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25 Thesis Statement Examples for Writing Research Papers

Writing good thesis statements require a good idea for a great and readable thesis for the
research paper. The excellent thesis statement needed an argumentative essay. This thesis is
the red able to guide through the entire paper.

The key component to writing a strong thesis:
The thesis typically contains the first paragraph of the long paper. The first paragraph of the
thesis is the introduction body that contains supportive evidence of the thesis statement. The
thesis statement should be in a clear form that is easy to under stable and also debatable. The
statement of the thesis should be put in a way that it must be effectively readable.

1. Vaccinations: All should vaccinate to develop hard immunity.

2. Education for the financial issue students: Government should provide favor to the
weakly financial students so that they can complete their studies without hindrance.

3. Uniform of the school: Uniform cost for families is the concern that creates the
difference between students and family income.

4. Population: Increase in population is the concern of globalization that also affects the
jobs of the people.

5. Libraries of the public: Local municipalities should focus on libraries to educate
people to local people.

6. Cyber Bullying: In this era of the digital environment cyber bullying is becoming
one of the cases that rise.

7. Work-life balance: To balance the life of work and the family corporate sector must
provide opportunities to work from home.

8. Studying abroad: It is of studying people outside of the countries and adopting an
external environment and culture.

9. Veganism: Veganism diet, is a way of diet that support sustainable development.
Veganism is to eat only non–veg to protect the world from depletion.

10. The Civil War: The war between the same people of the country for their rights like
race, caste, gender, etc.

11. Diversity in the workplace: Having different groups of people in the office leads to
creating an empathetic environment in the work environment.

12. Literacy Skills: Developing literacy skills among the students in the digital platform
to develop skills from great teachers all over the world.

13. Human life is valuable: If human life is valuable then animal life must be
sacrificed if the drugs from it are the healthier future.

14. Encourage students for their achievements: Students should encourage their better
grades and achievements so that they got a boost for better performance.

15. Advertisement: Promotion of the product is the way of providing knowledge to the
customer about the company’s product and service.

16. Low-paid ladies: Feminists express their concern about the types of challenges they
faced. but there is no data available for providing low-income to women in some workplaces.

17. Child labour: People should not buy products from a company that endorses child
labour this type of activity leads to health problems.

18. The moon landing is a fake: Landing on the moon has many videos but it is
regarded as a fake still.

19. Monitoring children for good grades: In this era of the internet, the parent should
monitor their students for using the internet in the right way for good grades.

20. Unfair salary of the doctors: Doctors are regarded as gods they save the life of
humans. It should be taken into the concern to get the highest salary.

21. Homeschooling: To grow the students effectively homeschooling is a way of
focusing on students strengths and weaknesses.

22. Discrimination at the workplace: Discrimination at the workplace is not a common
concern. Some do not rise their voice because of fear of punishment due to other are
suppressed due to a lack of support.

23. Plastic surgery should not be allowed to everyone: Plastic surgery is regarded as
ethically justified but it did not solve the psychological problem of human desires.

24. Abortion should be legal: Everybody should have control over the body. It’s
women’s right whether they will go for an abortion or not. Abortion should be legal.

25. Marrying at a young age: People’s characteristics change after age between 20 to 30
years. So it’s not a good idea to get married at a very young age.

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