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BM6016S2 Tourism Contemporary Issues Assignments Help Services

Critically evaluate the traditional, generic marketing approach for tourism.Choose three contemporary geographical theoretical approaches to tourism and critically discuss their applicability by using examples of marketing initiatives in tourism organizations.


The section provides the learning of the contemporary issues which happen in the tourism sector and it also makes an impact on the financial condition of the company in an effective way. There are various factors that need to be accomplished in the tourism sector such as technical advancement, customer satisfaction, requirements of the customers, and much more. Most of the time, the company loses the goal due to the lack of accuracy and efficiency in the service pattern. Most of the time, the traditional way of marketing is not appropriate for the success of the company so it is necessary that the company should provide various types of marketing strategies to promote the service of the company in the competitive edge. The below section presents the description to reduce the issues of contemporary that need to occur on time so that the company gets success without any mistakes. 

A traditional and generic marketing approach

The Whitbread PLC hotel is the large organization in the UK that provides services in the proper quality and the marketing of the company is quite good which is helpful through the aid of 50000 employees. The traditional way of marketing is implemented by each organization which want to give quality service to the potential customers in an effective way. The traditional marketing includes the various types of categories that give the option to promote the service in the effective and this type of recognizable marketing is based on the basic sources like mails, telephones and broadcasting.

So, there are some traditional marketing approaches which give aid to promote the service of the Whitbread PLC hotel which is mention in the below section: 

Direct mails: This is the kind of marketing strategy which based on the particular targeted audience and company provides the direct mails to them in the effective way to attracts appropriately (Liu and Chou, 2016). Those customers who generally check-in the hotels or frequently do the travelling so the company give the mails to that customers to attracts towards the company.   

Brochures and Flyers: The company can create the brochure and flyers through their creativity and brochure making sources and mention the special discount and offers with the effective way so that the company get the proper outcome at the end. This can also create their business cards and give to each visitors so that the customers attracts toward the Whitbread PLC hotel. 

Printing advertisement: The print media is the most distinct source to promote the service in the competitive edge and also make the changes in the choice of the potential customers (Kotler, et. al., 2017)

Face to face interaction: The face to face interaction is the eventual way which is possible through the events organization and cold calls which influence the customers to choose the Whitbread PLC hotel for visiting the UK. The physical canvas, evoke and papers are the best lasting traditional marketing to promote the service effectively.   

Telemarketing: This marketing approach is based on the B2B lead that generates the strategy to arrange the customer relationship management properly so that the company get the outcome properly. This promotional activity is processed through the world-class calls where is company get the international and local calls to resolve their queries which also resolve the doubts to promote their service in the competitive edge. 

Television Advertising: It is also one of the digital marketing approaches that can be used to reach the targeted audiences. Since, ads are imaginative and creative, and also convey the message directly and easily, so they attract a greater number of users.

Advantages of traditional marketing 

Traditional marketing is still used by the organizations and businesses as the strategies followed by the traditional marketing can be reliable and has the ability to produce the new business without losing the break. The good thing about traditional marketing is that if it is executed and performed well, then it could bring good results to the businesses.

Drawback of traditional marketing

Because it is difficult to print large number of information as it is not necessary that people actually read the complete magazine or newspaper. One of the traditional approaches ‘Broadcasts’ is expensive for the businesses that are not out of economical reach. Also, there is no reliability with the direct mail marketing approach.

Contemporary geographical theoretical approaches

There are various types of geographical theoretical approaches which gives aid to promote the service of the Whitbread PLC hotel that is mention in the below section:

Modernization theory: This theory is based on the development strategy which process the company to transmit the marketing of the company from the traditional way to modern so that the company get a huge success effectively. If the company moves from the traditional approach of marketing to the digital marketing theory, then the probability of success also increases as the digital approaches including TV advertising, advertising via social media increases huge number of customers.

The economic condition of the company is based on the various aspect but this is necessary that the company should improve its service pattern through modernization theory. The marketing should be processed in a modern way like the use of social media and e-marketing.   

Dependency theory: The dependency theory is based on the understanding that the mass tourism is based on the various elements like financial resources, tourism supplier and industrial leverages to make the promotion of the company in the international level (Kiráľová and Pavlíčeka, 2015). The international standard should be maintained in the marketing strategy so that the company get higher profitability in terms of the global market.        

Neo-liberalism: The ministry of tourism industry provides the new rule that the hotels on the tourist places need to be privatized and the price of the hotel service will increase effectively. The Neo-liberalism is the kind of approach which follows this step that the mass marketing, service standardization and effective flexibility so that the company get the better result at the end. The economic scale also plays an essential role in the promotional activities of the company. So, it is necessary that the Whitbread PLC hotel must conduct the marketing strategy which is according to the economy of the United Kingdom to promote the products properly.  

Alternative development: This approach is concerned about the changes which happen by the structural macro-economic for the non-western societies so that it will come on the same line of the western societies (Richards, 2015). This is necessary that the company should promote their hotel in the competitive edge so that the company get the development to survive in the UK and then prepare for the international level to give their services in a global level. This approach also gives the study that the company should be people-friendly, soft and based on green consumer to maintain the quality of service.   

