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A Quick Overview to Construct an Attractive Essay

There was a Latin word which was ‘EXAGIUM’, which was the word from which the essay
was derived. These words translate roughly the case of something. So, an essay could be
defined as the short-term argument of someone from only one side or they could classify it as
someone’s experience or a particular kind of story or summary of something in writing.
These essays can be classified as personalized. After all, this lets them learn about the various
types of formal, essays and some major tips for writing an essay and essay writing.
There are a lot of types of essays but some of the major types of essays can be provided with
the help of their classification of them.

1. Descriptive type of essays.
2. Narrative types of essays.

3. Persuasive types of essays.

4. Expository types of essays.

They can see as there are no rigid formats for constructing an essay. It is a very happening
and creative process which should not be closed within boundaries. But they could say that
there is a specific basic structure which needed to be followed for writing a constructive
In the first paragraph or introduction of the topic, defines the topics which are to be covered
by the writer. The writer should write a brief synopsis of the essay in the paragraph of the
introduction. A writer should construct a very creative essay for the reader to attract. The
introduction must contain facts which increase the interest of the readers. An introduction
should start with a quote or a proverb which might frame the introduction in a very good
manner which might attract the reader for the reading.

They need to also focus on the body for better reading of the reader. The body must not be
sandwiched between the introduction and the conclusion. The conclusion is a different part of

the essay and the introduction is also a different part of the essay they should not cover the
same topics as the body of the essay does. They should be written differently as the summary
is the form of their conclusion the body should be with the different facts and material as of
the conclusion and the introduction.
Now they need to talk about the conclusion which is the very hard part of the whole essay as
the summary is introduced in the introduction part and the main variety and the deep details
of the essay are covered in the body part so the conclusion should be clear and justified based
on the essay which needed to be very good and in good lean quality for the better
understanding of the conclusion.

At last, the essay should be of 300-500 words where the total words are not classified. This is
the idealized length of the essay which needed to be followed. The language should be simple
and crisp unnecessary complicated words which could break the flow of the sentence. An
appropriate title will lend the reader interest in the reading as there must be an ideal title
suitable for the interests of the readers.

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