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8 Insider Tips for Doing Research on Any Essay Topic

In academic learning research becoming the major tool for research. Whatever topic wants to
gain research is the tool, but while researching there is a vast knowledge. It gets difficult to
get the relevant information related to the topic of research. There are many sources to get the
research information like- books, news, and internet surfing but the topic is how to get the
relevant one. Here are some tips to get relevant information on the research topic.

1. Planning- Before diving into the sea of research, one must know how much time is
needed for every section of the resources. It helps for a long research topic to decide which
section needs more time for the research. Planning is to create the framework that guides how
to research the topic and get the relevant data. The framework includes the outline of the
topics that are used to research the topic within a short period of time.

2. Careful about the web- research- While researching the topic Wikipedia is the first
research site that rises in the list of the research site. Wikipedia is good for extracting the
introduction of the research topic Wikipedia is not a relevant source to get reliable
information as it can be edited. Instead of using these sites go through Google scholar,
ResearchGate, and ScienceDirect. They provide more valid information. While searching
keeps a dictionary, it helps to understand the topic correctly and make relevant research.

3. Bibliography extraction for research- Once the topic has been researched online go
foot for the bibliography; it includes the topic-related introduction and links to find more
information about the topics. The bibliography tells the author of the information that is used
in the research. The author gives the idea of how the data is relevant. It also gives more
information and idea about the research topic. Plenty of information can get on the topics by
researching on footnotes of the resource.

4. Make notes on the research topic- Make a question and note the research topic. This
help to provide the information that one wants to research. This step of researching is used to
save time while researching. Making notes helps to remember the things that one wants to
research. Think carefully about every part of the section and research the problem of every
topic and develop the structure to solve the problem while researching every section of the
topic. Go through each section and pick up the one topic that provides the information of the whole topic in research. Notes making reduce the searching time and make work fast of the

5. Balance searching- Provide a balanced schedule for each section. Make notes of
every section and go through it to get an idea of how much time is required for the research.
Balance in research is necessary to get dive into every section of the topic and give an equal
amount of importance to every section of the information. Balancing the research topic helps
to integrate the information of the research topic. To make the research fast and relevant go
through the index table to find out the topic's relation to the research, rather than going for a
whole data review once the table of content extracts whether the relevant topic is present in
the data or not (Borg, 2017).

6. Use certified resources- Certified resources must be used for the research. Use the
sources that have the citation. Citation means that sources that are used in the research are
certified and original. There are many sources of information that are used to extract relevant
information e.g.- newspapers, cited data, Government authorized sites (Nilson, 2016).

7. Go for the updated information- Information related to the subject is changing
every day. It is necessary to use the updated form of information. Several changes are made
every day to the information. Go through the updated resource by making a review at the
publishing date. The publishing date gives information about updating date.

8. Some hacks to get the exact information on the topic-
 Using the quotes- Putting the research topics in quote give google information to
search the entire sentence in the quote.
 Use of hyphen- Used to remove the specific keyword from the google search result.
E.g. “Apple phone” will exclude the word phone and shows all the results of the apple fruit.
 Go for the references used on the information page rather than going throughout the
page. This will provide more data on the research topic (Patten & Newhart, 2017).

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