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1. Understand the topic and create an outline
Analysis of the task and understanding the assignment is the basis step to prepare a
perfect research paper. If you start with the confused mind and improper information ,
you have to take advice of the expert and clear your doubt and confusions concerning
your research paper.
After having all the necessary details , you are set to start your research proposal by
making outline.
Their is a list of details about your research paper that you are aware of
 Paper length ( including the word count and number of papers)
 End date of assignment
 Format details(includes font size, font color)
 sources for collecting information

2. Set a schedule for doing the academic task
Time management is a significant aspect to write and make your research paper on
time. Make a routine and follow that routine in proper manner helps you to complete
your research paper on time .
this is how people learn time management skills while making their academic papers.
you can arrange your schedule by
 finding a time that works best for you
 consider your research paper on top. it will helps you to keep away from
 fix a count goal on daily basis
 on your suitability prepare a writing calendar

3. Pick a topic or question for your research paper
And this is again a confusing task for many. students get confused easily while selecting
their topics. however, here are some steps you can follow while selecting your concern
topic :
identify and think about the topic whether it is appropriate or not. you also need to take
approval of the superiors or expert prior to start writing. also make sure that topic isn’t
extremely unique or special. in such situation , you may face difficulties to get relevant
information for your concern paper.

4. Conduct extensive research
After selecting your concern topic , proceed with considerable research. your research plan
is an chance for you to explain the significance of your assignment to your audience.
it indicate the quality of your work and your abilities in conducting the proposed
research. Scrutinize these topic while doing your research for your written piece:
 make a note of all the information too observe or get while conducting research.
you can also mark the resources and keep them in a safe folder.
 make sure plagiarism is avoided. write any information in your words. Write it as
a quoted text.

 make sure that the sources are genuine that you are utilizing . also don’t ignore
the list shared by your expert. You may find significant information from those
sources also.

5. Create an outline
After collecting all the information through research , you can arrange your ideas and
belief with an outline.

  • You must arrange the information in organized manner that fits into a perfect written
    research paper.
  • also prepare rough note of the introduction, paragraph and conclusion and decide
    what information you need to add in each section.

6. Draft your paper
After arranging your research material, write your initial draft . you can also consider
the following points while writing a draft.
 do not rewrite every single piece of information collected from the research
sources. Showcase your understanding and ideas as per your perspective.
 information must be in organized manner.
 you can also get feedback from your advisor or expert.
 mention your sources.
7. Compose the final draft
once you revise your first draft, start with the last must be plagiarism free. follow
the right formatting style as prescribed. Includes thee following elements in last draft.
 revised copy of your paper with all the significant formatting
 paper title am your name
 list of the bibliographical information for your sources
hope the information helps you to start your research paper . if you not getting
your answers that you have ; this will help you in some ways to make your
research paper.

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