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BSBWHS605 WHS Management Systems Assignments Help Services

Assignment 1

  1. The WHS act code and practices, standard and guidance of material are as follows-

The World health and safety act has been national regulatory system that has been implemented in the firm to ascertain the varied risk that has been associated with the hazard and safety of the personnel. The code and conduct as well as guidance material will be the WHS document that depict all the norms and behaviour as well as illustrating the what material has consist of certain risk factors or hazard. Providing safety equipment for mandate using while working in that area. This can be code and conduct as delivered by the companies as accord to their compliances and the working. The legislation and standard that has been used for meeting the WHS act in the organziation will be safety and health insurance, worker-men compensation standard and policy, fair work relation, the health and safety at work act 1974 will be applicable with the base of WHS for implementing the safety and health measures within the organziation.

  1. The relevant WHS code and practices and legislation that has been applicable to the State and territory will be the standard of the health and safety within the workplace a well as the residential area. For instance, to understand  the act it will best to see the current example that is COVID19 explosion will tend to build implement safety and health standard and related regulatory for measuring the risk of virus and the effected person in the particular and allocating the necessary equipment to alleviate the percentage will be the great example of WHS practices within territory and state. The legislation that has been applied here will be the national enforcement compliance of WHS act has been imply here for creating standardize health and safety measures in the Australia. Hence, these are certain code and practices has been used for reducing the risk factors, promoting the safety rules and measures, placing sign in the public are for prevention to reach the danger.


Maintaining and reinforcing national WHS law harmonization and facilitating a consistent national WHS approach. Some additional articles supplementing the WHS Act model:

Memorandum of Explanation

The WHS Act model Memorandum discusses how the Act functions.

Reference to the WHS Act layout

The Guide to the WHS Model Act provides an explanation of the Act which allows you better recognize the health and safety roles at work.

The element of the WHS is-

  • Duty of care 
  • Duty of diligence 
  • Rights to workers 
  • Means of workers safety 
  • Consultation and obligation to meet the cooperation and coordination from the duty of holder.

These are structural element of the WHS for framing the organziation norms and ethics with references to workers safety, duty of care and the formation of consultation and obligatory factors. 


The interpretive principles include a structured statement of how the authorities of WHS consider core ideas in the WHS Act paradigm and how the laws include applied. We also written four recommendations for interpretation:

The meaning of ‘person conducting a company’

An officer’s health and welfare duty under section 29

The meaning of ‘reasonably possible’

Discriminatory, enforced or misleading behaviour

WHS System Code

The legislative requirement for WHS record keeping maintenance will be the health and safety standard document that inspect the working area, core risk associated with it, requirement of equipment to incorporate the safety essence within the organziation. The workers health condition and relevant measures that is isolation cell, education and safety measures instruction document. These are the certain recording that has been generally handled within the organziation with use of the Health and safety standard within the industrial area and in the overall organizational areas.


The Model WHS Regulations provide for detailed obligations under the Model WHS Act. They also prescribe procedural or administrative requirements to support the WHS model Act (e.g. license for specific activities and record keeping).

We have published additional documents complementing the WHS Model Regulations.

Explanatory Statement on the WHS models

The WHS process policy explanatory argument describes how the WHS concept works.

System WHS Compliance Guide

The WHS System Guide provides a broad summary of the WHS System Regulations.

The type of document that has been used for recording in the WHS document will be-

  • Health and safety police and procedure document 
  • Training and induction record keeping 
  • Equipment recording 
  • Risk and hazard assessment 
  • First aid and medical record 
  • Register of injuries and accident 
  • Safety measures record 

Hence, these are the document that has been taken place in the record keeping of WHS act.


Design Testing Codes

Practice models provide realistic frameworks for meeting health and safety requirements, as provided by the WHS Act and Regulations code.

A model code of practice must be accepted in a state as a code of practice. Consult with the state WHS authority to decide whether a model code of practice is accepted in a different jurisdiction. To anyone who has an obligation of responsibility under the situations defined in the law, an agreed rule of conduct exists. For certain instances, complying with the health and safety obligations of a WHS Act and Regulations will be done under an authorized code of conduct.

The barrier for implementing of WHS 

The barrier for implementing the WHS act will be the cost effectiveness, changes in the policies and procedure, educational barrier and the language barrier, resistance by the employee from using/following the WHS act. Hence, these are certain barrier that can cause difficulties in WHS.

  1. Positive performance indicator

The positive performance indicator of WHS act will be the effective safety and heath standard within the organziation. The reduction and increasing in the accident within the organization. The enhancement in the performance of the workers will be helpful in measuring the performance of the WHS act within the organization.

