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Appendix C: Meeting Agenda Template

Appendix C: Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting Agenda


Agenda for the <insert title of meeting> of <insert name of work area, project group etc.> at <insert venue> on <insert date> at <insert time>.




General business/discussion


Items for discussion


1 Goal and objectives of the organization or business.

2 Options of the product which is new.

3 Methods of making a product that is eco-friendly.

4 Advantages or benefits which are ecological or eco-friendly.

5 Impacts or effects of the product or goods.














Feedback form


Particulars Very good Good Poor
Was the meeting good?
Did they learn or understand the key or essential goal and objective of the business or organization?
Did they like the performance of the new product?
What is the opinion over the products and goods which are eco-friendly?












Subjects: The letter is regarding the good and product which is new and eco-friendly.


Respected staff,


This mail is to inform the staff to conduct a  conference or in other words, they can say a meeting which will help or provide assistance to discuss the objective and the goal of the organization to provide a product which is a new method or approach and at the same time also discuss the advantages and benefits that they are adding in the making of the new product or good.


It’s a humble request to kindly attend this conference and meeting


Thanking you


Your Obediently














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