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Bonus Activity Comm 1020-03

Bonus Activity Comm 1020-03



  1. What is your overall impression after reading this paragraph?

While reading the paragraph I wasn’t feeling like it is a written piece on paper but I was living the whole scenario in my mind and it felt like I am g everything in the present moment after reading the paragraph I came back to reality but still it was felt like I have lived that moment the way it was described let me visualize the scenario like it was actually in front of me.

The level of clarity is too much and it is a perfect example of a descriptive paragraph because it has delivered all the important thing which helps in getting the paragraph touch of reality which are the sensory details of the 5 senses the whole paragraph has very well provided the experience of touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste.

How the author has described his feeling for the guitar let me feel the way the author feels and I can imagine why it is so close to him, overall it is a good paragraph to read.


  1. How the information in the paragraph ordered is (organized)?

The writer has a way of writing in which everything is in a systematic way in which he has described the scene of an object from the head to the body to the end. And all-important details for proper visualization have been provided which results in a better description of the object. And it does lead the reader to live the scenario. The whole picture of the actual guitar is described correctly by the author in the correct manner and it was nearly perfect and almost and everything has been covered. The feelings which the author has with the guitar also has been described very well he has provided the different reasons why he is treasuring it and why it is so close to him and the reason why it is priceless to him.


  1. List words from the paragraph that help to creates ensory images:

Sight – specific description of the object which has helped in building the proper visual scenario in mind are as follows: – such as he has described the necessary details that the guitar is having which are old, blond guitar, not fancy, folk guitar, scuffed and scratched, fingerprinted, copper string, silver key, slim neck, wooden, yellow pear, slightly damaged, etc.


Details which are provided for sound are as follows: – copper wound string, silver tuning key, stretched strings, slim neck, frets tarnished, wood worn, nothing much rather than for sight has been provided by the author but indeed still it manages to give the taste of other sense.


For smell, he doesn’t describe anything in particular but some other detail will let us give some sense of smell he has written that it is a wooden guitar and has a string of copper which provide us some minimum idea of how it would l if it was present in front of eyes.


Again, there isn’t anything particular for taste either but based on the experience of an individual it could imagine how it could have a taste again same as per the smell he has described that it is made up of wood and string of copper which mean it definitely going to have a taste of wood and also its strings are going to taste as of copper.


It is made up of wood so it is going to feel like it and the metal will feel when we touch the strings giving the sense of toughness and strong build. Although if anyone has ever picked up any guitar he can more accurately feel the touch by the provided description but a person who has never touched any guitar before will find it difficult to


  1. Is this a good example of descriptive paragraph? Why or why not?

In my opinion, it is not just a good example of a descriptive paragraph but a great example of it and I could say it after reading the paragraph. The way I have felt during and after the reading. I have almost forgotten that it is not the visual scenario that I am watching but it is a written paragraph that I was reading.

  1. The way the author has described every detail and this all is so specific that it created a visual scenario that was nearly close to reality.
  2. Howich a paragraph has been written is like you are watching a movie in your head.
  3. The quality of the descriptive paragraph is vividly and objectively describing something to the reader.
  4. All the human senses which are smell, sight, sound, taste, and touch, and this paragraph has almost delivered each and everything nearly accurately.




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