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Activity Assignment

Assessment 2

Activity 1

Site Visit Report
NAME OF THE PROJECT Shopping centre
ADDRESS OF THE BUILDING Street: 48 nigella road

City: Melbourne

State: Victoria

Phone number: 07 3857 8374

Zip code: 7384

Country calling code: +61

Country: Australia


·         provide information about the construction methods and

the construction method is similar to any other shopping complex and detailed information regarding the work has been included below.

·         describe the purpose of the building and what they observed

the purpose of the building is to provide the facility of grocery to the nearby people to make a profit by putting value in the daily life of their customers.

RELEVANT NCC CRITERIA Performance requirement of the medium-rise building (Any five)

Description (30-50 words)

Relevant deemed-to-satisfy (DTS) provisions Description (in 30-50 words)
Safety The strength and stability of the structure must be of good quality.

The overall strength that the structure possesses must be able to do the necessary handling of the work.

State and territory regulations – there is a need for regulation to make sure the proper design of the building. The state has managed to provide the necessary legal effect to NCC. The basic purpose which has been served by this law is to make sure the design and the construction of the building along with the plumbing and drainage systems.
Health Resistance to fire the structure must capable of doing the right kind of resistance towards the fire.

This is to ensure that the people inside the building could be safe in time of an accident.

The ground beneath the building or the structure must be checked, and if it can handle the overall weight of the building that it is good to proceed with the construction but, if it has been found out that the building can’t stand on the firm ground then it became very important to make sure that the ground or the soil in which the building is going to stand is hard enough to hold the pillars of the building.
Amenity Insulation there are multiple kinds of insulation that are required in the building which are as follows – heat, sound etc. To ensure the safety against fire there is a proper need for fire safety equipment, and not only that but along with a well-designed map for the place so that it both can safely handle any kind of situation regarding the incident fire. For example, an automatic system that gets on after detecting signals of fire and having the escape routes ready for the exit both together will handle the situation in a much more effective manner.
sustainability Durability the structure that is going to be built must be durable and able to stand for long. To do so there is a requirement of good quality and efficiency with effective work required. The design of the building must be in a way that it can handle a large number of people in time of need and also for daily purposes.

As the construction is of a supermarket or the shopping complex that means there are going to people with their families and the place can handle the people inside it in a much better way to do so there is a required plan for it so that there will be no kind of mishap peening in future.

Accessibility Lightning and ventilation are the main reason for every fire that goes uncontrollable in any structure because of its electrical and lighting have this had to the more situation and increase the fire.

Having the proper lighting and ventilation will provide a better ability for structure in different terms.

The overall materials which are going to be used in the project must be of good quality so that they can offer a better result in every aspect and not only that using good quality materials increase the life of any construction building.

Using good quality materials is a bit costly but in long term, it has shown its worth in many ways so it is important to select the best quality of material to ensure the suitability of the project (Khalfan, et al., 2015).

 Relevant Australian Standards

Australian Standard Part number/name of the standard Description (30-50 words)
Termite Management of the building Australian standard AS 3660.2-2000 termite management Termite management of the building is very important to make sure the safety of the building from every point of view. As the solid beneath the building is loosened or the building can fall because of it, to ensure that the below surface can handle the weight of the building, it became important to make the soil strong and not firm by filling the void with necessary materials.
Masonry Works Australian standard AS 3700 The basic meaning of mason work or masonry work is a type of construction trade that entails the structure of the building out of parts along with the components that it is made from, a good example for it as bricks and stone or the different raw materials.
External cladding Australian standard AS 1684.3, AS 1684.3, 1684.4 or NASH standards (Price, & Roberts, 2022). External cladding refers to the covering of the outer area or surface of the wall to make it secure from different types of risk including the risk of fire which is very important from a safety point perspective. This wall is non-loadbearing and also does not have any kind of structural function.

Activity 2

Template: Building compliance with NCC requirements
Performance solution

The necessary solutions which are required for good work are as follows –

1.      To do the perfect ventilation arrangement along with the correct electrical in the structure

2.      Choosing the insulation among many so that good quality work could be done.

3.      To ensure the durability of the work.

DTS solution

As the DTS requirement has been already discussed in the above report the necessary solutions will be implemented as per the requirement, to do so a comparison between the different available solutions from the current supermarket will be taken into consideration so that a better result could be provided.

