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Assessment Task

Assessment task 1

 1  What are internal customers? Provide 2 examples.

It Is the person who can purchase the gods and the material regarding the services of the particular material. In any organization, there is the dependent on the person with the particular organization.

Retail staff

Restaurant staff  (Müller, et al., 2016).

 2  What are external customers? Provide 2 examples.
It is included by the student of the particular place and faculty and staff. It is called the external customers. It includes the staff acting, persona; capacity, and, the university students.
3 List the four basic needs of all customers.
There are four basic needs are given of to customers-

1.       The fair product prices.

2.       The good services towards the clients.

3.       The good product and its material.

You need to fell valued to the customers (Müller, et al., 2016).

4 List FOUR (4) market segment needs that apply to all markets.
It is included the Demographic, psychographic, it is also includes the behavioral and geographic segmentation it is the new kind of the consideration objective and marketing segmentation it is also covers the many kind of the strategies and its uses.
5 Explain how customer complaints can be good for business?
Yes, the customer complaints is good for the business it is helpful to give them good advice and give us the proper feedback regarding our work and our organization’s progress.

What social media platforms can be used to establish rapport with customers?

Social Media plays a vital role to build relations with customers. It helps to reach a wide audience at a time. There are several social media platforms that help to establish rapport with customers. It includes- YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, official websites, google search engines, etc. (C. B, 2019).
 7  List THREE (3) characteristics of Geographic Segmentation.

 It includes with the different kinds of organizational work and its process. divides kind of the world displayed and the imagination creature. It is the kind of marketing strategy it is divided by the organization and organization peoples. it is divide the target market with segments to all organizational conditions including tradition and languages.



Time zone.

 8  List THREE (3) characteristics of Psychographic Segmentation.

It is the kind of the researched methodology it is used for the organizational work and study regarding the student and its objectives. It is used for the studying and the consumers we are divided into different parts and different groups. In physiological terms and the personality style and social status regarding the interest and opinions.

 9  What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative data?

Quantitative data is kind of the data it is used for the number biased and the countable and the measurement process. In the Qualitative data they need to do the interpretation regarding the language and the description of the words.

 10  Why is customer service important to a business?
If we are talking about customer services it is just need to keep the light on it. It is helps you to gives the great customer service and it is helpful to generate the more of the marketing. It is also gives and gives sales opportunities. It is meet with the customer success and meet with the business adjectives (Müller, et al., 2016).
 11  List THREE (3) key customer service skills.
It is the set of the skills with the service and entails with the several of the quality and the active and listening planning. It is the kind of thing to do the problem solving passed the communication. It is used by many of the job roles and the organization.
 12  What is quality customer service?
The quality customers services give you the involvement and providing them the efficiency of the work and its adjectives. in this we need to give the effectiveness in the work and the organizational adjectives. In this, it is a useful thing to provide efficiency. It provides  friendly services with the customers as well as the building and they helpful to builahe relationship with them.
 13  What can lead a customer into becoming a loyal customer?
In this, it is important to know your customer first.

You need to create a customer loyalty programmer.

Keep the setup of the referral program.

Pay them the strength and provide them the proper value.

Do the engagement with them and attached them to the social media platform.

Encourage to take the feedback?

Keep the safe storage of the customer’s data.

 14  What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

A mentor is a person who shares knowledge and provides them the skills and experiences, it helps them to grow and develop. It provides guidance to and their goals to fulfill the potential immunity.

On the other hand, a coach is said to be the person who provides proper guidance or direction to his clients related to their goals or targets. A coach always helps them to achieve their goals and objectives and encourages them to use their full potential.

 15  List THREE (3) ways in which quality can be measured.

When you are on the way to keep the development of the quality strategy and measurement of the work related to the organization. it is remembered with the quality measurement and consideration of the process it is known as the measurement of the process, outcome and measurement, and structures measures.

Here are several ways in which quality can be measured-

Rate of client or customer satisfaction

User test analysis before the release of the product

Efficiency and effective performance

Reducing customer complaints

 16  What is informal data collection
Informational research is a kind of non-scientific method to do gathering of research of non-scientific methods it is helpful to di the measuring the data and do the analyzation of the data, to use the research and use of non-scientific methods. It is used to be applied to a wider audience. It is conducted by the organizational search and it is the kind of non-scientific method it is the way to find and apply a wider audience it is the work conducted by the informal kind of the search on the regular basis (Opute, 2020).
 17 Identify two ways we can record specific customer information, so we can give better service to regular clients.

