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Impact of Brexit: A Brain Drain Alarm for Universities in Britain

Brexit is a term that is confusing many individuals, and many of them are also experiencing
panic attacks. Brexit refers to Britain’s departure from the European Union. In fact, this is a
worrying issue for every area, including business and international policies.
We’ll concentrate on how Brexit will affect the education industry in this post. We’ll also
examine how Brexit can cause a significant outflow of British students from different

The European Union and Brexit
Let’s first understand this. The fact that Britain is a member of the EU has made it possible
for students to immigrate to the UK to pursue their studies.
But with Britain’s departure from the EU, there will be countless issues in the educational
field alone that do not only cause alarm but also require rapid attention.

Global exposure of Students
When different provinces are combined under the European Union, there is a positive
intellectual exchange that enables pupils to develop a global perspective as they live with
students from all over the world.
This was a better method of obtaining an education since parents from all over the world
thought that their children needed to experience the world and learn things that go beyond
national boundaries to the furthest reaches of the earth.

Brexit shatters the dreams of many
Students from a variety of nations, including those outside of Europe, will now encounter
difficulties seeking higher education in the UK. Nothing else but the effects of Brexit on the
educational system serve as the main justification. Now, the majority of overseas students
will prefer to move to other nations over the UK. They will benefit from it because, if Britain
were to leave the EU, it would have its own rules and regulations that would conflict with the
EU. This will result in higher tuition costs for pupils as well as diplomatic fallout and visa

Hike in the fees of Courses
According to the Free Movement Principle of the European Union, foreign students are
required to pay the same amount for their education as domestic students. The cost is between
£9000 to about $12,000 (approx.). According to the UK lending facilities, students were also
entitled to loans. However, as a result of Britain’s departure from the European Union, course
costs will significantly increase for students from other EU nations.

Lower Number of Teachers and professors
According to statistical data, there are about 0.4 million foreign professors and teachers
employed in the UK. However, they would lose access to services including free NHS care
and immigration status guarantees as a result of Brexit. International teachers will
undoubtedly start moving elsewhere if certain advantages are restricted for them.
When many of the foreign teachers—who make up the majority of the UK’s
educators—move to other EU nations, Britain will also lose valuable staff members. When
the standard of education in the UK declines, students will also feel the need to relocate to
other nations. For students who are studying in the UK, this is a serious topic.

A Tug of war between Space and Economy
It is now a matter for Brexit sympathizers and defenders to make the required points in their arguments. Some claim that giving the state control over immigration status will free up a lot of room currently occupied by students from the European Union.
Again, many have made it clear that the financial contributions made by the parents of
students from the European Union have a significant impact on how the public finances are
Britain may cease to exist as a global leader in innovation and science
The impact of Brexit will lessen its status as the world’s leader in science and innovation as
the majority of students and teachers move to different other European Union countries. We
can immediately compare this to a case of brain drain in this instance. There could be a loss
of ideas among the people when the majority of intellectuals quit relocating to the UK.
Competing with the rest of the world solely on self-sustainability will be challenging. There will be students who pay foreign tuition and pursue their education in the UK, despite the odds. However, there won’t be many students in this situation.

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