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HTM220 Advertising and pricing

Assessment 2- Advertising and pricing

Question 1


Campaign Total Reach Families Cost per Week Cost per family
KDIN Broadcast 206,400 92,000 $10,000 $9.20
Toronto Life 190,000 64,580 $15,455 $4.18
Restaurant Guide 21,000 5,278 $1212 $4.36

If there is an expected revenue of $238,000 for the next week the advertisement cost should be at least $16660. The best medium for the advertisement is Toronto Life which has more reach at a low cost per family this will fit in the budget of the organisation.

Question 2

ITEM FOOD COST Selling price
Bottled Spring Water $0.18 $0.25
Whole Sea Bream $26.00 $35.10
Veggie Pizza $3.25 $4.39
Truffle Risotto $15.45 $20.86

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