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The main agenda of workshop is to train agents about WHS policy and requirements at workplace. It will include risk assessment, risk register, and incident report importance in WHS policy.

Lead team workshop with managers.

Objectives for work shop –

Develop knowledge and skill requires for leadership in max Lionel Company and improves culture of organization and ethics.

The objective of this task is to develop problem solving skill, interpersonal skill, communication skill, critical thinking skill, and sensing skill and management skill develop for support team. The main objectives are related to WHS as follows:

  • WHS legislation and codes
  • Incident reports knowledge
  • Risk assessment procedure
  • Risk register filling procedure

Determine how to ensure effective training of agents-

  1. Teach all etiquette for require for risk assessment like incident report and risk register (Kontogiannis, et al., 2017).
  2. Provide technical knowledge of new applications and innovations.
  3. Provide the knowledge of management and equipment we use in system.
  4. Take feedback from team.

Assign roles for each manager

Role Name/s Responsibilities Signature/s
(if required)
CEO Max Lionel

CEO is working with board of director for overseeing business

CEO set all strategic directions; manage risk and authority of financial transaction.

Max Lionel
Operations general manager Kim Sweeney Responsible for day to day running company and Kim responsible for making effective training session planning. Kim Sweeney
Chief financial officer Riz Responsible for financial statement and budget, after completion of project Riz is responsible of any type of variation of project cost start to end time. RIZ
Manager residential reality Sam  lee Manage all type of resources that are required in workshop Sam lee
Mentor or Trainer Williams Responsible for training sessions Williams

 Model ethical behavior and encourage ethical behavior in team

Build trust between your team to encourage ethical model, and all project complete honestly and maintain discipline in your team is increase ethics in organization.

All disciplinary policy clear in any employee and result of this is clearly described. And openness and fairness is important for ethics develop in organization.

Use an appropriate leadership style to achieve objectives.

Become active listener for leadership.

Feedback is requiring for growth and achieve goal.

Training is providing properly for all employees to achieve goal.

Sense skill, understanding skill and problem solving skill style is important for leadership. Sense issue and handle problem.

Build stronger connection to employee and become better mentor.

Discuss organizational requirements such as legislation

Workplace health and safety act 2011

Workers compensation

Appropriate measures for managing and control risks (Perlman, et al., 2014)

Provide support for team as team generates ideas for how to produce effective training

Take meeting in every month and consult with employee for new idea and listen the employee thought and problem and produce effective training.

Model innovative methods to generate ideas for training agents and achieving training


Use gamification in your training technique.

Please follow feedback process after every project.

Use interactive software in training.

Discuss, suggest, demonstrates and encourage innovative approaches.

If any idea comes in employee mind share with team leader and grow innovative technique and brain storming technique.

Act on good idea.

Encourage individuality of employee and provide better atmosphere.

Hire diverse talented employee for creativity.

Constructive criticism, advice

Constructive criticism is feedback method that improves your growth and takes action on feedback good constructive feedback creates positive environment and positive result.

Advice – consider real time criticism. And focus on the situation on workplace not the person and avoid gossip on workplace .always work on time.

Discuss leadership styles to be employed by managers in training.

Provide all information about your work in training.

If any issue come then handle issue and solve problem of employee

  1. Authoritarian leadership

Impose expectation and define outcomes.

  1. Participative leadership

Involve team member in decision making process and participate any work.

  1. Delegate leadership

Divide in group and make team in this leadership

  1. Transactional leadership

Give reward and punishment according to work

Discuss budget for training


Project Name: Workshop
Income Incl. GST Excl. GST
$12000 $1200 $1200
Total income $12000  
Expense Incl. GST Excl. GST
Training place ($1500) $18 $18
Projector ($300) $15 $15
Refreshment ($1000) $5 $5
Pen and paper for notes ($50) $2 $2
Trainers or managers fees ($1800) $12 $12
Subtotal $4650  
Contingency (+10%) $6650  
Signature: _ _______________________________________        Date: ___27__/___06__/_2022_____

Notes from work shop

Work shop complete properly and learn skill and knowledge about real state training and WHS. Trained employee in workshop , integrity, empathy, engage with people  , communication skill develop in training in workshop.


Kontogiannis, T., Leva, M. C., & Balfe, N. (2017). Total safety management: principles, processes and methods. Safety science100, 128-142.

Perlman, A., Sacks, R., & Barak, R. (2014). Hazard recognition and risk perception in construction. Safety science64, 22-31.

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