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BUS1037 Charter

Project Description & Objective:

Provide a brief description of the project and the Objectives

The main objective of the project is the maintenance of the infrastructure of the IT administration of the Ontario Ministry of Education. And also there is a need to replace the computers with the old ones and provide a more efficient network of communication in the offices of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

What is in scope want is not in scope

 In scope:

·      Replacement of cables of the old network

·      Installation of software and configure the network of computer

·      Transfer of old data to new ones

·      Training of staff for the new network

·      Monitor and provide maintenance of the office network after one month.

Not in scope:

·      Purchase new computers and hardware that are required.

·      Purchasing licenses for the software and peripherals

·      Delivery of required hardware and software to the site.

Assumptions & Constraints

Identify assumptions and constraints


·      Futuristic computers with less cost

·       Good communication with team members and officials

·      Network configuration will be appropriate

·      Permission and scope will be completed on time

·      Project will be completed with the duration of time frames

·      There will be a better and faster configuration of the network of office

·      Cost of the project will be in the given budget.                                                                                                                                         


·      There may be errors in the software

·      License permission may delay

·      There are technical problems with the computers

·      Software may not be updated

·      Physical condition of the cables is not good.

Risks & Contingency

Provide a list of anticipated risks and the mitigation factors to avoid them

·      Expiration of software license

·      Lack of Staff training

·      May face testing errors

·      Management in the project may lack communication

·      Risk of the cost of the project

·      Technology may not be up to date

·      Performance of the new IT infrastructure.

Estimated Costs (People, Time and Money)

Provide high-level costing – list the resources needed, the expected timeline and the potential cost for the project


(List names & positions)


(indication duration and target end date

·      Sunveer Singh

·      Anantdeep Singh

·      Arshpal Singh Mann

·      Ramanjot Kaur

·      Rahul Kanwar


·      1 Month

·      1 Month

·      1 Month

·      1 Month

·      1 Month






·     $60000

·     $66000

·     $72000

·     $60000

·     $72000





Project Approach

Describe at a high level how this project going to be managed/delivered

·       The approach of the project will be qualitative research with the appropriate methodologies

·      The technical approach will be considered so that the configuration of the network and also the setup of infrastructure will be done properly

Project Milestones &/or Deliverables

Provide a list of key Milestones and Deliveries

·          Desktop(PC)

·          Connectivity hardware

·          New Computer chairs and tables

·          Software license

·          Network cables

·          Transfer data devices

Success Factors/Completion Criteria

Detail what will constitute a successful project and how it can be described as complete

·      Meeting the objective and scope of the project

·      All the deliverables and maintenance on time

·      The project will be completed within the budget allotted for the project

·      Deliver the project as expected outcome and value for the money

·      All the functions of the project are done efficiently.

·      Training of staff according to the new communication and the upgraded infrastructure of the offices


Names and Dates

·      Sunveer Singh

·      Anantdeep Singh

·      Arshpal Singh Mann

·      Ramanjot Kaur

·      Rahul Kanwar



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