Outcome indicator 

The outcome indicator will be the area of inspection of work health and safety, overall performance report, safety measure and aid report, effective working of an employees working within the organization. The register of incident and injuries will be the outcome indicator for the WHS.

Qualitative and quantitative performance indicator 

The qualitative indicator of performance indictor will be the better result, having sustainable health and safety within the organziation, good and enhance working. The quantitative measures will be the number of accidents, injuries, the number of equipment requirement, the decrement in the cases and the statistical improvement in the worker performance.

Internal and external information related to WHS

The internal information will be the sustainability of the organziation health and safety of workers, internal control and barricade to protect and prevent the disease that is affecting major areas. The external information will be the changes in the WHS plan, procedure and the mandate legislation that required to implement within the organziation.


WHS Ministers decided on a regional compliance and enforcement strategy in favour of the WHS model while maintaining a clear compliance and enforcement framework at state level.

The policy sets out the objectives of compliance and enforcement as well as the principles underlying the WHS regulatory approach to monitoring and enforcement.

Harmonization of WHS legislation was a part of the National Reform Agenda (COAG) of the Council of Australian Governments aimed at reducing regulatory burdens and building a seamless national economy. The formal harmonization process began with the establishment in July 2008 of the Intergovernmental Regulatory and Operational Reform Agreement on occupational safety and health.

  • The goals of harmonizing WHS law into a model structure include:
  • Protect workers ‘ health and safety
  • Boost health results at job
  • Reduce business compliance costs
  • Improving regulatory agencies’ performance.

Audit procedure requirement and standard related to WHSMS

The audit procedure that has been preceded within the organization will be followed in the steps 

Step1- identification of the health hazard and risk assessment within the organization.

Step2- evaluation of the risk likelihood and the component 

Step3- illustrating the measures and litigation for reducing the risk through using the WHS framework and WHSMS regulation and standard of health and safety.

Step 4- taking decision based on the risk assessment and formulate the plan

Step5- implement the plan and communicate it to employees

Step 6- follow up and monitoring

Assignment 2

Part A – 

Outline requirements of WHSMS based on risks

  1. Purpose and function

the purpose and function of WHSMS regulation will to endure the fitness and safety aid for managing the gym facilitation and aid or safety measures as accord to covid19 effect.

  1. Objectives

The key elements of a successful health and safety system are: Law and commitment. All employees should be motivated and empowered to work safely and protect their long-term health. Cost-effective approaches to human and physical resource preservation and development will reduce financial loss and liabilities. 

It is possible to meet the expectations of stakeholders whether they are shareholders, employees or their representatives, customers or society in general. 

  1. The relevant provisions will be: Enabled by proactive employee engagement and involvement by sufficient training, the usage, where applicable, and the safety representative scheme, enabled by good cooperation and integrity development, which enables the conscientious and active approach to the Protection and health function of both. 
  2. The framework should be such so that there will be balance in the operations and governance of WHSMS
  3. The issue that has been implicated in the case study will be covid19 effect that leads to propose change management, problem within the trainer as the gym need to be considered the social distancing norms, lower wages will leads to turnover, equipment availability and the essence of the WHS practices based on Covid19 will need to maintain for enhancing safety within the gym. 
  4. The program will span the full scope of the safety and welfare department of an individual. The workplace should develop a plan to implement its endurance to fitness and work health and safety management 
  5. Timely information sharing to stakeholders, involve them in important decision making. 
  6. safety framework should be developed according to the current laws 

safety system should be integrated with management system

due diligence should be implemented


Email id – 

Hello Sir, 

 The proposal for the WHSMS is attached in this mail. Kindly go through this proposal. 

Thanks & Regards 

Covering mail 


Subject- feedback 

Greeting for the day 

This mail has been sent to deliver the certain feedback that has been implement in the presented strategy of customer service. The feedback is improvising recruitment plan, WHSMS proposal include remedial measures, implement continuous learning plans. Hence, these are changs that required in the strategy. So please kindly attain it properly. 

Thank you 

Part B – Develop WHS policy and commitment to WHSMS

The compliance to legislative standard will be the effective health and national policy for enforcement of health and safety standard within the gym. Risk management involves closely analysing anything at work that might affect the employees, other workers and others (including clients, tourists and representatives of the general public) the findings of the risk assessment will be included in the protection policy and safety measures with regards to COVID19.  The risk assessment procedure is the detection of the covid19 infection by monitoring through camera, regular check-up, the distancing facilitation. The training can be done with the use of safety equipment and use of various method for giving training to the gym consumers. Hence, this will lead to better protection and maintain social distancing.

