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BSBINN601 Manage Organizational Change Assignment Help Services


Introduction of Business

In 2015, new owners and administrator MR X and Y purchased and administered CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE College. Since the company took over, the new management have made substantial changes in all aspects of the company. Improvements include update of the equipment and services, review of learning materials, test instruments and implementation and evaluation strategies. New employees are hired for high-quality training and evaluation to ensure compliance. 

CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE College has a reputation as a quality training provider for hair dressing and beauty, founded in the past 26 years. Aware of their prestige, the new management wanted to ensure a smooth transition from previous management and training to the new training and evaluation techniques. CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE College has a well-established clientele of Hairdressing and Beauty Customers who, through changes of management, policies, facilities and costs, have been maintained.

The personnel have begun to establish new markets for Colac’s and Loddon Shire’s geographical areas and tried to distinguish the enrolment of students by attracting students to study VET in RTO and short courses in colleges. Currently, the registration prospects are growing with interest on a regular basis on the part of prospective students. The community and Shire at Loddon is strongly served by a training centre.

Background History of Business

The CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE College, which has been successfully qualified for hair dressers and beauty therapists for over 25 years, is a Hairdressing and Beauty College that is well known for the quality that are sought after by its graduates. Many students work part-time as they complete their studies. 

Many CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE graduates work in salons in various parts of Victoria, and many have successfully acquired salons. 

In 2015 new owners acquired the college, who plan to extend their hair dressing and beauty services to other communities in regional and rural areas. They expect to build on the prestige and prior achievements of the college by continuing to concentrate on offering quality training that incorporates the requirements of industry and employers that continue to hire college graduates.


Offer nationally recognized training courses in high-level professional areas and in geographic locations where there are few opportunities.


CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE College offers high-quality training and training programs in geographical areas and research fields where skill shortages are established.


have a code of conduct at CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE College, which all staff , students, clients, and other stakeholders must follow strictly. In all we do we trust and supply: 

Transparency truth integrity 

Ensure the development and maintenance of a culture and atmosphere conducive to preparation, learning and evaluation.

SWOT Analysis of our Company

Identify and consider strengths and weaknesses of existing and potential competitors and allies


  • Reanimation for over 25 years as a premium supplier. Our staff’s dedication and devotion. 
  • Modern buildings and services.


  • Dependence on public funds. 
  • Job search agencies are the foundation to feed registrations.

Identify strategic change needs

  • Creates short courses and specialized courses for industry. 
  • Closer ties with high schools and job placement agencies.

Strategic Objectives and Strategic Needs after reviewing existing policies and background of your business:

The marketing strategy aims at growing enrolments and diversifying the types of students and funds for courses that they draw so as to make the organization less dependent on government-supported students. 

The CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE College centered in 2015, as none of them was under its previous management, on creating quality marketing collateral. Adequate marketing collateral is necessary in order to demonstrate the quality and quality of our education and service. 

Strategies have been introduced and introduced to draw prospective students to our courses for each of these goals. For the University of CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE, word-of-mouth promotion of classes with many of our enrolments was quite effective. The Centre of Excellence has been primarily referred to by job recruitment companies, former students, current students, clients, and colleges.


Change characteristics 

  • Scope of the change

The scope of the change is to ensure compliance and a high level of quality training and assessment. 

  • How many people will be impacted? 

Almost all the staff of CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE will be impacted as the training which will be provided to them will be of high quality. Along with them, the students of the CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE will be impacted as they will get high level of knowledge. 

  • Who is being impacted?

The employees and the students of the CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE college will be impacted.

  • If they are being impacted the same, or experiencing the change differently

Yes, they are being impacted as the training which has been provided to them has a lot of things to learn and thus, they are now giving the good output.

  • Identify what is being changed (processes, systems, job roles, etc)

The way of teaching of the employees has been changed, the process of working has also been changed. Along with this the students have also been changing, and now they are giving more high results. 

  • Include a timeframe for the change

This change process took around 6 months to be complete come in the process.

Organisational characteristics 

  • Perceived need for change

The need for the change in CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE college was for the financial viability, market share and position for future growth and expansion. 

  • How past changes have been managed

The past change has been managed by gathering relevant and enough information through the work. The information was gathered from the area which clearly indicated the Company viability will be rewarding in offering quality training courses at Colac.

  • Shared vision of business

 To deliver nationally recognised training in high-needed vocational fields and geographically small areas.

  • Amount of change going on right now

All the staff of the college are learning the change management and are implementing the same while working. A very satisfactory change can be seen in the college. 

  • Impacted Group
  • Outline impacted groups
  • Show how they will be impacted
  • Allow for customisation of plans in change management process

Explanation: The impacted group form the change management are the staff, and students of the college. They will be impacted as they are getting high level training which will increase their knowledge base and thus they will give high output to the college. As well as the staff of CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE is allowed to share their review if they want to edit something in the change management process. In-fact everyone is one to share their prospective.

Team structure

  • Identify who will be doing the change management work

The training head of CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE will be responsible for the change management process in the college.

  • Outline relationship between project team and change management team

If an organisation implements a change in a project or programme, this change needs to be handled in a technological way and efficiently by the people. A technological emphasis ensures that the improvements are successfully created, planned and delivered. Project and change management are structured to maximise the probability of programmes or initiatives producing the desired results.

