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Blog or Web Post Assignment


Blog or Web Post Assignment

Part 1- Outline

Topic: Social Media Addiction

Blog/ Website Title/ Topic: Social Media Addiction in Teens and Young Adults

Audience:  Students, Teachers, Parents, Scholars

Main Message or Purpose of your blog/web post:

The main purpose to write this article is to highlight the negative impacts of the overuse of social media. How limitless use of social media could affect the health as well as academic performance of teens and adults.

Paragraph 1

When you listen to the word “Addiction”, you generally think about drugs, alcohol, and even narcotics. But addiction is a very wide term. What is addiction? Before proceeding to the article, it is important to know basically what addiction is. So, addiction is the incapability to pause or break off from using a particular substance or engaging in a behavior, after knowing that it can cause physical as well as psychological harm to you. It does not limit to only alcohol and drug addiction. It is a chronic disease or relapsing disorder that continuously gives negative outcomes. The addiction can be anything such as gambling, video games, shopping, eating junk food, social media, the internet, etc. In simple words, we can say, the overuse of anything starts to give negative outcomes and adversely affect you physically, and psychologically, is said to be an addiction.

Paragraph 2

Back to the topic again, would you listen to the words like addiction to Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, etc? Probably not. Previously, the overuse of social media platforms was not considered an addiction although, in the last decades, it is taken as an addiction. As digitalization and technologies increased, the trend of using digital platforms is also increasing. Nowadays, there are many social media platforms that are introduced and used by people. Additionally, social media is used to communicate with friends and family. People posts on their profiles, upload images, and pictures, greet each other, etc. but, today, there is a lot of content on social media that people used to explore every day. The use of social media releases high dopamine that gives pleasure and happiness to its user. This dopamine forces the person to use it again and again. And the continuous use of social media starts adversely affecting the person. Approximately three billion people have social media profiles around the world. According to the experts, every person spends a minimum of two hours daily on social sites. These facts show that social media is gradually becoming an addiction to the present generation.

Paragraph 3

In this list, teenagers and adults come first. Social media platforms are mostly used by teenagers and adults. It is got to know that these generations use social media for meaningless and senseless purposes. It wastes their time as well as energy which is needed to invest in some other productive works. The overuse of social media adversely affects the health as well as their academic results. Teenagers continuously use social media and play video games. The continuous use of social sites affects the eye sight and exhausts their mind that leads to anxiety and depression. The academic results of the teens will also affect because of the social media, as they did not give time to their studies and get poor results. Social media can be a biggest reason of distraction from their studies. The addiction of social sites will mentally affect the adults and teenagers and its results can be worst.


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