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Business Plan

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Operations Manager

Ozhouse Clean



Business Plan


Ozhouse Clean



Table of Contents

Section 1  3

Executive Summary  3

Vision  3

Mission  3

Our values are: 3

Products/ Services Summary  4

Strategic Objectives  4

SWOT Analysis  5

Section 2  6

Permit and Licence  6

Section 3  6

Pricing   6

Marketing Strategies  7

Section 4  8

Key Personnel  8

Plant & Equipment  9

Section 5  10

Productivity and Financial Performance Targets  10

Section 6  10

Implementation  10



Section 1

Executive Summary

Provide an overview of the business as per the scenario information e.g. where it is located, when it was established and description of products and services offered.

The firm was opened in 2005 and the main work that the organization offers is home cleaning services. The location of the firm is in Melbourne Australia.

There are no permanent members at the current time and the organization wants to expand and upgrade the old method of working. To gain a new customer group. The firm has no marketing strategies in particular and that is also a vital requirement.




Include vision from scenario information


The firm has the desire to establish a reputed and respectful business in the entire region of Melbourne.



Include mission  from scenario information

Making a change in the industry by providing customers more than service but an experience by the mean of quality cleaning service by Ozhouse clean.


Our values are:

Include values from scenario information

Understanding the client’s need and providing the best available service.

To become a reputed company in the industry

Always maintain the quality and authenticity of clients and work.

Providing the right environment and care to the staff for his best performance in the firm.


Products/ Services Summary

Complete the table with current and proposed products/ services


Product Service Description Price (Inc: GST)

Regular service



Authentic service and professional approach




Spring clean



Authentic service and professional approach



*Add as many lines as required


Product Service Description Price (Inc: GST)

Carpet cleaning



Only carpet service

In process

Office cleaning



Authentic service and professional approach


*Add as many lines as required

Strategic Objectives

Include strategic objectives from scenario information

Giving a friendly service and maintaining a professional approach.
Meet the expectation of the customer

Increase number of client






SWOT Analysis

Complete SWOT analysis. List a minimum of four (4) items in each category.

Strengths Weaknesses

Satisfied customers


Having regular customers


Cleaning staff


Has been there for long time.




Lack of labour


No marketing skill


No social media handles


Little company

Opportunities Threats



More increase rates


Nature friendly products


Commercial service











No training for staff


No permanent staff


no natural product


legal actioin


Section 2

Permit and Licence

Identifying any permits or licences that are required for new clearing services.


For such services there isn’t need any important kind of licences




Section 3


Describe current pricing strategy and make recommendation for the future

Current Pricing




Recommended Pricing Structure for the future  

New upgraded models


Not changing $40


New promotions


New rewards







Marketing Strategies

Outline proposed marketing strategies.

List a minimum of five (5)


Marketing Strategy Expected outcome/ improvement


Tv ads






Greater awareness



Social media ads






More customer base







New customers







Great efficiency



Google adds




More customers

*Add as many lines as required


Section 4

Key Personnel


Current Staff

List current staff in the table below

Job Title Name Expected staff turnover Skills or strengths/ weaknesses  
Director James & Nancy Anderson   14 years of experience
Administration Manager & Marketing Officer


Sarah Anderson   14 years of experience
Operations Manager


    Experience of many years



15 members   experienced

*Add as many lines as required



Full-time Cleaner Analysis

Outline your recommendation/s, weather to employee fulltime cleaning staff of not.


Full time worker have many pros than cons over part time workers.
there dedication towards the work will be more and that will actually beneficial for the firm.

It also helps in providing better service to customers.





Required Staff

List current staff in the table below


Job Title Quantity Expected staff turnover Skills necessary   Date Required Cost ($)

Marketing manager





5 years








Cleaning staff




15 – 50


2 years







*Add as many lines as required


Plant & Equipment

List additional plant and equipment required to support the business plan

Plant/ Equipment item Date required Cost ($)
New premises Immediate $5M


Carpet cleaning machines/ Dry cleaners Immediate


Cleaning Vans/ Cars Immediate


Branded vehicles Immediate



*Add as many lines as required




Section 5

Productivity and Financial Performance Targets

Outline a minimum of two (2) productivity and two (2) performance targets, for key result areas


Productivity Targets
Key Result Area Description Key Performance Indicator/s


Customer feedback
On time performance


Staffs daily login



Financial Performance Targets
Key Result Area Description Key Performance Indicator/s
More client subscription Monthly subscription average comparison


Client retention Monthly client retention average observation




Section 6


Outline below the skills required to implement this plan and allocate the individual you would like to nominate that responsibility to.

Skills Required Responsibility (who)

Skill of managements








Operational manager




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