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BUS1037 PM Group Analysis Report

1. An analysis of the teamwork

The experience of the group project was very positive and very motivating. We were a group of 5 team members named Suveer Singh, Anantdeep Singh, Ramanjot Kaur, Arshpal Singh Mann and Rahul Kanwar which was a great team and also an incredible team with experience and a lot of creative ideas for the project.

The group progress with the collaboration of different ideas and aspect these ideas and aspects of the group is positive and the group intends to complete the project with a great and positive learning outcome. Each member is given a specific role for the project and some of the team members are good in software knowledge and some are good at hardware knowledge and also know the methodologies of the project with the more creative ideas this collaboration becomes strong, and all group decided to have a group leader with the leaderships skill and found that Arshpal Singh Mann has the qualities of the leader so, he will be the group leader for the project. There was no role for the volunteer and the whole group decided to make him a group leader because he possesses the intelligence and experience with the democratic style of leadership.

The communication will be done through proper meeting whenever we need to meet there was a specific meeting time of 30-45 minutes where the group leader checks the progress of the team and also identify the errors in the project and try to resolve them within the meeting time if there was quarry or in any emergency time there will be a proper skyped call between the members of the group for any doubt and also for any kind of help in case of need.

The workload is divided equally within the team and the workload is divided in the way that the skills that hardware posses have the all responsibility of hardware-related things with the one team member and one who possesses skills of good knowledge of software has a responsibility of the software related issues with one team member and one member with the group leader are monitoring the progress of the project and also helping in other activities of management with the leader.

2. Group Communication and troubleshooting.

The communication among the group member set up in a common language and sharing all the problems and all the experiences of their skills with the smiling face always ready to help each other and motivate each other by helping and also giving their knowledge to help in a particular problem. The problem which we encounter to set up a group in which we need some experts and these experts should understand and communicate with us, there was a lack of interest seen at the starting of the project when it was a starting phase of building the group but with the motivation of the group leader and the support from the members which are given to each of the members was like sharing their knowledge, helping them, motivating them whenever they got issues with the project and other things and there was a group visit that was decided by the group leader so, that the bonding can be made among the group members.


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