It is a simple the effective way to store the information regarding the customer it is used by the electronic kind of spreadsheet. If you are thinking about the detailed and needed information regarding the relationship manager and customer relationship manager it is based by the customer information and a suitable database it might be useful and informational regarding the trends of the purchase (Mustak, et al., 2016).

 18  Explain what you understand by “Customer Relations”.
It is the kind of organizational method we are used to in the organization and customer relation and improvement it is the kind of experience. It is included to give the answer and give the experienced to the customers and providing them the short blocks as well as they are creating the roadblock success.
 19  What do you understand by the term “Product Promotion”?
It is the kind of the process in the company used to do the promotion of the things and used to do the disposal of the work and ]it is helpful to do the encouragement of the customer to purchase the product. In this they also offered the different kind of the deals and other replacement offer and you need to offer it for the limited time period (Beshley, et al., 2020).
 20  List THREE (3) ways in which you could respond to customer complaints.
They need to listen to the customer first.

You also need to do an apology to the customer.

Asked them the question regarding the product and the things, they need to do the formulation of the solution (Opute, 2020).



What are some strategies we can develop or use to monitor progress in achieving service standards?
They need to ask the customer regarding the organization’s feedback. They need to do the consult with them and providing them the training.
 22  Resources may include (list 5):
 Resources include-

Ticketing system

Live chat

Feedback forms


Software of call centers

 23A List at least THREE (3) examples of what PRODUCTS a business can potentially supply to its customers.
Computer business.

Mobile business

Clothing business.

 23B List at least THREE (3) examples of what SERVICES a business can potentially provide to its customers.
It is included the front-line organizational services.

It is the kind of problem-solving issue that is considered the solution of the current issue.

It is also help to give you technical support.



What records should we retain within the organisation? List 5.

Detailed information of existing customers

Data of previous clients or customers

Complaint register

Record of product or service preferences

Feedback cards

Assessment Task 2- Project

Assessment task 2.1

 Customer Service Plan

(Create a vision and mission statement that includes reference to customer services from the company’s business plan)

Our vision: Provides them with the best customer service.

Mission: We had the mission to understand their issues and their problems, work on their complaints and work on their demands.

 Who are our customers?
Our internal customers are: in this our customers are relating to the electric kind of the equipments

They are related to the various electric wires of the states and many is the kind of solicit feedback related to the company and their organizational personal capacities.   

Our internal customers require:

The internal customer needs the quality check of the product. And give the all customers services on time. It is also the choice related t the alongside in this they had the choices and influences it is over their choices and liaises with the personal kind of ultimate buyer.

Our external customers are: it is the person who purchases the gods and electronic things in the database and gives them the p[roper order regarding the order and regarding the purchase of the goods and services. The external customer known as the client of the company and the people who pay for the companys goods and its services. Our external customers require:

Give them all of the information and knowledge regarding the product and its needs.

They need do the communication with them properly and don’t offend them in at all.

If you have communicated with them so let them talk first you only need to listen them after thet you will put your question with them (Zainuddin, et al., 2020).

List relevant product quality specifications – as we do the discussion regarding the product f the company and its specifications, it is the kind of detailed needs of the product, it’s all define the safety, functions, specification, production, quality of the product the services and the process of the process.

·         They sale the all kind of electric equipment related to small appliances, television and computers.

·         It also includes the printers and white goods.

·         It is also including the refer generators and washing machine.

They also sales the dryers regarding the company and freezers. We take all of the bulk orders to the product we gives all the product, product guarantee (Zainuddin, et al., 2020).

List relevant customer service guarantees, e.g. related to time, cost, and after-sales support- in this we need to work for the customer services and their product ad guarantee of the this we are faced the many the problems related to the product and including of the product. In this, we are not able to give them the services on the


·         In this we need to give them the assurance and do the assurance with the customers also regarding the product services.

·         In this we need to fixed the issue but we had the none replaceable policy

·         We also offer them the guarantee regarding the product.

·         In this we offered them the product with the good price.

List relevant policies and procedures that support customer service include:

·         do the selection of the written codes to the employees and set the customer guidelines for customer duct.

