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Analysis of the company


The introduction of the company is taken into granted based on the structure of selective working conditions. The chosen company for this report is Ecom Express Limited. The company focuses on the main work of providing end-to-end technologies which further enables the logistics solutions which could be provided by the Indian e-commerce industry. The selective conditions of the company’s work are increased based on the models which the company adapts. These companies adopt the work based on selective criteria related to the proper adaption of resources and timelines given to them for future resources and work. The main threads which the company is facing in the currently observed scenarios are related to drive-by download attacks. These are the major impacts which the company is facing and also there are many consequences which are faced by the company. Along with this, the other issue which is faced by the company is related to insider threats these threads are from a person who is linked to the organization and uses the data intentionally or unintentionally for their own safety purpose and working conditions. This kind of person affects the organizational systems or critical data for bad observation and further working conditions.

Analysis of the company

The company Ecom Express Limited is the knowledge of transferring end-to-end technologies and it also enables logistics solutions which further provide the Indian e-commerce industry.

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