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Assignment task 3


Program execution plan-   

Discussion of the current state- Now we are discussed the company shares are declining but we are taking the needed action on it and we are working on it. in this, we are trying to maintain the balance between the company and its objectives. After applying this kind of policy, the sales of the company is would be increased and there is a chance of an increase in the brands and the related objectives. It helps regarding create new customers and there is the proper risk regarding sales and customer satisfaction.

Current desire and achieved the desired state– In this, we are doing the company gap analysis, it is the kind of process that helps to compare the current state of the work and the process regarding the process includes assessing the given information and doing the analysis of the given situation and the functions and adjectives.

Internal and external program context- It creates the series of the acting and goals and the objectives it is being met and creating the action series. The current gap is given regarding the current situation and desired situation. it oi the kind of simple mathematical difference between the two.

Program budget and cost management- It is the labor cost of $15, 000 and the desired need of $12.000 per year. It is the kind of the gap between the gap would be $3,000 the difference is given between these figures.  There are many ways to lead and manage different work, including planning, transparency, and honesty (Peráček, et al., 2018).

System procedure and administrative system- Program definition and resourced scheduled- In this the internal forces such as the management and restructuring of the internal and external resources.

Staff training needs and reporting strategies-The extension things are including hacking, the economy, and politics. In this, we need to do the planning of the given resources and check the internal and external kind of factors.

Program governance structure and relevant governance procedures- also need to do the cost estimation and cost budget analysis to give the administrative process and the given tasks. We should include the human resource of the organization and do the marketing of the organizational matters and the administrative process. This best kind of the quality product we give you the proper surety regarding this. Providing a variety range of products on one website would attract customers and provide them a wider section of products to choose from. The online presence is crucial for reducing costs and increasing the profit margin of the company. (Atmaja, et al., 2021).


Atmaja, S. M., Arifin, M., & Erwinsyahbana, T. (2021). Study of Legal Assurance of Transfer of Shares in a Public Company that is a Joint Property without the Approval of the Partner. Budapest International Research and Critics Institute (BIRCI-Journal): Humanities and Social Sciences4(4).

Peráček, T., Mucha, B., Brestovanská, P., & Kajanová, J. (2018). Simple company on shares as startup support tool. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis66(6), 1601-1611.



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