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Business communication revision assignment


Business communication revision assignment

Reflection on knowledge point- AIDA Model

AIDA Model is a framework for influencing communication in the marketing world. It is developed in 1898 by the St. Elmo Lewis. There are four stages of the AIDA model which are interest, awareness, desire, or action. There is a hierarchy that effects the model and it is followed by the CAB process. It runs by developing awareness when desire is before stimulating action (Ullal & Hawaldar, 2018). The AIDA model helps to determine the stages which are cognitive to an individual who go by during the buying process for the service and product.  It stands for: Awareness means brand awareness of the product and services, the interest means the benefits of the products or services and the sufficient interest to grow the buyer to twitch, the action it attracts the company and takes the next step which is downloading the brochure, joining the newsletter, and making a phone call, retention it is a key to upselling or cross-sells advocacy to companies that are focused on LTV. THE AIDA model is so much used in marketing activities like advertising, promotions, sponsorship, and business.  In 1898 the St. Elmo Lewis projected communication which is called as AIDA model. It is referring to attention, interest, action, and desire. The model of AIDA helps to identify the stages which are cognitive to an individual and go by the while the process of buying the service and product (Rehman, et al., 2014). It is very important for the business thus it helps a lot to attract the customer and marketers. It helps the customer in a behavior and journey break down it into distinct parts. It is very important for the customer to create awareness of the effects prior to the stimulating action.

Interviewee Feedback

The interview is seems to good and there is and everything good and the candidate are full of confidence which is really necessary for any interview the way she is replying the answer Is totally nice but there should be an improvement regarding the personality her body posture during the interview is so low and her communication is not such energetic as wanted during the interview she seems to be very low and there is lack of effective communication and but she is also good in some good cases like she has an experience related to sales and to handling customer and she is also able to understand the requirement of customer and also she is able to tolerate and solve the customer need which is positive part of the organization to satisfied the customer and to achieve he customer and organisation goal.




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