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QUESTION3: Recommendations (AC2.1) (refer to Answer in Q2 and give recommendations for weaknesses highlighted there)

The previous analysis shows some recommendations to improve the business performance in various areas are the Britannia hotel improve their leadership structure in the managerial roles of hospitality managers, and recommendation increases the growth on leadership research on hotel managers in relation to leadership theories. There are certain recommendations such as :

  • Flexibility in employment will be applied in the hotel and hire talented, skilled persons so they make opportunities for the company and develop their growth. 
  • The other recommendation is focusing on their staffs which improve servicing the guests by their destinations, give best services by gratitude, soft skills use with clear communication.
  • The hotel hires employees and train, evaluate their performance, working environment, and give them a reward to build their motivation.
  • The other suggestion focuses on customer satisfaction so it shows there is someone at the right time and place ready to serve there guest and built a strong relationship with their employees.
  • The hotel should be a focus on their marketing structure because the previous data shows it decreases so the company must be a focus on balanced their financial statements, must be created good strategies according to their needs and wants(González-Rodríguez, et. al., 2018).  
  • The company can be managed and make financial planning and control because it is essential and important.
  • There should be improvement in marketing and sales should be improved, and focus on growing the opportunities and bit the competitors, because it will increase their reputation as well as their growth, there hospitality services towards their customers should be flexible (Thoresen, et. al., 2018). 

QUESTION4: Strengthen Performance AND Expansion suggestions (AC2.2 – AC2.3) (refer to Q2 for Strengths of the business)

Britannia hotel gives there best services and satisfies their customers, they spread their business in all over the world, they also want to spread their business in those areas where the demands are high and locations are a luxury so they work on it. Their flexibility helps to gain the opportunities those who give to the advantage to increase their business.

  • The other strength of this company provides their services to their guests and focuses on to fulfill their wants needs and give their best and get the guest satisfaction.
  • They built a strong relationship with their employees and built a strong connection with them.
  • The hotel plays a vital role and develops their business in to different countries. 
  • They also focus on their productivity they serve to their guests they are restaurants, bars, Wi-Fi, luxury rooms, health clubs, rich décor, and friendly atmosphere and they increase their facilities.
  • The Britannia hotel wants to expand their business so the justification given is the hotel industry lack uniformity so they improve this feature and work for it, the quality of facilities should be improved and increase the level of productivity.
  • The variability in the hotel industry complicates the situation to choose hotels for customers and differentiation of hotel types for owners managers and investors so the Britannia hotel should focus on these terms and analysis it carefully so they will find out the best solution to resolve this problem.
Main Objectives Strategies Assessment(1-5)

  • Poor ? to 5- Very good
Revision needed? New objectives proposed
What were your chosen business objectives (in the Business Profile) What is/are the business strategy (ies) to achieve these objectives? Rank their effort in achieving these objectives from 1 to 5 Yes/No Your proposition here
Increase the production. For the purpose of increasing the production, the organisation should be appointing more workforces and gather resources for successfully achieving the objective. 5 Yes With increasing the number of employees the organisation successfully achieved the objective of increasing the production, now next objective should be to focus on increasing the quality.
Gain competitive advantage. The organisation needs to provide better quality of products and services at reasonable prices. 4 No The organisation has been successful in gaining competitive advantage from their competitors. It should now focus more providing better remuneration to the employees.

Part 3

Question 6:

Complete an action plan to indicate how your suggestions will be established. This will include responsibilities, resources required, predictable impacts, and timescales

Ultimate goal for the company:
Action Step: What needs to be done?

Priorities in order of importance.

Responsible person: Who should take action to complete this step? Deadline: When should this step be completed?

Consider next month as the starting point.

Necessary resources: What is needed in order to complete this step? (People, money, tools etc.) Potential challenges: Are there any potential challenges that may impede completion? If yes, how will you overcome them? Impact of the proposed steps to be taken. (Impacts could be in terms of finance, job roles, use of technology, challenges, redundancy, training etc.)
Better customer satisfaction. Planning department. Time period for this should be one month. Better quality resources, experienced staff, better equipment(Lawler, 2018). The challenge that the organisation may face include researching about the needs and demands of the customers, so that it can make its plans and policies according to that. Better customer satisfaction will in building an image of the organisation and will attract more customers.
Reasonable prices Finance department. This step should also be completed within one month. Less expensive resources, advanced and latest technology. The organisation need to find a way that would help in providing services Providing reasonable prices for the services provided will attract more customer and also will make it suitable for each class of the economy.
Taking less time for the services. Planning department. This step should be completed within 2 weeks(Zhan, and Tse, 2018). Better and increased number of workforce. The organisation should not face any issues in completion of this step(Eggert,, 2018).   Providing services in a less period of time will increase the customer’s satisfaction and will help in building a brand image of the organisation.
Increasing the quality of services. Planning department. This step would require a time period of 1 month(Luo, 2018). The challenge that the organisation may face include making arrangements of better quality resources in order to provide finest quality services to the customers(Choo,et. al., 2018).   Providing quality service will result in better customer satisfaction, and will build a good image of the organization in the market giving and advantage over competitors.


QUESTION7: Change Management and Monitoring Cycle (AC4.2 – AC4.3)

The application of various steps taken for the improvement of the organisation had led to various changes in the organisation. Some of the changes that appeared in the organisation are as follows:


  • Increase in quality of the services: With the implementation of various steps discussed above, the quality of the services provided have increased and the organisation is providing better customer satisfaction (Bridge and O’Neill,  2012).
  • Attracting more customer: With better quality of services and along with reasonable price the organisation have attracted more customers.
  • Moving ahead of the competitors: By providing better quality services and increase in the number of customers had made the organisation ahead of their competitors.


With the implementation of various steps and making a change in the organisation, it may face various risk which are as follows:

Wrong study of customer needs and behaviour may lead to decrease in the number of customers leading to less profits and a downfall in the competitive market(Holmes and Schaper, 2018).

With the process of increasing the quality of services and providing reasonable prices may sometime lead to low or no profits for the organisation. Lower profits will result in less revenue and thus the organisation won’t be able to improve its equipment and can’t invest in further projects (Bourbonnais, et. al., 2018).

For the successful running of the organisation and remove failure, the management needs to take actions for successfully managing the changes. For the purpose of ensuring their effectiveness the changes needs to be monitored by the management which can be done by regularly monitoring, identifying the changes, gathering data for evaluation, monitoring and managing risks, continuous review.


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