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A Complete Guide to Writing a Marketing Research Report

A marketing research report is a piece of paper where statements are written about the market
position of the company. This information tells the present condition of the company in the
market. Moodle monkey has been preparing a market research report for the student’s
Steps to writing a marketing research report:

Marketing survey: Before writing down the statements for the market strategies report need
to survey the market position. Different surveys have different target surveys may be the
product, customer, or maybe brand oriented.

Product-based survey: Product-based survey includes the estimation of the cost,
availability, product appearance, and quality of the products estimated in the market.

Customer-based survey: It includes collecting consumer feedback through this analysis of
customer engagement measured and preparing the insights into what customers needed to
attract it.

Brand-oriented survey: It is a tool to track the brand image in the public. This defines the
different aspects of the company brand to the targeted audience. This includes the reactions
of the audience to the company brand.

Situational analysis: Two types of analysis scan the situation of the market to suppress the
competitors of the company. These are used to analyze the marke’s internal and external
factors using two tools swot, PESTEL, and Porter’s five force model.

SWOT Analysis:

Swot analysis is the skeleton used to find company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and
threats. The strength of the company is the internal factor that is used to define the main
strong area of the company that is used to suppress the competitor in the market. Weakness is
the internal factor that is used to define the weak point of the company that must be improved
if wants stability in the market. Opportunities are the external factor that is used to define
what the opportunity is for the company in the market that helps the organization to grow in
the market. The threat is the external facto challenges r that might be faced by the company
from the competitor.

S- The strength of the company is the internal factor.
W- The weakness of the company is the internal factor.
O-Opportunities of the company are the external factor.
T-Threat to the company is the external factor.

PESTEL Analysis:

Pestle analysis is used to analyze the external factor of the company. External factors include
politics, Economics, sociology, Technology, legal, and environment this factor are used to
decide the decision-making market strategies of the organization.
PESTEL Analysis use in Business planning strategies that how the brand is performing in the
eyes of the targeted audience and analysis of the government allegation factors that may
impact the organization’s growth. PESTEL Analysis is used to define the priorities of the
products in the market to enhance the growth of the product.
PESTEL analysis is the broad version of the PEST analysis. For better results, it is mostly
used in combination with other tools like SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five forces for a clear
understanding of the situation related to the internal and external factors of the organization.

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Here are the steps that are required while building the marketing research assignment:
 The first step involves preparing the strategy to describe the current situation.

 The second step includes sections on the position of the company in the marketplace,
and an analysis what is the position of the competitors in the market. This step also defines all
the government regulation that influences the organization’s progress.
 The third step includes the analysis of the company’s performance in the market.
 Fourth step analysis of the problems that are used to find the solution for the
company’s progress.
 The fifth step comes after analyzing the problems of the organization that hinder the
company's growth. The solution is found to increase the growth of the company.
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