The covid19 procedure will be disinfection, sanitization, using own clothes and towels and does not share water with each as it risks of causing covid19. The use of mask while surrounded with people while talking. The WHS legislation and measures needs to be followed and the record keeping activities for scanning of temperature, number of people visit gym, their detail, and temperature fluctuation, medical records will be covered under the WHS record keepings

The duty holder will be the manager, gym instructor, record keeping manager and the customer relation manager.

The safety policy must be set down and the procedures required for its execution and control placed in effect. Workers and everyone else will be made aware of the safety statement which indicates that hazards have been detected and threats measured and removed or tracked. This will explain whether the company ensures protection and health and will define the appropriate tools for the preservation and evaluation of safety and health laws and standards. It is necessary to note, though, that employers can only include those created by job activities while recognizing dangers and evaluating risks. There is no need to take into consideration any small threats or dangers we embrace in our lives. The danger refers in general to anything that is likely to harm human injury.

E mail to CEO


Subject- update the changes 

Greeting for the day 

This mail has been sent to imitate the change in the asked section. The recruitment plan has been updated with the online recruitment opportunity through social media, the WHSMS has been include the remedial measures that is sanitation, social distancing, using PPE kits for safety inclusion. The continuous learning program will be on job learning and dummy learning. Hence all the asked has been update in the document and sent through this mail. So please kindly review it and suggest your review 

Thank you

The final version of WHMS

WHSMS proposal 

The work health safety management system is acquired and implement in the company due to Covid19 impact on endurance fitness. It covers all the safety measure and health testing kits for regular checking of the employees working in the organization. Regular sanitizing and hygiene management is requited to deal with the problem of covid19 affect. The remedial measures that is sanitation, social distancing, using PPE kits for safety inclusion Hence, the management should implement this system in the organziation for preferable protection development.

Hence, this is the overall research review and WHSMS proposal for better management and health safety within the gym.

Part D: Facilitate the participation of individuals and parties in finalising the WHS policy

For an individual, you can opt to set up a health and safety program for part of the operation under the Health and Safety Act 2013 to satisfy your roles and obligations. Well-designed procedures and systems enable companies to comply with laws and requirements on workplace health and safety.

However, a health and safety management system in the workplace is more than simply providing forms and policies relating to safety and documenting procedures. Alternatively, it is a matter of constant and controlled execution of steps and contents of a protection text.

A system-based method is much more effective than a system which relies on documentation alone, in protecting individuals against harm and meeting safety goals. Use of a workforce control framework for health and safety:

  • Evolves and grows continuously
  • Uses suggestions to track protection performance and develop them
  • Builds on current protection and health protocols
  • Integrates for other methods of control
  • Enables more rational decision-making
  • Strengthens and demonstrates due diligence in business culture.
  • Standard for Australia
  • Australian standard, AS / NZS ISO 45001:2018 (Employment and safety systems-Guidance for use


  • Specifies operating climate and health control program requirements
  • Guidelines the usage of it.
  • The norm seeks to enable organizations, by avoiding work-related injuries and sickness, to have stable and protected environments and to improve their success in occupational health and safety.
  • Why to build a program for health and safety
  • Each organization finds that there are certain elements in a health and safety management system at work.

Part E: Document and disseminate the WHSMS and WHS policy to individuals and parties


Date: 6/4/2020

Location: conference hall of the company

Chairperson: Operation manager of the company

Attendees: all of the employees of the company

Operation manager: good morning team, thank you for giving your valuable time.

Team members: good morning sir.

Operation manager: the meeting is called to discuss the scope of the new project. Now the company wants to expand its business so the company is launching a new web. The company wants to provide online facilities of shopping to its customers. So, the new project scope is provided to all of you. Now, this is expected that all of you will understand it and start your workings.

Thank you

E-mail referred to WHSMS plan 

To – 

Subject- approving of WHSMS and policy 

Greeting of the day 

To all the staff 

This mail has been drafted to inform all the staff with regard to the approval of the policy and procedure that has been created for adopting the COVID19 measures within the endurance fitness WHS framework to meet all the covid19 effect requirement so to prevent the infection. The Gym has been followed all the instruction and equipment requirement effectively and possess all the implementation as steady as possible. So please go through the final WHMS document and followed all the measures.

