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10 Most Reputed Universities to Apply for Higher Education

Every student wants to make their career bright and hopes to make it successful in their field
of study. Students want to pursue their higher studies at leading educational institutions all
over the world. It is true that educational institutions have a great impact on the career and
growth of students. Every student wants a bright career and a good position in the coming
future. And this can be only possible when they pursue their career at leading universities and
educational institutions. This is the major reason why students from different and various
educational backgrounds or academic levels pore over to apply for the several academic
courses or educational programs offered by academic institutions. These institutions want that
more and more students must opt for or choose their academic institutions for their higher
studies or for their academic careers. There are several educational institutions all over the
world that offers excellent academic courses or academic programs for students that gives
them a bright future and offers an opportunity to grow and make their career good. Now, it is
essential for students to choose or select the institution or university that meets their academic
requirements or all their needs. If you are a fresher and recently passed out from high school,
you might be looking for the best colleges or universities to pursue higher studies or to take
admitted to different academic courses or programs. It is a difficult task for students to select
or choose the best university for higher studies. There are several things or factors that need
to be analyzed while selecting a university or an institution.

Here is the list of the best universities from all over the world to pursue your higher studies-
1 Yale University
Yale University is one of the most popular universities in the world. It is situated in the
United States. It comes under the list of the top ten best universities. Yale University was
introduced in 1701. It represents its first doctorate course or we can say its first Ph.D. in the
year 1861 in the United States. It is considered one of the most popular as well as the
primogenital institutions in the United States. It has the fifth rank all over the world for its
best faculties or student ratio. Other than this, the university holds the ninth rank for its
goodwill and positive reputation among all the academic courses.

2 Queen’s University
Queen’s University is placed in Kingston, Ontario. It has the tenth rank among the top ten
major universities in Canada. This well-known university in Canada was established in 1841
with the provision and support of Queen Victoria. Queen University is one of the oldest and
most popular universities in Canada. The interesting thing is that it was introduced even
before the existence of Canada.

3 University of Florida
The University of Florida is situated in Gainesville. It was introduced in 1853. It has emerged
as one of the most popular or one of the top ten universities in Florida. The university
provides a wide range of academic courses. The program of computer science is the most

4 Harvard University
Harvard University was introduced in the year 1636. This university is one of the most
prestigious and popular in all over the world. The university is situated in Cambridge,
Massachusetts. The university follows a systematic admission process or policy for selecting

5 Stanford University
Stanford University offers excellent academic courses for students that help them to grow and
make their future bright and successful. It was introduced in 1885 and comes among the top
ten universities all over the world.

6 The University of Texas
The institution is situated in Austin. It was established in the year 1883. The University is
coming among the top universities in the Texas region. The university is popular for
engineering courses around the world.

7 University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is one of the most esteemed universities in Australia. In this
university, around 47000 students are taken admission every year of which around 12000 are
international students. It offers several academic courses to students.

8 Northwestern University
It is one of the most popular and well-known research-based universities in the USA. The
university has campuses in San Francisco, Miami, and Washington DC. The university was
introduced in the year 1851. It offers a wide range of academic courses to students.

9 University of Michigan

The university was established in the year 1817. It is situated in the town of Ann Arbor. The
institution offers several different academic courses for different academic disciplines. It
comes under the reputed universities in Michigan.

10 University of California, Los Angeles
The university is well-known and one of the prestigious universities in California. The
university enrolls around 13000 graduate students and 31000 undergraduate students into
their academic courses.

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