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SITXHRM006 Implement Performance Management Systems

Andrew- “have you ever been part of the performance review process in any job you have had”?

You-  yes, I was a part of the performance review process in Pop-up Café.

Andrew- What were the factors that could cause you to contribute poorly to your work performance?

You- the factors which I contributed sometimes I got late for my work and the sometimes because of my issues this affects my performance poorly. The factors that affect my performance that I got some time and also the most affected factor is the availability of the transport facility.

Andrew- What do you know about the performance management system?

You- The performance management system is the procedure of the organisation which helps in maintaining the quality and effectiveness of the organisation’s goals and objectives.

Andrew- What are the benefits to an organisation of implementing performance management systems? We have a performance management system at the resort. How could you participate in its success?

You- Implementing the performance management system will help in giving direction to the staff members so that the goals of the organisation can be achieved in given timeframes. Every staff members are a part of this and I can Participate to this by making my work accurate and effective.

Andrew- Have you ever completed and filed performance management records? If yes, explain the process, if not, what do you think is the objective of completing and filing such documents?

You-No, I never completed. The objective of completing and filing such because in future if there is a need to evaluate the process so we can track easily that previous mistakes are not repeated.

Andrew- If you observed a staff member with performance issues, how would you agree with them on the course of action and follow-up in the workplace?

You- If I observe him with the performance issues and for this, I will make him understand the things and importance of the work and try to motivate him in the right direction.

Andrew- If I didn’t monitor the performance of individuals in my team, what could be the impact or effect on the team as a whole? How could I rectify this?

You- Not monitoring the performance of the team will mislead team members and also this will give a negative impact on the leadership style this will lead to the non-tracking of the staff members and this rectify with the sessional meeting with the team members.

Andrew- What and when would corrective action need to be taken to enhance a hospitality team’s performance

You- The corrective action will be taken after monitoring the team members and follow-ups decided with issues and this will be done regularly. There will be proper training sessions that should be taken and also there will be proper knowledge of the policies and procedures of the organisation.

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