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104 Remarkable Topics For Your Essay

Literature essay writing is distinct from all variety of writings as higher adherence to all the
requirements and conventions of essay writing that needs to be followed. The sentences that
are being used in essay are filled with metaphors, similes, prose, personification, and variety
of usage to deliver and represent a better picture. The essay writing style has to be very lucid,
precise, comprehended, and compelling. While writing these kinds of essays, one has to
analyze, evaluate, consider, and observe all the important pieces of literature. These kinds of
essays mainly emphasis on the style, motifs, tones, and topics of writing. This method entails
overall assessment of some writing pieces and portions for determining the main sense and
context behind the provided literature specifically.
Moodle monkey helps with all the topics that can be considered as remarkable. The experts at
Moodle monkey provides the best remarkable topics and content for your essays. Some of the
important topics for essays can be animal right essay, essay or love, animal love, doll house
essay, unity essay, sat essay, importance of family essay, social issue essays, political essays,
technological essay7s, emerging technology related essays, changes in government policies,
chauvinism vs misogyny, importance of tree house essay, college goal essay, fairy tale essay,
GMO essay, first person essay, who am I essay, self-reflection, morning rain, nature essays,
rhetoric essays, discrimination essays, etc.
The process of writing the essay includes the following steps-
 Reviewing and reading thoroughly a variety of literature pieces which are related to
the main topic.
 Doing a literary evaluation of the required parts.
 Providing references along with citation.
 Planning the whole write-up, style of writing, content material structure, and major
factors that are needs to be considered in the essays.
 Drafting.
 Editing.
 Proofreading.
 Publishing.

Moodle monkey follows all the step and make the best and unique content. Literature essays
can also be about assessing some major and specific topics. There could be some opinions
and views expressed by various critics and authors. Here, you have to work cautiously as the
content taken out from such articles can lead to plagiarism. The experts and professional of
Moodle monkey work very cautiously and provide plagiarism free content. By taking
assistance from Moodle monkey all these risks can be mitigated. Before writing the essay, the
expert team of Moodle monkey keep all the major and potential points in mind. For example,
subject, character arc, delivery style, relationship between form and content, plots, themes,
sub plots, genuine content, key highlights, etc.
While analyzing, it is important to put all the major elements while writing the essay. This
includes the introduction part, main body paragraphs, quotes, selection of best highlights,
facts and figures, precise and attractive content body paragraphs. One has to provide all the
evidences from where the content has been taken, for that matter genuine referencing and
citation has to be provided. Addressing the main topic wisely, the style of writing should be
formal, and the content should be creative. At the end of the essay, the main outcome and
result should be mentioned which is known as the conclusion paragraph.
Moodle monkey provides the best genre for essays and consider all the above mentioned

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