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Assessment task 1






















Table of Contents

Assessment task 1. 3

Assessment task 2. 8

Roleplay 1. 8

Roleplay 2. 10

Roleplay 3. 11

Reflection. 16

References. 18




Assessment task 1  

Question 1

The three kinds of warming signs of employees

Task conflict – There are the main and the most important kind of conflict is it is invented by and organized by the organization leaders and facto mediators. It is managed and faced by the needs and managed targets.

Relationship conflict- the second kind of conflict is known as the relationship and the conflict areas it is style by the conflict and the managed ordinary meeting.

Value conflict- it is around in the different kinds of the organization criteria it is known as the decision, policies, discussion, and religion (Dim, et al., 2019).

Question 2

Five stages of conflict-

The latent stage- Is the kind of participation and awareness of the conflict.
Perceived stages- participants are aware of the kind of conflict and the related issues.

Felt stage-  Stress and anxiety.

Manifest- It is the kind of open and observed conflict. It is used to do the observation of the skills and help to do the management of the skills.

Aftermath – It is the predictable stage of the conflict. it recovers a wide variety of conflicts. it is the previous and the flat of the knowledge (Famine, 2017).

Question 3

Communication conflict resolution levels-

In this open communication is the key to all organizational disputes.

Listen to the other person is trying to say listen to their issues and their problems keep the common understanding regarding the workplace and other things.

Review the different kinds of things in a different place. Don’t involve with other people, better and their problems. Keep engaged with the staff and other customers.

Many times, we see that conflict becomes the issue when two people become the same organization but they had different kinds of duties and work (Dim, et al., 2019).

Question 4

The main causes in the hospitality industry are –

Poor communication- most of the lace poor communication becomes the big deal regarding completing the task and reaching organizational goals. It happened to give the other task.

Misunderstanding regarding the policies and the organizational practices- In the business they all had a different kinds of workplace objectives and policies. It causes us to make different kinds of incorrect assumptions.

Personal differences – in most of the workplace and the organization. It is hired by different kinds of people and their things. In this feeling, they feel that they are individual (Famine, 2017).

Question 5

It is a kind of the conclusion and the conflict theory. I am biased on the different kinds of things. Regarding the theory of conflicts. The similarity od’s the thinking makers. It is he thinks to become the emotionality and other things; some kind of the particular forms choose that the particular kind of the forms of social media. It is a kind of social interaction. It held create strong relation and beliefs and solidarity it is among the members and the group persons. It is the natural kind of the disparity in the society and their issues. It is the process to pay the inequalities regarding the justice and the education of the system (Abdi & Ahmed, 2014).

Question 6

Active listening Active is a set of the techniques and the designed it is help to listen and understand the situation. It is explained by the person regarding the him/herself clearly. It is the kind of active listening process of the conflict.
Empathy It is the kind of process to find the person and tell them regarding the weaning the particular caricature. And experience the different kind of the things in the party.
Non-verbal communication Non- verbal is a communication in which the person it is ensure the ability and the work, it is the kind of the project of the openness it is for the particular person and with the whom you are in conflict.
Style of language It is the kind of the style to deal the problem in the good manner. Speak in a calm language. Agreeable manner. Keep the use of the neutral and the common language keep the separation of the issue regarding the issue and the language trades.
Questioning techniques It is the kind of exploration of things and planning to do the exploration of all the issues and the things.
Communicating in a culturally competent manner Be the empathetic parson and the non-judgemental person. It is the kind of the thing to give the respect to the other one and keep over all of the restriction over it (Gupta, et al., 2018).


Question 7

It is the big and the, measure it is mean by the expression and different kind of the point of the way in the different kind of the things. In this he communication is the different kind of the organizational manner. It is the simple and the clear way to expressing the point of view and the action. It is the kind of the clear and common way to do the representation of the issues and solutions. In this the conflict issue and it is also the things to stop it. communication is kind of the assertive manner it is they will help you to do the minimization of the workplace conflict (Sharon, 2017).

Question 8

The ways to do the conflict resolution –

Communication is the key of all the solutions.

Listen that what is the other person is trying to say.

Do the review of all around the issues. It is a kind of solution regarding the all the benefits and others.

Keep your work finish with the accurate and win-win solution (Sharon, 2017).

Question 9

Counsellors It is the kind of the thing to seek with the particular kind of the person and let the different kind of the parties it enrols the different kind of the situation and objectives it gives the approched and allows the new kind of the prospective.
Internal security staff When you want to go for the conflict resolution skills it is the Kimd of the apron to reach for the step to manage the conflict and manage the situation.
Mediators It is the way to help them with thee mutual kind off satisfaction and keep the movement with al of the satisfaction.
Other staff Focused on the behaviour.

