. Analysis is conducted in a setting that prohibits marketing researchers from generating them by customer observations. Netnography also benefits from enabling researchers to play their passive observation role as “smell.” Therefore, researchers will be able to access online forums without direct debate.  The study findings must be confident, as research is not known in the online forums, in order to increase the credibility of M&S recommendations. It is extremely doubtful that the observer will use biased online forums as it prevents logical assumptions that lead to unfinished research (Abbasimehr and Shabani, 2021).

For data collection from online forums, a proper qualitative analysis methodology should be used. The analysis process for the provision of data is analyzed thematically. It can be achieved by the focus on fundamental issues, the opposing code frequencies, co-occurrence definition and graphical display of relationships. Theme analyses are helpful in analyzing results of netnography, because researchers can identify different topics in a number of data sets to see whether there is any pattern. The investigator then will examine these codes to see whether there is a correlation between the data analysed and the research issue and goals. The total number of reviews received for netnographic research is 70. More succinct results can be given for M&S by using a large number of reviews.

  • The first website helps to understand about the beauty products of the M & S. By this website, the customers of M & S will able to analysis the accurate information about the products and will able to purchase it according to their demand. This website will help to take accurate decision for purchasing the product in the best price available accordingly.
  • The second website source is used for products. Those clients who use this website are more likely to have a M & S clothing or are interested in choosing the brand products and will have a mixture of findings that relate to consumer issues and emotions. The findings of the data are more detailed and insightful since they are probable (Zhang, et. al., 2018).
  • The third website helps to understand the customers of M & S to take decision according to the customer desires and provide information regarding the same of objective third.
  • M & S Facebook Social Media page offers more partial data results that meet the initial research target as the website can react to initial customers with specific handbags that can disclose and record their motives.

To prevent a partiality in the findings overall, a combination of website reviews was used. In exchange, this will provide the board with a series of results to help deal with research issues and goals. The discretion of the netnography is an important account of the success of the study method while also posing a real threat to “ethical problems.” This is “whether online websites are used as private or as public sites.” Despite this netnography, researchers still produce good results as it is cheaper and time-consuming than research types like focus groups. On the other hand, netnography limits itself by providing qualitatively only data that can complicate the study of data by mass selection. However, a situation analysis is essential to establish this form of research technique, as only qualitative data can provide detailed answers (Yu, et. al., 2017). In order to collect the data results, the following websites are used.


With regard to the first objective that would explain why buyers had to importance of customer behavior in M & S, the Clothing design image seemed to have a powerfully influenced decision-making. The analysis revealed that those consumers who had a pack of M & S looked better than their symbolic message to society, contrasting Veblen’s consumer theory. The results of the evaluations show a willingness “to bring new ideas to existing goods,” with internal pocks in the handbag, indicating customers’ demand for more innovative products (Syah, 2020).

With regard to the second objective that would explain the ways of attracting customers in M & S. The establishment of a mailing list helps or encourages a firm to give or return discounts to its customers. The company remains at the e-mail marketing location of the consumer, as the company segments its customer list. A business is an individual receiving a reward from its Website, social media network or similar channels for any sale or connection to the company. Chat is a great way to answer client questions or quickly solve problems. Customers can talk for more information about a service, for problems to be solved or for delivery periods. Some current chat functions transfer the chat directly to the client’s machine so that they can’t exit the company’s website for discussion.

With regard to the third objective that would explain the impact of perception of customers on demand of M & S. The rejection by M&S of its membership in the mainstream commercial has reinforced its status as a so famous ‘household name’ it does not have to advertise like Rolls Royce because of the unchallenged norm for services and goods. M&S is strongly opposed to manufacturers or other firms conducting or funding animal experiments for different types of products. Both M&S homes and beauty products were licensed by BUAV under a strict animal test code to ensure the ingredients of the suppliers complied with in the supply chain (Dimitrakopoulos, et. al.,  2021).

Recommendation and Conclusion

Marks & Spencer is one of the market’s premier food shops. It was the renowned organization which was founded to foster the service in terms of clothing, food, home-made products and gifts to its survival and growth. It is very expensive, but it also maintains the top ten in the UK. Goods are genuine, though people-satisfying program. Marks & Spencer is one of the leading retailer glossaries with insights into the modern needs and desires of the customers. In the management of the services sector, it played a significant role.

This research and the analysis of various academic perspectives have many consequences in this field. Firstly, there is a psychological connection between purchase and loyalty. Should the marketing behavior be influenced over the long-term by cognitive comprehension, adequate stimulation and complex brand ads will lead early in the purchase cycle to exploratory uses. This internalization of the motive allows announcers to reach a wider consumer base, often in a marketplace of many alternatives. These companies and individuals can, however, predict the reaction of customers to more nuanced marketing strategies by modeling particular behavior patterns linked to exploratory procurement. The ability to interact and understand the product’s appeal, from loyalty program to creative Branding and Niche Marketing, is important to consumers, and can maintain a product’s long-term growth on the market.


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Talking about the website of Marks and Spencer the visual appearance of the website is very engaging in nature and very attractive too. The website is providing a sense of happiness and positivity after clicking on the link and it also creates a eagerness to purchase products from the organisation as the website itself is so attractive. 

It is the second page of the website that would encounters with after clicking on the others’ category in the product range of the company which helps in understanding different product categories that are available for the customers to choose from. What can get a wide number of options and varieties as per their needs and demands. 

Talking about the usability of the section provided in the website the question and answer segment can be added in the button itself instead of providing a separate page on it. This section of the website is hardly making any sense to the consumers and can lead to lose of interest and which lose their interest while shopping and purchasing from the website.

The contact a segment of the website is informative with nature as it helps the customers in sorting their queries with the help of provided emails and easily help the understudy the best product which the company is offering for particular customers. It is attractive and easy to use too.

It is one of the most in this segment the market website which is not available in other brands as it helps in providing the financial categories and services to the customers who are willing to purchase from the organization. The company is providing easy loads of my services to the customer and is very easy to use and conveys the message clearly. 

The login inciting page of the website and the organisation is common as for the other organisations and there is nothing unique that can help with different cheating it from the other brands. In order to have a unique appearance and a feature of distinguish the company can work on this segment of the website.

The graphic user interface of the website is exceptional in nature and is very attractive and informative in nature. The right sort of color schemes and images provided on the page is highly appealing and catch is the attraction and interest of users easily.

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