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ABCs of Opinion Essay Writing

An essay with an opinion is self-explanatory. Students must provide their perspective on the
subject matter after being given a topic and supporting it with data. However, because they are
unsure of the format or how to spice up the information, the majority of students find it difficult
to compose it. Students may find out how to create an opinion essay on this blog of Moodle Monkey , as well as interesting ideas for and examples of personal opinion essays.
How to Write an Intriguing Opinion Essay?
The straightforward five-paragraph essay format, which students have certainly used several
times, is ideal for argumentative essays.
– Before Writing
According to Moodle Monkey before beginning to compose the essay, students must gather
evidence to support their position. Make sure the data students collect supports the viewpoint
they have outlined.
Once the students have organized their ideas, they must begin writing.
– Writing
Students must now write down the information that they have acquired and discovered so far.

It is recommended by Moodle Monkey that in the first paragraph, students must introduce their
topic and clearly express their viewpoints. Make sure it contains a thesis statement, which should
consist of one or two sentences summarizing the papers major point.
To start the essay, students can use several strategies. One can:
1. Include a quote from a play or book, a straight statement, or a phrase;
2. Directly address the reader;
3. A rhetorical inquiry should be asked.

The introduction paragraph arrangement should look like this.

Body of the Essay
In the essay body, students must support their thesis argument. Write numerous paragraphs,
each of which presents a unique viewpoint supported by evidence. Start each paragraph with a
topic sentence that expresses the main idea that will be supported by students’ arguments.
Students must make sure that they don’t start a new paragraph because the one they are writing
right now is too long. Whenever the students wish to introduce a fresh idea, they must start a new
The following considerations will make it simpler for students to write an opinion essay body.
1. Tense- In this kind of writing, students should typically utilize the present tense.
2. Vocabulary – Avoid using idioms, phrasal verbs, or colloquial expressions in the vocabulary
3. Punctuations – Exclamation points, brackets, and contractions should not be used as

In the final paragraph of the opinion essay, students should repeat their viewpoint using the new
language. Students must not introduce a novel idea or express regret for their convictions. To
make the writing more interesting, students may include a note, raise a challenging query, or
suggest repercussions.
Once the writing portion is complete, students should concentrate on editing and plagiarism
checking as recommended by Moodle Monkey
Checking of Plagiarism and Proofreading
When students have finished writing the essay, take into account a variety of factors to ensure it
is excellent.
1. Grammar – Use the same tense throughout the content to achieve consistency in grammar.

2. Vocabulary – Check the vocabulary for connected terms, and stay away from slang.
3. Capitalization and spelling – Make sure all terms are typed appropriately by checking the
spelling and capitalization.
Additionally, students can check for plagiarism using programs like Turnitin, Copyscape, or
Grammarly. Just make sure the percentage of plagiarism is considerably below the 5% threshold.
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