Listen carefully to the other person.

Identified the points.

Police Suggest the solution to the parties who are facing the conflict.
Senior staff Play the role of the meditator. Do the investigation, listening the issues (Silberman & Beech, 2015).




Assessment task 2

Roleplay 1


Supervisor – hello all arrangements are good.

Workers – yes sir all is good.

Supervisor- as we all know thet we will arrange the parry in the occasion of the Mother’s Day celebration. So, we need to do all the preparation in the fast and the hygienic way.

Workers – yes sir, all the preparation are seeming to be ready and we are doing the sitting arrangement regarding the breakfast.

Supervisor- we are arranged the lunch services in 12 pm so keep all the things and the preparations ready. Do you know we are provided the services to the family if they are no Abe to attend us there?

Workers- yes sir, all the preparation is ready and we will also do the arrangement regarding the lunch.

Supervisor- yes, all the things are way to end and the lunch services are almost coming to the end and after that we can take the breath and sigh of relief.

Worker – sir, you had a phone call.

Customer- hey, I am Laura I called you the second time in a day. I am calling you regarding the food services.

Supervisor- yes mam, tell me what kind of the issue you are facing for.

Customer- I am not satisfied with the food and the services. I initiated too much calls but no one could have picked it up.

Supervisor- sorry mam, you Aare facing so much issues because of us. Tell me what kind of solution you are looking for?

Customer- I am not satisfied with your services and food taste. Thee food sounds is not good and I am very disappointed for this. Kindelay feud me my money.

Supervisor- sorry mam we have not the authority to give you the refund, I found it not possible, for this I am not able to solve this issue. Can you please suggest ne the better solution?

Customer- no, not at all, I what my money in how any situation.

Supervisor – sorry mam I don’t have any kind of the solution of this problem, and I don’t have the proper information regarding this situation. I connected the call to the, manager I hope they will help you.

Manager- hello.

Customer – sir I had issue regarding the customer services and food quality so I want my money back.

Manager – sorry mam, but we are not able to give you the money, but we will Offred you the free services in our luxurious hotel. Do you agree for this deal?

Customer – well, I don’t find any other option so I want to go for this one.

Manager- thanks mam.

Supervisor- thanks mam, sorry you faced the issue for our mistake I apologized.

Customers – thanks.



E- mail


From- bridge hotel

Date- 15-07-2022

Subject- regarding the feedback of the issue resolution.

Hello mam,

Recently you are facing some kind of the food issue during the occasion of the Mother’s Day. I hope now you are feeling satisfied for our customer services. We feel sorry for this. Hope you are enjoying at our hotel.


Warm wishes



Roleplay 2


Supervisor- hello sir.

Manager- hello.

Supervisor- As we know that we are facing some kind of the issue regarding the services in the celebration of the, others day. We found thet most of the staff member are not communicate with her properly. It is not a goiod message for the customer and our hotel services.

Manger- yes, I also think about on it.

Supervisor- she reported me thet she calls us many time but no one could pic her call up.

Manager- yes, she also tells me she I not satisfied with our services and our quality too.

Supervisor- yes sir, now we are able to handle this kind of t=situation but what about this kind of the situation are occurs again (Silberman & Beech, 2015).

Manager- we need to find the proper solution regarding this kind f the conflict issues.

Supervisor- yes sir, to correct this kind of issues in the workplace so we need to tell our staff to do the effective communication it the customers and do the communication with them in the accurate and the proper way.

Manager- we also need to tell them them to find the solution of all the issues.

Supervisor- we need to do the identification of all the issues, so for this we need to do the process of the conflict resolution programme and work for this kind of the programme.

Manager- yes, we think to do the implement it.

Supervisor- thanks sir.


Roleplay 3


Supervisor- hey sir.

Manager- hello.

Supervisor- recent meeting we are do the discussion regarding the workplace conflict if the customer.

Manager- in this we are doing the discussion regarding the workplace and conflict issues.

Supervisor- in this we are doing the discussion regarding the effective communication skills and interacting with the customers. In this we will find the potential kind of the conflict to do the resolution of the conflict and the conflict issue.

Manager- how ca we able to practice the effective communication with the customers.

Supervisor- in this we need to give them that training regarding the effective communication and effectiveness.

Manager- give me the details regarding the natural assessors and the parties of the contact.

