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A step-by-step guide to composition to composition writing

Composition is two things which mean a piece of writing an art or the process of writing. Composition is not a specific type of writing it is a writing type of blog post or an essay each essay is composition but every composition is not an essay.
There are four modes of composition which are
Composition writing is a structure or tone which is used by the writer to express the position.
A composition can be written in five steps which are the
First draft

Before the writer starts writing, they must figure out what to write and how to write. And what he exactly wants to do. Note down every idea and the facts which are relevant and the connections which they cross. Brainstorming is the stage where the writer has come across a topic which is perfect or makes the connection between sources which might not be realized.

The steps of composition are a stage or process for creating an outline. This framework is basic while writing the composition.
This helps to organize the composition by providing a visual overview of the flow. It depends on the instructor’s assignment, this must need to outlines and have to be approved before forward moving, it needs to submit the outline with the composition. It Is very helpful to make or create an outline in which we have to something to follow and refer to when editing and writing.

First draft
This is the time to do some composition writing.
Writers use brainstorming outlines and notes to write the composition. The writer has to keep in mind that they do not have to write it in order. This is very helpful in starting the composition writing for the writer ever is a part to found the easiest for the composition writing. A writer has less worried in this stage about grammatical mistakes. If a writer has to write the composition then they should be passed from the brainstorming or outline process, for finished up the draft.

With the first draft, a writer has to break himself and the writer do the better editor. With a refreshed mind writer has to break it over they should read the draft again and they have to take note of all the grammatical mistakes in sentences, paragraphs, or words which feel off. Then he has to fix all the grammatical mistake form smooth out of transition between the sections and sentences, it is a holistic process in which everyone has to give attention to all the parts of the composition and how they work.

After the work is edited this is the last look over which is before the submission to the audience o instructor.
In this stage, a writer has to focus on catching any grammar and spelling and or syntax mistakes which can be fixed in a simple way. In this stage, a writer can add a new sentence or review it in an effective way.

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