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Assessment for Email


  1. Drafting Email to Jamai

To – Jamai

Subject – regarding a complaint raised over workplace communication.

Dear Jamal,

This mail is regarding the inappropriate work in the organization. Consider this as a formal warning which is further to be talked in personally. All the evidence which was seen in the g-mail was done to Jamal. The date on which this personal meeting will be done is 21/06/2023. This meeting will be further imposed based on the criteria and actions done by you (Becton, et al., 2017). The exact time of the meeting will be 1:00 PM sharp. There are some of the things which should be discussed with proper presentations and working conditions to you for better understanding.

Kindly understand the seriousness of this issue and address the mistake done by you.

Thank you.

  1. Role-play

HR department – Good morning.

Jamal – good morning sir.

HR department – this meeting is regarding the complaint against you based on crossing the limits which are set over the communicational protocols.

Jamal – yes sir, this was not really how it looked but it is my mistake which I have done.

HR department – based on the seriousness of the issues you are being offered an official warning towards crossing limits from the protocols. The work which is done by you is not how this organization works. There are many possible identified problems you could ask anyone in this organization based on a senior position in the company.

Jamal – sorry sir.

HR department – this will not be tolerated again and especially you need to say sorry in an official mail which you should also consider the one you tried to make full of and also include them for bad effects and working conditions.

Jamal – yes sir I surely will and I am sorry for doing things like this in serious issues also these things will not be repeated.

HR department – nothing like this will be tolerated again.

Jamal – yes sir.

  1. Follow-up meeting

To – Jamal

Subject – Follow-up E-mail.

Dear Jamal,

Hope this mail finds you well, this is regarding the problems which could be assessed based on your routine now. Hope there are proper protocols which are followed by you and analyzed with the proper knowledge of non-repeating such actions. The corporation goes over a simple rule of following protocols which are a must in case of eventualities.

Thank you.

  1. Email to Yanni

To – Yanni

Subject – regarding actions taken related to complaints.

Dear Yanni,

This mail is regarding the information that is to be transferred based on the proper explanation and procedures taken for the presentations of misbehavior done with the protocols of the organization. The company made a proper formal warning to Jamal for their inconvenience. These problems are further resolved and analyzed for proper functioning and behaviors and also no such miss happenings will be happening from the side of an employee who is currently working.

There are protocols that need to be established and analysed with proper functioning and proper satisfaction of the work in the organization to be done. Hope this helps you get better treatment for satisfying the job role given to you.

Thank you

  1. Communication Protocols Evaluation Report

  2. Based on the feedback and all the other important details it was really clear that the protocols were proper and properly executed throughout the organization (Osborne & Hammoud, 2017). The protocols help the company grow and a lot of resellers, customers and suppliers have given a very positive review of how the work is now done with them. These are some of the outcomes that can be generalized to the company’s reputation (Munteanu & Maciuga, 2021). These can be very obvious and proper for working and analyzing of the working conditions related to the work and the respected working conditions of the work. These were some of the basic successes that could be considered in the manner of policy succession based on the hard work of the organization in times of change which is necessary (Einarsen, et al., 2017).
  3. the complaint which was raised by Yanni is related to the misbehaving which is done by Jamal. The official mistake which is done by Jamal was saying bad to Yanni with the process of email. These emails were not seen by anyone else but themselves. But the problem is the protocols that were set in the communication policy restriction actions like these for not really getting the qualified working conditions (Crawford & Gillespie, 2016). The issue was then raised by Yanni. This issue was taken into granted by the HR department and also all the necessary protocols were followed in an official meeting. This meeting is done with properly followed protocols and analysis of the behaviour after the waning. The behaviour is not satisfactory for working inside the organization these things were followed with proper treatment to others and implementing best successes trips and working conditions to others with a further grant of the work (Rayner & Lewis, 2020).
  4. Recommendations are the set of upgrades of any existing plan for making it better and working properly. These can be concluded based on the recommendations regarding the positive working conditions and analysis of the work. These are some of the recommendations which could be further seen as (Care, 2017).
  5. Building collaboration skills for employees to be active and understanding of the work.
  6. people should watch their tone of voice and body language while communicating.
  7. They should stick towards the facts not some heard stories.
  8. making the right person to be chosen for conversations.

These are some of the recommendations which must be analysed or seen for the proper procedures and protocols which could be concluded and worked on the basis of selective method (Copeland & Henry, 2017).

  1. E-mail to Management and employees

To – Management and employees

Subject – implementation of the upgraded communication plan.

Dear all,

This mail is to inform you about the circumstances which are been created so far based on implementation and proper understanding of the work related to these recommendations. Training for these recommendations will be given and also proper treatment will be provided to the customers must be given for better work. These are the recommendations which are to be implemented further,

  1. Building collaboration skills for employees to be active and understanding of the work.
  2. people should watch their tone of voice and body language while communicating.
  3. They should stick towards the facts, not some heard stories (Delaney, 2016).
  4. making the right person to be chosen for conversations.

These are some of the recommendations which must be analysed or seen for the proper procedures and protocols which could be concluded and worked on the basis of the selective method.

Thank you


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