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Business Research Methods

Business research methods

A business research method is the set of research and techniques which a corporation to determine the employ whether important to determine the worth corporation’s endeavors is worth for their efforts and time. Research methods help to assist the businesses to maintain and established the feasibility of the business for the chosen success for suitable tactics for marketing their services and product. The MBA student has to do various research program and follows the various methods for effective research.
The first step in the research process is the introduction:
In this study, the student has to give an introduction about the type of business research, the research language, the concepts, definitions, variables and propositions, introduction to business research and technology. This is the first process in which the student has to be given the best introduction about his research and share the methods and techniques which they use in the entire research.

Research aim
The student has to set the basic aim for the research and do all procedures according to it. And set the importance of the aim And find effective research methods for it.
Research question
A student has to research the question and find and apply the question to the study then he has to set the question. This question is based on the research and it should very important for the entire result.

Objective of research
Before commencing anything, the student has to find the objective and purpose of the research and the requirement for the study of the subject or objective should be done effectively. The purpose of the research must be important or good to discuss and also important for their future and useful.
Find methods for research
The student has to find the best research methods for the research. Like where to collect data and from which sources Find the best methods like qualitative and quantitative methods. He can do the best research by following the best methods and he can do surveys, interviews, questionnaires and by feedback forms and conceptual research, empirical research.

Problem identification
After finding the best methods many students have to identify the problem which is coming while studying like a problem in data gathering, online databases, and literature surveys. So, students can do the or follow or measure effective measure tools like measurement of variables, nominal or ordinal scales, rating scales and reliability and validity and ranking scale.

Data analysis
After all the methods like identification of methods and selection of methods and problem identification, one has to do to best and most effective analysis of data effectively. A better overview which is associational, descriptive and inferential and statistical measures effectively.

Research report
In the end, he has to make a research report. In a report, he must include the title, table of content, executive summary, introduction, body of the report, the final part of the report, references, appendix, also a good oral presentation, and handling questions for presentation.


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