  • Identify over risk factors

The risk factor in CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE are Motivation to perform well, low self confidence and self-esteem, low levels of social competencies, lack of clarification of goals, weak communication skills  poor modelling of strong positions, poor preparation for the present academic challenges, and major psychological issues.

  • Specific risk factors

The specific risk factor poor preparation for the present academic challenges.

  • Sponsor Coalition (Please Tick)
  • Describe leaders / managers who need to be on board for successful change
  • Identify leaders of the groups who will be impacted by the change
  • Detail support structure
  • Detail communication protocols

Explanation: The managers of the CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE should be present while implementing the change management as he is the one who look after every operation. 

  1. Risk Management
Potential Risks Contingency Options Person Responsible  Monitoring approach Due Date
Debt exposure / pledging 

Reliance on Government Financing

Reduce budget and review responsibilities Structure personnel levels 

Payment proposals for attracting full student fees 

Examination of the fee price

Financial Head Reports on routine management accounts 

Daily Directors’ meetings

5 Oct
Loss of workers 

The ability of employees decreases 

Mangle of interest

Restructure levels and roles of the personnel 

Replace the ineffective workers 

Further endorse the growth of workers

Staff List of future workers retained 

Learning roles and functions through 

Planning for the succession 

Participation in trainings

10 Oct
One-group reliance-students funded by government 

Inaccurate inscription estimates

Increase marketing aim 

Staff levels and functions are reviewed

Enrolments Marketing goals for many students 

Monitoring the rate of turnover, completion and development

15 Oct
Dependence on a current ageing customer Promote specialties and services by growing marketing and promotion Client Examine consumer demographics and service frequency 20 Oct
Loss  School trade centre agreement – Northern Bay centre Faculty Assurance currency 

Leasing currency agreement with the Northern Bay School Centre

25 Oct
  • Communication Plan
Communication Type Objective Medium Frequency Audience Person Responsible


Verbal communication is the use of language to transmit information through language of speech or sign. It is one of the most commonly used for presentations, video and phone calls and meetings as well as individual conversations. Since verbal communication is effective, it’s necessary. It can be beneficial to facilitate verbal contact both nonverbally and in writing. Word of Mouth High Staff, Students Training Head


The use of imagery, movements and facial expressions to communicate knowledge to others is nonverbal communication. It can be used consciously and accidentally. For instance, if you hear an enjoyable idea or piece of knowledge, you might smile involuntarily. Nonverbal communication is useful in helping to grasp the thoughts and feelings of others. Gestures Low Physically disabled  Specially multitasking translator


The act of writing, typing or printing of symbols, such as letters and numbers, is written communication. It is helpful because it stores information. It is useful. Writing is widely used in books, posters, articles, emails, memoranda and much more. Emails and chats are a popular method of written workplace communication. Email, and text message Medium Student Student


In order to communicate information, the visual communications are to use photos, painting, sketches, draughts, charts and graphs. Visuals are also useful to provide a helpful backdrop to written and/or verbal communication during presentations. Since people differ in styles of learning, visual communication can enable some people to absorb ideas and knowledge. Word of mouth, gestures, and written High Staff, and Student Training head
  1. Coaching/ Training Plan
Topic Objective Audience Time frame Person Responsible Resources required
Communication Skills To enhance the way of talking Staff and Student 10 AM- 11AM Communication Training Head  Tutor
Confidence To build confidence among the staff Staff 1AM-2PM Personality Development Tutor Tutor
  1. Resistance Management Plan
Stakeholders Key Areas of Resistance/Changes Needed Actions to Address Resistance Person Responsible
Staff Teaching The staff must improve their confidence Teachers
Student Communication The student shall increase their communication skills Student
  1. Cost Benefit Analysis:
Proposed Action Benefits Benefit Impact    (Low=1, Medium =2, High=3)  Cost Cost Impact    (Low=1, Medium =2, High=3) Ratio


SIB20110 Certificate II in Retail Make-Up and Skin Care  The student will become perfect in make-up and skin care 2 $1000 1 Highly beneficial 2
SIB20210 Certificate II in Nail Technology The individual will be an expert of nail technology 2 $1000 2 Medium 3
SIB30110 Certificate III in Beauty Services  The person will be able to have a deep knowledge about beauty services 3 $7000 3 Highly beneficial 1


Copy of surveys to be attached

(1 with Open Questions and 1 with Closed Questions)

Collation of Data:

Minutes of Meeting



Date and Time

Minutes of Meeting

Meeting Called by:



Key Proceedings:

Evaluation and modification of organization development plan / action plans as required: 

With the company increasing and expanding its structure, the division between business and education and organization functions will continue, thereby supporting and ensuring that the core operation of training and evaluation as well as education and learning may take place. 

A pictorial representation of the functional areas and operations needed for sustainable growth and development of the CENTRAL OF EXCELLENCE College is given below. The physical position and workforce in these positions are represented in the Org Chart and will grow further as the company grows.

Evaluate the program and determine the associated costs (including opportunity costs):

Evaluation of the program and determine benefits achieved:

Final Evaluation:

Next Meeting: 

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