Evidence (pictures, documents)
DTS checklist for checking compliance

The following things are included in the checklist of compliance –

1.      Quality of materials that are being used

2.      Performance requirement

3.      The design of the construction

4.      The components

5.      Construction method (Kodur, et al., 2019).

Activity 3


Template: Fire protection requirements
Passive and active fire control elements Passive fire controls

1.      stairs that are isolated from the fire

2.      having the fire resistance used in walls, and other parts of the building

3.      fire doors

4.      fire rated ceiling

5.      fire stop collars

Active fire controls

1.      portable fire extinguishers

2.      fire hydrants

3.      sprinkler systems

4.      smoke detection

5.      proper ventilation system

Level of fire: As per the type B

resistance Building:

FLR 60/60/60

address: Type of building: Stores

Building manager:  jack olive

Contact number:

011 8437 9483

Level of fire resistance: high

NCC requirements for passive and active fire protection

Active fire protection

1.      Fire extinguishers

2.      Fire hose reels

3.      Fire blankets

4.      Sprinklers

5.      Smoke alarms

Passive fire protection

1.       structural fire protection

2.      Compartmentation

3.      Opening protection

4.      Fire-stopping materials


The checklist for fire safety is as follows –

1.      The beam and column incorporated in the building, must be of the required arrangement check the table of a class of building for r better understanding

2.      If the stair is supporting the floor then it must have an FLR of 60 or more

3.      To make sure that the space is free from sag there is a required junction of the stair and shaft.

4.      A loadbearing wall must have concrete or masonry or fire-protected timber in it

5.      Have fire protection covering on the floor also (Buchanan, & Abu, 2017).

Assessment 3

Part 1

Describe the processes that must be followed if you suspect a child is at risk of abuse or neglect.

The first thing that was needed at the moment is to make sure that the child is in a safe place, for that bringing the child to a more secure place than it was in and after it informing about the incident the superior to help the child most appropriately.

Name the state organization to whom the notification/report is made.

Answers will depend upon the state in which the service operates. But along with it, the necessary organization to report on the issue is as follows – states department of social services, family and children services, CPS, human resources, and lastly the department of the services and the dren services. The mentioned department could vary as per the different states.

What responsibility is there to inform the parent that a notification/report has been made?

The responsibility that is about informing the parent of the report has been made as follows – based on critical action 3 which is contracting parents, there is an urgency and immediate need of informing the parent about such an incident without wasting any more time because it is their right.

How is information about a notification/report recorded?
1.      The basic detail about the child which can include its name, age, address etc.

2.      Basic details about the relevant person to its

3.      Reason for the report – it includes the answer for why the report

4.      Safety analysis – to eliminate the immediate risk quickly.

5.      Cultural things

Identify the legislation and sources referred to when developing the Child Protection Policy.

The legislation and sources which are being referred to when developing the child protection policy are as follows –

The child protection acts 1999 is a legal framework for the safety of the child in ensuring its protection from unwanted situation to make sure that the child is safe (Munro, 2019).

Part 2

Step-by-step Guide: Child Protection
Step 1: Responding to concerns
1.      If the concern regarding the child is requiring immediate action then – go to step no. 4

2.      If the child required child first for family service along with his family then – go to step no. 3

3.      In any situation rather than above mentioned – go to step no. 2

Step 2: Forming a belief on reasonable grounds
1.      Choking the emergency for that follow this step –

a.       IfIs the child has suffered is confirmed

b.      Is there any doubt regarding the child’s safety?

c.       Is am I in doubt

2.      If the answer to a and b is yes proceed to step 4

3.      If required child first for family service go to step 3

Step 3: Making a referral for child wellbeing
1.      Making contact with the local child’s first provider – check the contact list of the child’s first phone number for the local area.

2.      Before making the call sure about the notes and the things which are required to mention correctly to help the child.

Step 4: Make a report to child protection
1.      Make contact with the child protection locally – check the contact list for the child protection phone number,

2.      This is very important before making any calls to have the proper notes and the things which are required to mention correctly to help the child (Ferguson, 2017).


Buchanan, A. H., & Abu, A. K. (2017). Structural design for fire safety. John Wiley & Sons.

Ferguson, H. (2017). Child protection practice. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Khalfan, M., Noor, M. A., Maqsood, T., Alshanbri, N., & Sagoo, A. (2015). Perceptions towards sustainable construction amongst construction contractors in state of Victoria, Australia. Journal of Economics, Business and Management3(10), 940-947.

Kodur, V., Kumar, P., & Rafi, M. M. (2019). Fire hazard in buildings: review, assessment and strategies for improving fire safety. PSU Research Review.

Munro, E. (2019). Effective child protection. Sage.

Price, O., & Roberts, B. (2022). The role of construction standards on building impact of the 2013 Linksview Wildfire, Australia. Fire Safety Journal128, 103545.

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