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BSBMGT517 Revised Financial Contingency Plan Template

Endurance Fitness Financial Contingency Plan
Financial Year:  


Prepared by: Position:
2 Risks identified:


1) Operational risk

2) Human risk

Strategies to minimise risks:


1) Identify the risk first

2) Remove the risk, some risk is reduced by avoiding them

3) Discount the risk

4) To minimize the risk, you will transfer the risk

5) Retention the strategy of the receipt

Monitoring methods:


1) Heart-rate monitor

2) Computer monitoring system
3) Programme sheet
4) Exertion rating scale

Resources required:


1) all-risk lists

2) Identify the risk

3) develop a contingency plan for risk

4) Allocate your contingency plan

Staff support required: Financial manager

Operational manager

Marketing Manager

Implementation Action Plan
Actions/ Activities

(organised from highest to lowest priority)

Priority Monitoring method Monitoring Frequency Personnel responsible
Develop contingency plan Finance manager Group mentoring 120 Hz Finance manager
Get approval from the managers Finance manager 2) Team mentoring 75 Hz Finance manager
Monitor contingency plan Senior leader 3)  Peer mentoring 120 Hz Senior leader
Scenario plan Marketing Manager 4) Virtual mentoring 75 Hz Manager
Recovery plan Marketing manager 3)  Peer mentoring 120 Hz Marketing manager
Regular review Operational manager 4) Virtual mentoring 75 Hz Operational manager

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