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Bonus Practice Activity – Comm 1020 Cause and effect









Bonus Practice Activity – Comm 1020

Cause and effect




Topic Causes Effects
Childhood Obesity Too much fat

Too much food

Extra weight causes future health problems Difficulty moving and

being active in older years

Dying Wildlife Predation was the most common cause of death including hunting.

Destruction of natural habitats.


Limit the growth of prey by consuming them and changing their behavior.

Increase and decrease the prey population.

Bankrupt Town They are unable to buy any of the pay debts.

The government may shout down the banks and impose work and capital control.


In the municipality, they must also be willing the initiate the payment plan.

Capital market is either imposed capital work control.

Politically Active Youth Limited education.

Limited experience.

Lack of exposure to positive examples.

Ability to participate in the political discourse in a meaningful manner (Earl, et al., 2017).

Rise in Violence                Physical injury

Physiological harm.

Dissociative identity disorder.

Traumatic situation, stress (Blumstein & Wallman, 2020).





Blumstein, A., & Wallman, J. (2020). The recent rise and fall of American violence. In Crime, Inequality and the State (pp. 103-124). Routledge.

Earl, J., Maher, T. V., & Elliott, T. (2017). Youth, activism, and social movements. Sociology Compass11(4), e12465.


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