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9 Homework and Its Negative and Positive Effects.

Types of homework

1 Practice at home
In this homework students usually learn the main concept in the class, then the teacher assigns
the work to the student for home. An example of the practice is when the teacher gives
mathematics questions to students for completing at home.

Negative impact
Sometimes students do the homework and the answer comes out and comes out by the wrong
method. Thus through this students learn the wrong method of solving the question.

Positive impact
When a student solves the question on their own his or her understanding level increases.

2 Preparation before class
In this homework, the teacher is given students them to read or once revise the chapter before
the teacher’s lecture.

Negative impact
Through this homework sometimes students become overconfident and do not listen to the
lecture of the teacher as he or she already read the chapter.

Positive impact
When students already read or revise the chapter before the teacher’s lecture they student has
more clarity when he or she properly listens to the lecture.

3 Extension of learning
In this homework, the teacher provides an extension of work that students already learn in class.

Positive impact

Through extension, students do more research about the topic and get complete knowledge of
the tasks

Negative impact
Sometimes students get confused about the tasks and the main topic and this will lead to the
wrong transfer of information.

4 Group work
In this work, the teacher provides group work to the group of students. They assign a particular
task to the group.

Negative impact
Sometimes these kinds of tasks become the cause of great confusion and conflicts among the

Positive impact
Insuch kind of task, students learn more about the subject. Sharing information and knowledge
among the students increases productivity and the task becomes easier. The students learn about
teamwork effort and they have developed the quality of leadership in them.

5 Applying practical knowledge
In this kind of homework, students learn about how to apply theoretical knowledge in the real

Negative impact
While student applies theoretical knowledge in the practical world sometimes it leads to
creating more complication. Because of the huge gap between learning things and applying them
to the real world.

Positive impact

For sure when the student applies the bookish thing to the real world it creates a problem but if a
student will not do any mistakes then how will he or she understand the real concept? A mistake
is a key to the next step.

6 Research the topic
Research is usually done on weekends and during a holiday. In the research, the teacher gives a
topic to the student and instruct them to conduct the research.

Negative impact 

Sometimes there is a big chance that students collect the wrong data and reach the wrong
conclusion. It will affect the student's mindset.

Positive impact
Through research, the students become more active and they gain more practical knowledge
about the real world.

7 Making report
Through report student more tactical and more advanced about the topic. In the report, students
gather more information about the topic.

Negative impact
There is a big chance that students get distracted from the topic and get knowledge from the
wrong sources.

Positive impact
The positive impact of report-making is that the student becomes more professional and more

8 Solving case studies

In this homework teacher first, give the basic knowledge to the students and provide them with
a situation in which the student applies the basic concept and needs to solve the questions.

Negative impact
There is a big chance that students solve the question by applying the wrong principle and
getting the wrong concept.

Positive impact
By solving case studies students become more practical and attentive through the real situation.

9 Flipping the homework
In this kind of home, work students need to learn the topic on their own for example teacher
assigns the student to learn the topic through the you-tube.

Negative impact
The most important negative impact is that the student get lazy and they do less effort in
completing the work.

Positive impact
The student so works very fast and they need to go to school for this. So this process saves time.

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