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It is been defined in the oxford dictionary that a conclusion is the format or can be said the
act of bringing an article to an end. summarizing the complete article in the form of own
thoughts that the basic points or the special features or facts covered in the whole article to
make it effective, simple and pure for the reader or the teacher. It narrates the article and
gives it a good closing based on the work done in the article for the overview of the full
article. A conclusion should provide the basic knowledge of the work done in the article so
that the reader can gain knowledge of the article in the conclusion. The article should be
written with the correct statements and supporting statements so that nothing can be
considered as irrelevant.
Some benefits of writing a good conclusion can be said: –
1. It is the summary of the whole article of what are you trying to say in the simplest language
for understanding better.
2. It is based on the personal observation of the writer with the objectives of relevancy of the
project you’re writing the conclusion for.
3. It is in the form of a personal reflection, to the readers which can create a positive message in
the reader’s mind for better understanding.
4. It promotes the criticisms and comments that the author uses for the conclusion.
5. By reading a good conclusion the reader will be thrown good questions based on the article
which needs to be developed in his mind while reading.
6. At last, by a good conclusion a reader must gain knowledge based on the article in the
summary form of what are the future actions they should take in future provided in the
article, a reader must be gaining a positive message from the article which can be helpful in
1. We need to question our arguments for better results.
2. We need to justify our statements for better results with examples.
3. As we should try to cover the whole article, we wrote which needs to revert to the beginning
so that it may refresh the reader’s mind.
4. We need to prepare a future course of action so that readers may apply it to future references.
5. We need to use basic and good writing skills to influence the reader for better understanding
of the reader so that they may understand the conclusion in a better way.
At last, we can see a conclusion should be very effective in the reader’s mind as there’s a
difference between the introduction and the conclusion as the introduction derives the
knowledge of the points which needed to be covered in the article so that the reader can get
the overview of the points which are to be covered and the conclusion can be said as the
points which are covered and how to solve or resolve the issued which are covered in the

conclusion and what are the future actions or the quarries can be found in the conclusion
based on the article.

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