Thank you 

Assignment 3

Part C: Document and implement the action plan

There are also corporate activities which should be introduced such that preventive mechanisms can be enabled and executed. The safety action plan includes-

  • Regular testing through thermal-scanner to scan the temperature of the employee and customer 
  • Distancing and disinfection through overall sanitizing 
  • Washing hands and maintaining social distancing 
  • Using PPE equipment if required while instructing
  • Use of mask while working with lot of people 
  • Reduce the use of AC as many doctors place doubt on air contamination 

To return to work effectively, workers will be informed and educated in terms to workplace safety. A collaboration strategy coupled with staff, boss and management preparation will be established during the organizational return to work programming process. Employees must be well versed with the signs and everybody must be informed how to identify possible threats and what different functions are to be utilized for prevention measures. You will be able to move through that phase to support the insurance provider and bring you back to work.

Ensuring quicker exposure to PEPs, quick reaction times to regular improvements in suggested reviews and a stronger coherence in the capacity of organizations, who had consistent pandemic response strategies in effect until COVID-19. Nevertheless, if an organization actually does not have a response strategy, it is never too late to begin. Preparing for a return to work is a great opportunity to build a system to ensure an organization is primed not just for the COVID 19 but also for potential unexpected disasters.

Organisation Name  Endurance Fitness Date: 28 August 2020
WHS Committee members Documented by: Marriam Dhalia 
Endorsed by: Emma Samuel 
Requirement Proposed action  How this will be achieved Resources  Person Responsible for follow-up Nominated Completion Date Evaluation indicator Monitoring Method
Proper sanitation facilities  Surface cleaning and regular wiping the floor  Through regular sweeping and cleaning the surface where the employees work Cleaning equipment  Operation manager  29 August 2020 Sanitation and hygiene Checking the hygiene of the office and building 
Protective equipment  Use of Protective Measures Employees who are well but who have a sick family member at home and/or have been in close contact with a person with COVID-19 must stay home and notify their supervisor and refer to CDC guidance for how to conduct a risk assessment of their potential exposure PPE equipment  Human resource manager  30 August 2020 Safety measures  Availability of PPE equipment 
Social distancing seats  Proper spacing between seats  The arrangement of cabin as according to measured distance  Distance between the people Human resource manager  31 August 2020 Seats distance  Social distancing arrangement in each cabin
Focus on virus contamination area  Employees safety  If an employee is confirmed to have COVID-19, COMPANY will inform fellow employees of their possible exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace while maintaining confidentiality as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Employees exposed to a co-worker with confirmed COVID-19 should refer to CDC guidance for how to conduct a risk assessment of their potential exposure Thermal scan  Human resource manager  1 September 2020 Report of employee checking  Regular health check ups

Part D – Determine the measurement and evaluation requirements of the WHS plan

Draft Measurement and Evaluation Schedule for COVID-19 Safety Action Plan

WHO defined COVID-19(coronavirus) as a pandemic that has now spread to other countries and territories? Collective intervention is required to deter further dissemination, reduce the consequences of outbreak and encourage prevention measures. School interventions will deter students and workers subjected to the virus from accessing and spreading it, the WHO says. The recommendations are applicable in all other cases, but unique to countries which have already approved the transition of COVID-19. The manual aims to provide straightforward and realistic instructions for secure operations in schools and other education facilities by stopping, identifying and managing the virus at an early level.



Subject: communicate endurance fitness requirement 

Respects sir,

This email is being informed to the CEO with respect to the covid19 WHSMS measures and plan that need to be inculcated to measures the facilitation of the mandate aspect with regard to the covid19 measures within the gym. The proposed plan has been submitted to the CEO respectively and all the duties and responsibilities as well as tool for the adequate arrangement of safety needs to be taken care. The endurance fitness and work health safety can be done through including mask, sanitization and social distancing cell for preventing the infection risk. So please kindly go through these documents and proceed certain action plan for better risk assessment and measures as per the Covid19 facilitation.

Thanks & regards

Part E – Revise measurement and evaluation schedule

Risk Likelihood Severity Treatment/control methods 
Suspected to being covid19
  • High 
Isolation advice 
Having high fever  High 
Deliver them to basic test of covid19.
Social distancing failure  
  • Medium 
Clear instruction and timing alteration 
Sneezing and coughing  Medium 
Use of mask and better give leave
Proposed action Evaluation indicator Monitoring Method Persons responsible Frequency of monitoring/ reporting
Identify staff, volunteers and visitors who are unwell. Sign in sheets completed 100% Safety reports Centre Managers Weekly
Surface cleaning and regular sweeping the floor  Sanitation and hygiene Checking the hygiene of the office and building  Operation manager  Twice a day 
Use of Protective Measures Safety measures  Availability of PPE equipment  Human resource manager  Daily 
Proper spacing between seats  Seats distance  Social distancing arrangement in each cabin Human resource manager  Weekly 
Employees safety  Report of employee checking  Regular health check ups Human resource manager  Daily 

The WHS model laws allow an individual running a company (PCBU) to maintain the health and welfare of their staff and others at their workplace in as long as is fairly possible. This includes the provision and maintenance, to the extent reasonably feasible, of a work environment that is safe for health and safety and adequate facilities for workers to do their jobs.