So, it is concluded that the company must provide the services which according to the approaches of the theoretical framework so that the company carry forward their traditional way of marketing and also modify it through the modern culture to survive in the market.  

The good thing about these approaches is that above mentioned approach helps the company to grow effectively, remains top among competition, and earns more profit. But there are some bad points also with these approaches such as the digital approaches can bring threats to the confidential information of the business and this could lead huge loss to them.

Identification of marketing initiatives 

The marketing initiatives are the kind of essential element which is useful for large companies like Whitbread PLC hotel that provides the services to the potential customers in an effective way. The marketing initiatives are a funny character which used as the commercial to promote their organization at the international level and attracts more customers towards the hotel (Litvin, et. al., 2018). This is essential that the company should know about their services and also involve in the promotional activities to promote the hotel services through the eventual marketing strategy. The marketing initiative is clearly defined as the marketing efforts which is helpful to promote the service in the various places to maintain the goodwill of the Whitbread PLC hotel and company improvise their financial condition. There are some required elements of the effective marketing initiatives which are mention in the below section:

Understand the potential audience: This is necessary that the company should identify the need of the customers like refreshing hotel rooms, good balcony view, comfortable bedrooms, quick and quality service and much more. Alternatively, the Whitbread PLC hotel must identify their audiences which invest their money in travel and tourism to attract them in the company.  

Develop theoretical marketing strategy: This process is helpful to remember the targets which are note down in the paper and develop the strategy accordingly. This is necessary that the company create theoretical marketing in the paper so that every person who involved in the strategy must give their equal contribution.   

The invention of the subscription model: The company must create their website so that the potential and targeted the customers have the one area to ask their queries and company also promote their new offers in an effective manner (Carlisle, et. al., 2016). The subscription option needs to be there which gives aid to promote the organization with the financially.

Understand the effectiveness: The Whitbread PLC hotel is the best and well-known company in the UK which need proper effectiveness in the services so that the company get higher results in the terms of success. The company should develop the Key performance indicators in the company to promote the company effectively and also create the proper strategy which manages the performance of the management.

Marketing initiatives with organizational example

Digital marketing masterclass: For an example, the Phillips Company must build the partnership with the digital media marketing which is helpful to facilitate the engagement, create the analysis in-depth so that the customers get attracted through the marketing strategy (Galí, et. al., 2017). The short-term videos are conducted in digital marketing which is helpful to provide the presentation of the service variation to provides a variety of services effectively.   

New media genius: For example, the blog posts and eBook are the options which podcasting which increase the sale of the Salesforce Company effectively so that the company also properly increase their financial condition. The company can promote its services through the audio format in the FM or radio form to successfully create the marketing which not only promotes the company but also build a good image in the society. 

Marketing practices in the tourism industry

The marketing practices are helpful to promote, advertise and distribute the services to the customers in an effective way so that the business gets the higher operational enhancement so that organization get the promotion in the international level. So, there are various types of marketing practices which is mention in the below section:

Identify the unique position: The company should promote its service on the international level so that the company get its unique position at a higher level and this activity builds a better option for success. The company should serve unique services like swimming pool on the terrace, unique theme in the rooms and much more which promote the company at the international level.

Enhance the visibility: The company promote their unique services through the marketing channels like emails, paid advertisement, videos and social media which is helpful to visible the company on the online platform (Mariani, et. al., 2016). The service of the business needs to be visible on the various sites so that the customers could understand the value of Whitbread PLC hotel and effectively get the knowledge. 

Increment of selling value: The company should clear their vision that the company must increase their selling value not the value of the price because if the company provides the services to the huge number of customers than the company automatically get the higher financial profitability.   

Provides the gifts to potential clients: The Whitbread PLC hotel gifted the vouchers and other gifting items to their long-term customers and potential customers than it plays an essential role in the success of the company to get the higher results at the end (Mathew and Sreejesh, 2017). This is necessary to please their customers through these practices so that the company get a better result in the future.

So, it is concluded that the company must promote their services through the various kind of promotional activities and also please their customers so that they can get better results without any issue.


  • The Whitbread PLC hotel must please their customers through effective gift vouchers and make innovative changes in the choice of potential customers. 
  • The organization must promote their services through the emails, promotional events, social media and others to get the better result at the end.
  • The company must create their page on the online platform so that the company make an innovative response through its customers (Page, 2012).
  • The promotion is also based on the quality of the service so the company must give the services in an effective way like comfortable rooms, quality food, a variety of beneficial facilities and much more. 


The above section provided the study that there are various types of traditional marketing planning which gives aid to promote the service in the market and also give aid to effectively attracts the customers. The section provided the learning that there are some generic marketing approaches which make the changes in the various aspect of the company to improvise the selling of the company in an eventual manner. The above section also presented the value of the marketing initiatives which is helpful to make the expand the business beyond the border. This is provided that there is some relevant tourism marketing practice which is helpful to reduce the impact of issues which give a negative impact on the success of the company. The issues in tourism are happen due to various factors like lack of quality, customer satisfaction and various external factors.  

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