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8 Insider Tips for Doing Research on Any Essay Topic

1. Bigger perspective- Before writing on any topic one must have researched well enough from
a broader perspective. There is numerous of data available on the internet and books which
sufficiently provides a wide view of understanding the topic. One should have a proper
timeline dedicated to the topic and related research. Students can also take the help of notes
by writing specifications and short phrases about the topic in notes. Search engines like
google is a useful tool for gathering information.

2. Verification of gathered information- When one has a handful amount of data, it is to be
filtered and verified for any correction or mistakes about the topic particulars. For example,
verification in cases of geographical locations, facts and figures, applications, etc. Many
sources are unreliable and may present misleading information. So the information which has
been gathered demands that whatever one has gathered, needs to be properly verified by
several other sources. The internet is a vast field of ideas and is open for anyone to put theirs.
If one finds some incorrect or unreliable information, surely many sources will verify the
corrections and precise information.

3. Analyzing the audience- the researcher should be clear about the audience for the topic. One
should know the expectations of the audience as it directly affects the research and the
content. For example, a topic about science and technology will include some deeper
understanding and applications for the audience of students and same industry people but
may have a difference when the audience is above 40 or below 15 or people with less to no
background about the topic.

4. Systematic and organized data- starting with researching the topic is a wise thing but the data collected through research is never systematic and in order. It is a key point to make the notes
in systemic points so the essay provides the information in an organized series for
understanding. For example, in this article, point number 3 will make less sense on points 2
or 1 because the organization of data is suitable after the information that is gathered has been
verified which is point number 2.

5. Amaze the audience with surprising facts and question answers- amazement is a powerful emotion for engaging a human being. The essay will be far more interesting and engaging if there are some surprising facts or interesting questions and answers relating to the topic.

People love to find interesting facts about anything or “Do You Known’s”. The facts or
questions may relate the topic to any historic event or they may present a view of universal
truth. Any psychological relation about a subtopic also creates an impact on one's mind.

6. Formulating one’s own opinion- one may and should start the essay with the help of search
engines or Wikipedia but not cover the essay and end with it. Every person is unique in a way
and has a unique understanding of everything. So the writer should understand the topic
thoroughly and can make valid opinions about the same. Formulating one's own opinion
creates a unique perspective for the audience and allows them to make a wider view of the
topic. It also enhances creativity for both the writer and the reader.

7. Never underestimate the library and the librarian- since the dawn of the internet era, people have sort of neglected or underestimated libraries. But in researching an essay or particular
topic, libraries can present very useful information and librarian may also guide about certain
books which are very difficult for a researcher to find solely. If one cannot find a point of
start or is stuck somewhere in between, the librarian can give a direction to the content.

8. Research tools- many times, the best solution to conduct specific research is with the help of
research tools. There are many paid and free tools available. Some examples are, ToDoist,
DataElixir, and EndNote. These professional research tools can help starters to professionals
by conducting the thorough and right research. These tools also organize and store the data. It
will take a little time to get the hand on such tools and once it is perfected, it can make the
research process much easier.

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