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What Are Some Tips To Avoid Plagiarism When One Is Conducting Research?

Writing and gathering information while doing research are very critical tasks. While conducting
research, the researcher needs to go through many resources. They face many challenges in
gathering literature and collecting literature evidence. The Researcher needs to gather and create
new ideas based on previously done work and research and gathered information. The researcher
needs to complete this work with maintaining the level of plagiarism. For maintaining
plagiarism, the researcher needs to first understand the various types of plagiarism.
Plagiarism is the use of another author's work or using of its previous work or idea either
ethically or unethically, either planned or accidental. Plagiarism is considered to be a serious
offense whether it is academic or it is logical. It affects the credibility and reputation of the

Avoiding of plagiarism

1) Do not copy paste
While writing research, it has the responsibility of the researcher to understand the topic and
content.The researcher needs to study and go through some other topics and content which is
written by another author. The researcher can build a basic understanding by doing this. But it is
the responsibility of the researcher to not just copy-paste the content of another writer.

2) Include quotation
If the researcher takes the content from another author, it is the responsibility of that researcher
to include quotations. The quotation is taken from the place from where the researcher
understands and takes some content.

3) Use Citation
Citation is a kind of way that will tell your readers from where the researcher gets a particular
idea or content. Using citation also assist the readers to find the sources and the particular
location of the sources. Citation is important for the researcher when he takes content from other authors. The researcher put citations where the researcher takes that particular idea and thought.

There are many kinds of citation which is used and they are as follows
APA is an American psychological association and it is used in education and psychology.
MLA is a Modern language association and it is used in Humanities.
Chicago is used in business, and fine arts.
If the researcher is using his previous material and content, then also the researcher cites himself.
When the researcher uses the previous content and does not use their citation, it is called self-

4) Use a plagiarism detector
It is completely fine for the researcher to use and go through the content which is created by
other authors and get new ideas from these ideas. But researchers do not copy-paste the content
of others. The Researcher should use a plagiarism detector while writing the literature. This tool
helps the researcher to identify the content and the topics which are the exact copy of the
material which is written by others or the same author. By using this tool researcher can easily
find content that is a copy of already written content and then the researcher can easily remove
that plagiarism from the content and can add his ideas and content. There are many kinds of
plagiarism, some of them are as follows

Direct plagiarism
In direct plagiarism, the researcher is copy the content of another author word by word without
using the quotation.

Mosaic plagiarism
In this kind of plagiarism, students copied some of the phrases from the main sources. The
students use a synonym for some words of original content.

Self- plagiarism

In the self-plagiarism, the researcher use the previous work of their own

5) Put the References
While writing research, the researcher read much content and makes its basic understanding.
Sometimes it takes ideas from other sources. In that situation, the researcher needs to maintain
the records of all the references. The researcher then put at the end these references after
completing the research. Putting this reference will help the reader to know from where this idea
and some part of it was taken. This kind of activity is also helpful because putting these
references is not lead to losing the credibility of the author.

6) Use of links
For building a better understanding of the user related to the research, the researcher should put
the links to the content. The researcher should put only those links which are easily open.

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