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A persuasive essay is a typed essay that aims to persuade the user to believe that the content in
an essay written is true and correct. The persuasive essay takes a more lenient approach which
persuades the user to believe that the writer has made valuable content writing which is helpful
for him.
There are huge similarities between the augmented essay and persuasive essay, both essays are
important in persuading the user’s perspective.
While picking persuasive topics are chose the topics which are interesting per the interest of the
audience which is capable to persuade the audience. You can either brainstorm and come up with
topics that fulfill the requirement of the user.
While choosing a persuasive essay identify the correct position which is important for the user’s
understanding of needs and requirements. Identify the topics which cover the important part of a
persuasive essay that is not long and the basic detail of the essay should be written in crisp and
short sentences. Take a proper stand while writing the essay.
The essay should not cover vague arguments and words which hurts the feelings of any religion
or caste. Before writing a persuasive essay it should be written shortly and briefly by targeting
the correct audience which knows your work and wisdom. If they do not get the proper depth
knowledge of your essay all your work goes in the vein or is wasted, So properly writing the
essay creates excitement among the user which is necessary for persuading the user.
Before writing a persuasive essay use convincing pieces of evidence to support the claim and
arguments which is necessary for the persuasive essay. Gather a valuable piece of the puzzle and
gather your personal experience and another potential source which is important for writing this
kind of essay. Go through all the personalized information and documentation or we can take an
interview with the recognized personnel which helps take the valuable feedback for experts
which is making the excited. Present your arguments and supporting documents in an orderly fashion so that readers do not confuse while going through the essay. Do not state the arguments in a haphazard manner that is not understandable by the user.
Use the thumb rule for writing this kind of essay. choose the topic which fits the requirements of
the user’s background, preference, and uniqueness.
Certain topics help write a persuasive essay and which is popular among the user. Topics are-
1 Does Facebook and media makes you alone from your real world?
2 Do children get the benefit when they will get the reward?
3 we are too much dependent on technology which hampers our minds and states.
4 it is a good idea too children vaccinated as per the current scenario of covid19 times.
5 how the security cameras invading our identity which is increasing day by day in the current
6 shall citizens allowed to pet the toxic dongs.
7 it is important to wear formal at the workplace.
8 shall minor use tattoos which is an increase in the youth day by day.
9 shall high school, and colleges control birth control whether education of these given at the
initial level.
10 why the college education free for everyone?
11 It is more important to get the correct skills than earn a college degree.
12 hobbies will get you the personal and all-round development which is necessary for the
carrier of the person.
13 why too high money is not a good thing.

14 why the world needs women’s power across the globe which is helpful for women’s
15 why it is necessary to teach etiquette at the school level.
16 is there any age limit for the babysitter which grown-up businesses across the globe?
17 is short hair is better than long hair in the long run.
18 why cigarettes should be more expensive as oper the current economic environment of the
country in the present era.
These are some persuasive essay which is very popular and unbeatable across the globe.

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