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A Quick Guide to Writing An Awesome Problem-Solution Essay

As a Student, many problems are faced by students. Managing your academic and personal
life become impossible because some of the professor and teachers will make it very difficult
for you. Your assignment is one of the biggest problems that eclipse. Here is some good news
for you there is a solution to your problems –the solution and problem essay! Wait a while. It
sounds very unclear. What we want to say is that our Moodle Monkey professional experts are
there to help and guide you in writing the problem and solutions essays and this will help you
to impress your academic professor and teachers.

Structure problem and solution essay
The first thing that is come to mind when we think about the problem and solutions essay is
how you are going to structure the problem and solution essay. Honestly saying the structure
of this type of essay is not much different from your essay. The division into three parts, the
main body, introduction, and conclusion is followed. Let us explain the solution and problem
essay structure for that you get an improved idea. For the sake of clarity, we make a list of all
the relevant basics that are included in every section.

Hook: quote and facts that will help you to make readers interested in your essay
linking: to present the problem use background information.
Statement of thesis: problem and the nature of the problem as well as a position to the
suggested answer.
Main body
Problem description in brief.
A topic statement that concerned the problem is presented.
Consider Concrete reason which makes the problem vital.
Describe how the problem changes the lives of the common people.

Important point summary
Thesis statement restatement
How solutions can make the lives of common people better description
Final words
If you just write two to four lines in the sub-sections of the paragraph in the essay, it will
make you write 200-300 words very easily without putting in the extra effort. It is sufficient
for you to converse on one solution and problem essay. If you want that many difficulties
should be addressed always ask your evaluator and begin if the green signal is given.
Tips to help you compose a brilliant problem and solution essay

Our mooddlemonkey experts have some interesting and amazing tips which they like to share
with you so you can easily compose problem and solution essays.

Find a suitable topic
The problem and solutions essay is appreciation-worthy when the real-world problem is
discussed in that essay. Still, national threats or world peace is this type of large-scale
problem not focused on. Because this type of topic of the essay covered vast to be covered.
You need to always focus on the problem which are ground level and which are affecting the
lives of the common people.

Proposal build-up
When the topic is decided on what topic you want to write and the upcoming afterward that is
you have to build a proposal. Analyze the topic from different perspectives and angles. This
helps you to identify the credibility ad relevance of the topic. Consider the question that you
want to include in the essay which is related to the concerned topic.

Solution right at the start
Take a scenario of the problem that litter on city streets is the problem. Here and now you
have to be systematically influenced from the beginning that the explanation is too large a disposal of community waste multifaceted needs to be built in every zone and area. by overriding a specific solution to your concern topic. you are limiting yourself from understanding the nature of the problem and the solution possible to it.

Depth research
The essay might be short in size but it does not conclude that the research is not conducted in
depth. You must have to read about your concern topic so that you become able to present
strong points in favor of your relevant topic and present solid arguments in the essay. And if
there are fewer details available about your concern topic of yours you have to conduct
research and surveys to get enough information about your concern topic.

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