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BSBTWK201 Work Effectively with Others

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Task 1: Written Questions

  1. Describe how you can communicate effectively for each of the following communication channels (answer in 20-40 words for each):
Team meetings

Speak loudly said the tone of the communication and work for the transparency. Them to communicate and tell them about to giving the honest work feedback and work for the team project efficiently and effectively and do the submission of project on time.

One-one meeting

Conversation with the apply can help they need  to develop the work collaboration with the team and their members to describe their own particular goals. It is helpful to discover employee need and their challenges regards think their work and developed their moral.


To create a email use active voice in it. Use the take of emotional intelligent in email. Set the working goal in emails and organise their working thoughts in it.

Instant messaging

Choose the appropriate medium for the work, sending the message. About the audience. Don’t use craps and read the work before sending it. Don’t assume the things and work for etiquette always applies.


Pay them attention if someone is doing communication in calls. Does communication with emotion in caller voice (Ratna, 2019).

  1. For the following common workplace problems or conflicts in the table, provide an example of how this could happen and then write down one way you could resolve each one:
Problem Example Way you could solve the problem

Not understanding a direction or instruction from a manager

Don’t know how to communicate with someone and how to interact with them

Listen them first and find out there issues related to the services

Not liking the personality of someone they work with

Make a little bit business with them and try to do less communication with them and giving them all kind of answers that they need.

Stable better communication with them and help them to do their work (Ratna, 2019).

Problem Example Way you could solve the problem
Clique forming

It is a growth related to the group with the particular same thing

It is work for the decided quotes of dress and something.

  1. Write down three ways you can deal with conflict at work.
Talk with someone other to avoid conflict with the person they don’t like

Behaviour and handle the particular event with the particular personalities related to their work.

Listen carefully to someone and identify their argument point and their disagreements too.

  1. Why are personal values and beliefs important when developing workplace relationships? Answer in 60-80 words.

Value alignment help the organisational and whole of the organisation to achieve their core of mission to give them a particular purpose to work with the values and alignment regarding people different goals and their different intentions (Dalton, et al.,  2020).

  1. List methods of resolving team problems. Also, write an example of when a team problem should be referred to organisational hierarchy?
 Speak them individual and ask some about their work feedback

Them together for their work

Ask them wider the team ideas and their innovation

Draw a particular scenario for work management and evaluation

  1. Write down the importance of organisational and ethical standards, policies and procedures in context of your own work role or a role you are familiar with. Answer in 50-70 words.

Organisation is perceived to act ethically and work for employees and goes give the positive benefit to do the improvement of business and their relevant outcomes. For Ethical behaviour and increase the employee performance regarding their jobs satisfaction plans.

  1. Imagine you work in a dining restaurant as a wait staff along with 4 other people in the customer service team. Based on the above, answer following questions:
  2. List at least 5 responsibilities of your team (customer service).
All kind of questions related to the dish and product

The orders in transactions

Issues and their problems related to foods.

Give the proper customer out reach

And do analyzation of customer feedbacks and handle their complaints.

  1. List at least 5 individual responsibilities being a member of the customer service team.
Give the answer about the companies services

Take  the given orders in transactions

Work schedule work immediately

Take the order on time

Solve the issue of any customer (Subbian, et al., 2021)

  1. Visit the following website and answer the following terms in your own words (answer in 30-50 words for each):

Terms Description
What is bullying?                 Threatening someone
What is not bullying? Laws, policy and organization

How is bullying different to discrimination?

Discrimination is an employment action due to the membership and harassment is a terminated basis on protect class and hostile work.

Who is protected from bullying in the workplace?

Report the senior authority

Where to get help for bullying or harassment? List at least 3.

Informing the employee that harassment is not already tolerable

Identify the employee should contract and discuss harassment question and their concerns

It’s information to their seniors (HATEGAN, P. V. 2019)

  1. List at least 1 workplace bullying and 1 anti-discrimination policy and procedure.
Age Discrimination Act 2004.

Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

Sex Discrimination Act 1984.


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