·         Set the guidelines and scenarios for customer support.

·         In this they also need to deal with the customer in the specific way and listen their issues first.

·         They need to respond properly to the client.

They also need to receive their call and give them the good services and dont do any of the argument with them (Beshley, et al., 2020).

Assessment task 2.2

Appendix 2

Customer complaints policy and procedure

Purpose: the purpose of the customer complaints policy regarding to do the improvement in customer services and customer needs. In this they need to do the proper communication with the customer and take all over the feedback with them. Do not do any kind of argument with them . done offend them and give them all the rights to speak. You need to listen to them first then say anything regarding the product and the person.

Scope:  The customer service teams need to apply this policy in the organization. They need to do the proper communication with them. In this they need to give them all of the importance. They also need to do the best communication with the buyer of the company and give them the best services. Listen all their needs and problem regarding the delivery of the product (Melović, et al., 2015).


Ticketing system

Live chat

Feedback forms


Software of call centers

Relevant legislation:

The sale of goods act

The trade descriptions act

The consumer protection act

Trade practices act

Australian consumer law (Melović, et al., 2015).

Updated/ authorized: in the situation of miscommunication with the particulate person they had the right to report the issue with the authorized person and keep the proper written report about them and give the chance to the authorized person to listen regarding them.

Customer complaints resolution process/es

(Write any processes that support this policy. Write processes in steps where possible, e.g. step 1: greet the customer; step 2 ask the customer what you can help them with, etc.)

Complete minimum of 8 steps

  • Give them the attention.
  • Listen their issues.
  • Asked them for feedback and thank them for this.
  • Offer them gratitude.
  • Use the right language.
  • Give them support.

Be transparent with them (Mustak, et al., 2016).

Assessment task 2.3

Manager Name Mr. oliver Employee Name Maria
Time 11:00 am Date- 10-07-2022
Location Melbourne, Australia

Describe the policy and procedures for handling customer complaints

Do the recognition of the complaints and work on the particular in of the organizational issue.

Never tell the customer in how any issue thet they are wrong to make the complaint.

Do the apologies for the delay and miss-communication.

Fixed the issues as soon as possible.

Do something extra for the sorry (Juanamasta, et al., 2019).

Outline techniques for dealing with different types of customers according to their needs Dealing with small customers:

·         Listen to them.

·         Take them seriously.

·         Suggest them the solution.

·         Stay calm with them.

Dealing with significant customers

·         Appreciate them.

·         Give them the solution.

·         Stay calm with them.

·         Take them seriously.

Explain techniques for solving customer complaints Remain the calm.

Listen them attentively.

Provide them the solution.

Keep their follow-up (Juanamasta, et al., 2019).

Assessment task 2.4

 Topic to be taught Training Method How do we test participants Resources Required Outcome/Competency – at the end of these sessions, participants will be able to
They need to give them the proper training regarding communication with them.

If they are done any of miscommunication with them so they need to fixed the proper rights to punished the person.

Give them communication training.

And trained them regarding dealing with the customers.

Test team to do their analysis of the communication of the customers.

And asked the customers for their services and feedback.

Trainer and manager. They need to take the feedback regarding the training and customer support.
 In this they need to do the proper communication with the customer and take all over the feedback with them.

Do not do any kind of argument with them.

don’t offend them and give them all the rights to speak.

You need to listen to them first then say anything regarding the product and the person.

Give them communication training.

And trained them regarding dealing with the customers.

Test team to do their analysis of the communication of the customers.

And asked the customers for their services and feedback.

Training manager and company manager. They need to take the feedback regarding the training and customer support. They also need to take the customers 360 degree feedback

(Kim & Lee, 2016).

Assessment task 2.5

  1. Do I want to do business with this person?
  2. Do, can I able to do the business with the particular firm this person is represented?
  3. Want is the person is selling, and can I able to tell me about its pricing and its specialty?
  4. Does the value of the product and pricing I meet with my expectations?
  5. What is the right time to buy the product?
  6. Do you give a discount with the bulk order?
  7. Anything risky with the product?
  8. Can I get any offer with a bulk purchase?
  9. Do you have any replacement and refund policies?
  10. What it is doesn’t work?
  11. Can I make the right choice?
  12. Can I able to afford it?
  13. Do you give the product services again (Hong, et al., 2014)?


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