They must recognize occupational threats and the related hazards in order to conform with the WHS model regulations and do what is realistically possible in attempt to minimize such threats even where that is not fairly feasible to mitigate.

Whether a monitoring measure can be implemented reasonably includes considering what can be done to manage a risk and whether it is reasonable in the circumstances. In determining which measures are reasonable, the likelihood of a risk, the harm it could cause, and the availability and suitability of a control measure are key considerations.

Covering mail for covid19 safety action 


Subject- revised measurement and evaluation schedule 

Greeting for the day 

This is the mail that has been drafted to implicate on the certain strategy that has been made for preparing the safety measures for covid19. The prepared plan has been developed below.

Proposed action Evaluation indicator Monitoring Method Persons responsible Frequency of monitoring/ reporting
Identify staff, volunteers and visitors who are unwell. Sign in sheets completed 100% Safety reports Centre Managers Weekly
Surface cleaning and regular sweeping the floor  Sanitation and hygiene Checking the hygiene of the office and building  Operation manager  Daily 
Use of Protective Measures Safety measures  Availability of PPE equipment  Human resource manager  Daily 
Proper spacing between seats  Seats distance  Social distancing arrangement in each cabin Human resource manager  Weekly 
Employees safety  Report of employee checking  Regular health check ups Human resource manager  Daily 
Sanitizer and mask availability  Mask and sanitizer requirement   Item availability report  Centre manager  Weekly 

So kindly review the mail and provide your feedback on the particular subject and objective. Please also provide your suggestion for additional strategy and subject.

Thank you


Assignment 4

Part A – Consult staff to review WHSMS


Date: 6/4/2020

Location: conference hall of the company

Attendees: all of the team members

Greetings of the day team.

This meeting is being conducted to discuss the project scope, project management plan, and organizational project management policies. This is analysed that all of the documents are being prepared and provided to all of you. Now it is expected that all of you will work as per the requirements of such documents.

Thanks & regards

Part B – Evaluate and report on WHSMS implementation.

An aggregate assessment is the first move to assess and analyse the new WHS program. Each move will help you get an understanding of the current WHS service and provide you with some details regarding potential enhancements and adjustments.

The first step is best seen as a self-audit of safety. It does not provide you a full description of the current state in conformity with your WHS agency but will offer you a clear indicator of the role of company. We suggest that you carry out a thorough enforcement audit of the WHS for a complete picture.

When you are uncertain when you will continue to assess and analyse a WHS control program, the first step will be the awareness about the certain risk and measures to be followed. It presents you with a description of where you are, where there are potential gaps and any suggestions to boost the WHS supplies.

The first thing to ask yourself whether you are equipped for a general evaluation is: “Will I still have an administration program for the WHS? Your reaction can be “Absolutely,” “No,” or “Maybe.”

The responses you should offer are paper-based, machine-based or a combination-hybrid approach with both paper and device. When the business primarily utilizes document systems such as accident notification and risk control processes from a protection policy, so it is possible that you should employ a document program. Probably in the third category if you have a combination of physical forms and electronic files. They will probably have a dedicated WHS management programme, which will help your organization manage risks and plan for the future, when you are completely software-based. This is it! This is it! Stage 1 is over. You will now be conscious of where the business is with respect to the WHS management structures. Let’s switch to phase two … Stage 2 – Review of documentation you can look through the business or agency records in this second phase.

Although this does not provide you a total or accurate image such as a comprehensive WHS management examination, it demonstrates where there are possible gaps and gives tips about how to fix them.

The solution to this question is as follows: Connection to versions of print

  • Digital copying control
  • Limited or unclear connection
  • Smaller businesses typically offer digital versions of WHS records to their staff.

In order to explain how specific tasks should be carried out, such as the execution of a risk assessment method, compliance audit request and risk reporting.

Larger companies often share these documents digitally, since they deal with a large number of employees and possibly split their employees between physical sites and possibly even between countries. In this one possible area, you might want to make improvements if you answered “no access” or “unsure.”

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