Supervisor- the need to stable the management with the work and the activity and, nags the workplace and the organizational responsibility.

Supervisor- to manage the scope and the conflict in the organization in tis we need to follow the various kind of the things like do the communication with the other person, focused on the other person behaviour and their personality. They need to listen the customer first after thet they need to do the identification of the work. and the job roles.

Manager- what kind of the plan we developed the plan regarding each of the given conflict.

Supervisor- these kinds of the solution are helpful to find the good solution regarding the conflict and the work area.

Manager- this thing is helpful to reduce the workplace conflict?

Supervisor- yes sir, this thing is very helpful to reduce the conflict in the workplace.

Manager- any other issue?

Supervisor- no sir, thanks.

Manager- thanks.


Complaints Register in the workplace

Date of complaint Complainant name Person responsible Description of complaint Cause Resolution Systemic improvement required
15-06-2022 Misconduct by the staff members The staff and supervisor had the responsibility to do the resolution of this kind of issues. They need to pay for the customer issues and they need to think regarding this and do the implementation of it (Silberman& Beech, 2015). In this they are doing the highly kind of offensive language and do the miss behaviour with them. They are doing the bad time keeping and take the different kind of the work. They need to do the improvement in the communication and takes the excess break regarding the customers services. It is causes due to the bad communication and the miss communication with the clients (Nevada, et al., 2015). Do the good behaviour in the workplace. Make the clear and accurate goals. They need to do the negative behaviour with them. It is helps to listen the things and understand the things regarding the organizational context and the organizational protocol (Brierleye, et al., 2019).
30-06-2022 inappropriate behaviour with the customers. The staff and supervisor had the responsibility to do the resolution of this kind of issues. They need to pay for the customer issues and they need to think regarding this and do the implementation of it. In this situation they are treated the customer in the bad way and do the miscommunication with them. They treated the customer in the wrong and bad way. They are treated them rudely and gives them the wrong reply (Zhang, et al., 2019). It is causes due to the high frequently of the client. They do the impropriate behaviour with the particular person and they treated them the wrong and bad way. They need to gives the several kinds of the solutions with the person. They need to do the quick conversation and do the communication with the polite way. Delighted the customers. Capture and shares the organizational examples. Capture and share the good services example.
1-07-2022 Refund and the discount customers calls and issues.




The staff and supervisor had the responsibility to do the resolution of this kind of issues. They need to pay for the customer issues and they   need to think regarding this and do the implementation of it. They are doing the miscommunication with them and they are gives them the dirty utensils and table. They give them the It is due to the customers gives the different kind of the orders product and they give the wrong dish and they also gives the bad taste and the bad dish to the customer. They bad the different and the wrong experiences in the purchase of the product

They need to keep the different types of things in the longer need product (Barsky,2014).

They need to do the satisfaction of thee customer because satisfaction of the customer is needed and important.
7-7-2022 Health and safety of the customers. The staff and supervisor had the responsibility to do the resolution of this kind of issues. They need to pay for the customer issues and they need to think regarding this and do the implementation of it. They give the wrong product and they need to make the complaint regarding the wrong thing and the wrong. Thy need to give then the tome for the customer services and the other things. They need to be insure regarding the business run smoothly.

They need to make the employees as they make they are protected for the unlawful kind of the things (Hirik, et al., 2015).

They need to insure regarding the health and the safety protocol.

They need to do the development of the customers and give them the safety and the regulation.




20-07-2022  Give them the different meal and create the misunderstanding. The staff and supervisor had the responsibility to do the resolution of this kind of issues. They need to pay for the customer issues and they need to think regarding this and do the implementation of it. They are doing the miscommunication with them and they are gives them the dirty utensils and table. They treated the customer in the wrong and bad way.  It is the written concept and the verbal kind of the concept.

They need to work with the negative basis work. poor speaking skills.

Give them the permission regarding to discussed regarding the situation.

Asked them the questions an d listen the answers.

Find the organizational source and understand the source of the communication.

They need to know the things when they are ready to speak up regarding the issue.

Be the clear and picked the clear reason regarding the resolution things (Harjo, 2015).


In view of the above opinion formulation, we have inferred that the customer is not being treated properly in the resort. In view of this situation, we, who were working at that resort, may have a post. The mistakes, shortcomings, opinions of the people there have been reviewed. Due to this many kind of inconvenience and misbehaviour had to be faced by the customers there. Due to this, the restaurant may have been facing many problems. They need to thing regarding the solution and learning for issues.

While doing this work, we got to know many new changes. So, in this we have used Conflict Resolution Policy.





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