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Business environment relates to the business of finance, a business of market, social business, etc. business also depends on the customer to buying and selling of such products. Business depends also on nature to produce natural elements and raw materials. Business also has the support of a government that is a legal business. All of these covers business environment.

Who do you define business?

Business environment is of two types 

Internal business environment 

Internal environment includes the employs and staff in the company that works together.

External business environment 

External environment includes customers, suppliers, clients, and investors, etc. who work outside of the company in the base of the company.

Why did you choose this course

I choose this course because of its activities that can be knowledgeable and in this course, I get best achievement on my goals (Pulver, 2012). The course of business environment contains all the environment that is external and internal and this can take me to my goals and objectives.

What kind of experience (or interest) do you have in this area?

the experience I have in this area is an experience of employ that is an internal environment business. My experience in a business environment is to employ is business activities to handle the department of the purchasing department (Pulver, 2012).  

How has your experience (academic, work, etc.) prepared you for this course?

my experience takes me to this course because of dealings with the investors and managers. My experience is not an academic my experience is of work and the business environment wants the practices to work much because of new technology (Ghattas, et. al., 2014).

How do you ensure the required outcomes of your course are met?

I ensure the outcomes of my course that met me by my old performing job. My job performance and my knowledge get take me on to the required outcomes of business environment either they are legal, financial or market outcomes (Ghattas, et. al., 2014).

What can you do to manage and monitor your studies to a successful conclusion?

to manage the successful conclusion I should make a good performance and that can be eligible for me. The study the successful conclusion the main work should maintain the co-ordination and group with other employs to achieving the conclusion of a business environment (Glaub, et. al., 2014).  

As you think about the future, how might you apply your studies in later life?

I like to apply my future studies that can be based on my performing job and my experience so that my study should not be tough and it can be understandable to me. As we know that there will be new technology in every company and every business so I will do my studies at the base of my experience (Glaub, et. al., 2014).  

What kind of goals would you like to set for yourself with regard to this course?

I like to set my goals regarding my course that is

To achieve goodwill 

To make better revenue 

To target the best activity for the achievement of goals

these are my goals that I will do in my course (Glaub, et. al., 2014).  

In writing your reflective statement of intent, you should justify your choice of studies; identify how your studies relate to your own experiences and how you may apply your knowledge in the future.

my choice of studies includes the business experience relates to my course.
Personal opinion
Personal opinion in business environment defines our knowledge and sustainability of performing business activities. I will make new technology and ideas for growth of business environment. In my opinion, perform a job practically is one of the best ideas to achieve the target either they are a financial target, competitors target and achieving of goals depends on the practicals, new ideas, and technology. Mt personal opinion should depend on my work and skills that can be work in my course (Leal, et. al., 2015).

Experience and my knowledge for future 

My studies are based upon the business it takes us to the information about new technology and development of new practices in the business environment. It is good that we can ignore the theory practices and focus on practices performance for making good criteria in a business environment.

Think carefully about your previous experiences and current expectations. Your statement should be clear and succinct showing that you have short-term and long-term goals and an understanding of what you want to do with your degree.

My precious experience term 

my precious experience includes the purchase and business work and study. In terms of my knowledge, skills, and experience I should achieve the target to complete the course assigned to me.

Current expectations 

My current expectation depends on my work and my good communication skills because communication skills are a must to run the project and on the other side the strategic planning is also important. communication skills include language and verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It is important to be well in business. We have to communicate effectively in a business that another person should understand the language (Otache & Mahmood, 2015).

Delegation of my work 

Delegations mean distribution or assigning the work to another person with the responsibility. One of the skills that should coordinate with each other. When the responsibility assigned to me then it is my responsibility to complete that given task one should understand the business activities like how to maintain financial position, achieving targets and responsibility related to legal problems.

These skills and activities should include my long term and short term goals. 


business environment is environment with two factors that can be defined in the unit. All the internal and external factors will be defined in accordance to the business of all the situations that should be handled by the company. The course of business environment defining the business strategy and scope to be achieved. The business environment contains the communications skills its course takes the person on its goals. It shows the experience and previous study knowledge of a person. This course defines the person who is eligible for this course. The external and internal environment of business leads to business goals.


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