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COMP4650- Document Analysis Worksheet

Type of document (check one)

Newspaper Letter Diary
Government Report Interview Legal document
Debate transcription Jesuit relation Index
Memoir Other

  1. Date(s) of document:

15 February 1889

  1. Author (or creator) of the document:

Graciano López y Jaena

  1. What do you know about the background of the author(s)?

Graciano López y Jaena was a Filipino orator, reformist, and journalist. Graciano was a    national hero and gain popularity because of his well-known newspaper La Solidaridad. In 1888, he introduced a newspaper in Barcelona. The objective behind founding the newspaper was to make reforms in both government and religion in the Philippines. The newspaper becomes the voice of the audience of the Philippines and was also known as the Propaganda Movement. Graciano was an effective and prolific writer and gains popularity as a fiery orator. Jaena was famous for initiating the propaganda movement with his effective speeches that gives strength and courage to the people of the Philippines to demand change.

  1. Who do you think this document was written for?

This document was written for researchers and scholars and other audience who wants to know about the movement that is initiated by Jaena. The document was written to let the people know about the movement and how it was introduced and initiated in the Philippines. This document helps to know the readers about the necessary changes that were demanded by the people of the Philippines. This document helps to know about the reforms that were demanded in the Philippines and the movement was introduced through the newspaper Jaena.

  1. What is the topic or issue of the document?

The major topic o the issue of the document was La Solidaridad.

  1. Document Information: (There are many possible answers to these questions)
  2. List three things the author said that you think are important:
  3. Censure aboliti
  4. Cortes representation
  5. A definite prohibition of the present practices of exiling residents through the order of administration and no execution from the courts of justice.
  6. Why do you think this document was written?

The document was written to let know the readers about the propaganda and movement that was initiated through the newspaper of the Graciano. With the help of his newspaper, propaganda was introduced and it gives courage and strength to the Philippine people to demand change in their country. The document was written to inform and convey the message to the readers about the reforms in the Philippines.

  1. What evidence in the document helps you know why it was written? Give an example from the document to support your

Evidence of the document-

  1. List two things the document tells you about life at the time the document was written:
  2. The life of the people of the Philippines was rigid and strict that needs flexibility
  3. The people of the Philippines have no courage and are afraid to demand changes.
  4. Does the document conflict or agree with other things you have read about the topic?

The document reveals the history of religious and political reforms that were demanded by the people of the Philippines. The document helps to know the history of reforms. Through the newspaper, the movement of introducing and demanding changes was initiated that helps to understand the topic of the document.

  1. Write a question to the author that is left unanswered by the document.

The question that the author left unanswered was that the document does not contain the major reasons for demanding changes and reforms in the Philippines. The readers can be confused regarding the need to make changes. There is an absence of reasons for the religious and political reforms in the Philippines.


 Part 1

1.1 Reading and Summary of the dataset
1.2 Column identification
1.3 Review score evaluation
1.4 Display the average price and average review score rating
1.5 Display only the name and columns related to the criteria.
1.6 The number of listing of the top 10 hosts having the most listings

The respective section evaluates the host names that are positioned at the top based on the highest review score values based on the performance and customer experience respectively. The top ten hostnames are “Ainsley, Susanne, Kaye & Michael, Michelle, Mark, Simon, John, Don, Jill and Louise” respectively.

1.7 The distribution of the listing prices of all types of private rooms.

With Outliers

By removing outliers

Part 2

2.1 Reading 2011 data in a dataframe
2.2 Fixing inconsistent values
2.3 Splitting data column
2.4 Splitting data columns based on rows
2.5 Removal of Percentage column
2.6 Transpose the data frame and add the year column
2.7 Duplicate checking
2.8 Reapply Functions
2.9 Merge Data Frames
2.10 Summary of combined dataframe
2.11 bedrooms in 2016 with 2 and 3 rooms
2.12 Largest decrease in number based on years

Therefore, based on the simulation it is determined that in the year 2011 the count of 3 bedrooms decreased respectively. Comparatively in the year 2016, the count of rooms increased with the count of 9615 whereas in 2011 it was 9397 respectively.

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