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AGSM6131 Leadership assignment

  1. My name is veerpal, I’m from India Punjab. After the result of the survey was created I got the following marks based on my skills, I got 6 for transactional, 8 for transformation, and 4 for laissez-faire.
  2. Based on the result we can say that the result is a fair representation of your approach to leadership, as a person I know what are my qualities. As a leader, if I wanted to look forward I can look forward as I know that I have the quality of taking everyone together. People working with me are never dissatisfied with the work or help I offer them. Being a leader is full of responsibilities, taking everyone parts of the job, which needs to be looked forward to as the leader. the only person who is responsible for the whole team where if anyone is left behind he has to look after the reasons and the proper solution for the left behind persons. The job of a leader offers a lot of proper knowledge to the team which could lead the team forward in future references. Another quality of the manager should be there which not only includes rewards for the good working of the team but also includes punishment which would also be helpful as the team realizes the mistakes so no repetitions will be there in the future.
  3. The main thing I wanted to change about leadership is the personal relationship between the team and the leader. This brings the thinking to the other employees of they are less important than the person with the relationship with the leader so from the observation I recommend no relations should be made between the employee and the leader. Another thing as a leader should not let go of any mistakes in the team because people will take it in such a way, they are not getting punished for the mistakes they made.
  4. In my opinion the one thing I observed is the different points of view of different people. We can say that as less people will be there the fewer different points of view will be there to observe. A crowd won’t agree on the same thing but the fewer the people the better understanding we will notice. A greeting on the same thing is a must in a team. Taking projects will only work when everyone present in the team helps the leader to archive the goal. In a bigger view, we can’t listen to everyone as the small the group the better understanding people will be there. A leader should be very good at speaking, he should be loud and audible in a meeting so that everyone should listen to him.
  5. Transformational leadership video.

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