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7 Ways To Make A Research Proposal Stand Out

A research paper is said to be academic writing that delivers interpretation, analysis, and
argument that is based on facts or in-depth independent research. Research papers are one of
the toughest tasks for students in their academics. There are several thoughts and doubts that
arise regarding the research paper. From “how to start” to “how to end”, there are so many
questions and challenges that a student faces while writing a research paper. There are several
methods or it can be said the major steps that help students to write their research papers
effectively. They are-

Know the research topic and develop an outline
It is very difficult or problematic to write about a topic without understanding it properly. It
can create confusion and chaos. Before writing about any topic, first, it is important to
understand the topic thoroughly and collect facts, figures, and entire knowledge about the
topic. Try to interact with the instructor or subject matter expert to clear the doubts and
confusion about the particular topic. To collect the details and proper knowledge about the
topic authentic sources should be followed. Like books, journals, previous research papers,
newspaper blogs, etc. After understanding the topic, create an outline that gives a rough idea
about the research paper. It includes the length of the paper, citation type, list of relevant
sources, the due date of submitting the assignment, and details of formatting as required.

Fix a proper schedule to begin the assignment
Time management is very important to perform any task with full of effectiveness. To make
the assignment of the research paper, proper time is needed. Before starting any assignment,
first, a proper schedule should be developed, which is not a very big task. There is a lot of
time and various skills or small tasks are required to write a research paper. So, it is important
to plan a day or manage time efficiently. For this, should find the time that is best or suitable,
and prepare the proper writing schedule that should be convenient. Give priority to the
research paper assignment, not to the other activities.

Select a topic for the research paper                                                                                                                                  This is also a big and challenging task for students. It creates a lot of confusion while
selecting the appropriate topic for the research. To select the topic, make sure that it should be related to the course or appropriate and sensible. A student should also consult or discuss
with their instructors about the topic. It also needs to get a green signal or approval from the
instructor before starting the assignment. It should be noted that the topic should not very
unique. It can be problematic and a student has to face problems collecting the relevant data
and information about that topic. A topic should be interesting attracts the readers and
engages them to stick to the end.

Conduct a comprehensive research
According to Charles F. Kettering, “Research means that you don’t know but are willing to
find out”. After finding or selecting the topic for the research paper, start exploring the topic
and collects relevant information or data about the topic. The research proposal gives an
opportunity for the students to convey and explains the significance and relevancy of their
assignment. Try to find authentic and relevant sources for collecting the data and information
about the topic. One of the important things is to avoid any kind of plagiarism in the research
paper because it makes the assignment worthless or wasteful.

Create or Develop an Outline
After assembling and collecting all the necessary information, a student should organize or
share their views and thoughts through an outline. To create an attractive research outline,
arrange the collected information that makes sense and completely fits into a research paper.

Draft the research paper
It is not possible to include the entire collected information in the research paper. So only
suitable and relevant information should be added to the paper. Students should avoid writing
exactly the same information that is collected from outside sources. Try to write those data
and information in their own style or language. The information should be properly and
correctly cited. Get feedback from experts or instructors.

Comprise the final research draft
This is the last and final step in the research paper writing. In the end, give a final touch or
take a final look at the draft. If there is any error or mistake, correct it. Make sure that the
research paper should be free from plagiarism. Add the final entries in the paper like the cover page, citation list, references or bibliography, proper formatting, etc. This will make the assignment attractive and helps to attain good scores.

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